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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By: Lizzette Alexis Capistran
  2. 2. My Childhood Lizzette Alexis Capistran I am 11 years old My birthday is on 4/8/99 I was born in Brownsville, Texas
  3. 3. My Hobbies Listening to music Playing on my computer Spending time with my family Playing outside with my frieneds
  4. 4. My Personality Pretty Nice Funny Clean
  5. 5. My Favorite Food Wings Chicken nuggets Fries Takis Hot Cheetoswith Lemon
  6. 6. My favorite Music Hip-hop Country Romantic Sad
  7. 7. My favorite movies “Where the heart is” “Remember Me” Camp rock Hsm
  8. 8. My favorite colors Aqua Yellow Purple Lime green
  9. 9. My favorite places to eat Wing Stop Burger king Mc’ds Whataburger
  10. 10. My favorite places I visited Houston Cuprous Christi San Antonio Mercatys
  11. 11. Favorite quotes Life isn’t worth living unless you’re willing to take some big chances and go for broke. Life is what happens to you while you’re working for your future. In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back. Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.
  12. 12. Things I do fur fun Text my friends’ Text my sister Call my dad Call my brother
  13. 13. Favorite sports Volleyball Basketball Swimming Football
  14. 14. Favorite songs DJ got us falling in love I got a feeling Baby I like it Thriller Dumb love Fire burning OMG Replay
  15. 15. Things I don‘t like about school Homework Library Gym Taking benchmarks Taking TAKS
  16. 16. My role models My sister My mother My brother my dad
  17. 17. Thank You