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Presentació angles mines de plata_robert_alex


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Presentació angles mines de plata_robert_alex

  1. 1. Robert Díaz Fornells Alex Velasco Gardella Silver mining in Ontario
  2. 2. Immigration In 1911 and 1913, one million people immigrated to Canada, in Ontario, from other areas of the world because in their country there weren't any work places.
  3. 3. Economy In 1903 the people discovered a very large quantities of native silver, In Cobald, Ontario. The silvers resulted very riches. For this reason the people immigrate to Ontario, because they wanted to work there . Devastation for others create a severe impact to the environment.
  4. 4. Silver mining In Canada, there are more than 50 mines all around Ontario. Some of them are in Cobalt, Timmins, Boston Creek Flow and Boston Township. The biggest mine was in also in Cobalt and after many years of mining, the activity get slowly, and it renewed in 1950, and now days it is used for exploration of diamonds
  5. 5. The Mining tools In the beginning, they used spades and maces, and later they copy japanese techniques. In the Mining, they use a truck to enter inside the mines and they was guided by steel rails.
  6. 6. Thanks for your attention ! The end.