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Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. Mid- west
  2. 2. Mid-west states Ohio Michigan South Dakota Iowa Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Kansas Wisconsin North Dakota Indiana Illinois
  3. 3. Climate Summers are hot and humid. Winters are extremely cold. Tornados Hail Storms Unpredictable weather Floods Snow
  4. 4. Landforms Great Plains Mountains Mississippi River Rivers Hills
  5. 5. Natural Resources Farming Rich Soil Uranium Limestone Coal Iron ore Copper Steel Zink
  6. 6. Important Economic Activity Auto Industry Steel Factory Dairy Farms Farming Shipping Fruits Mining
  7. 7. States Washington Montana Wyoming Col0rad0 Utah Oregon Idaho Nevada California Alaska •Hawaii
  8. 8. Climate Cold 500 inches of rain Extremely cold Extremely hot Wet
  9. 9. Landforms Mountains Hills Valleys Hot Deserts Rivers Lakes Pacific Ocean Rocky Mountains Islands Volcanoes
  10. 10. Natural Resources Copper Silver Apples Gold Led Prairies Timber Trees Oil Coal
  11. 11. Important economic activities Lumbering Industry Auto Industry Farming Fishing Mining
  12. 12. Southwest states Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Texas
  13. 13. Climate Hot Wet Warm Little Rain Dry Tornados Strong Winds Dust Storms Cold
  14. 14. Landforms Deserts Grand Canyon Colorado Plato Rocky Mountains Prairie
  15. 15. Natural Resources Oil Coal Gold Kivas Peanuts Cotton Copper Silver
  16. 16. Important Economic Activity's Fields of oil Dwellings Farming Clams Baskets
  17. 17. Southeast
  18. 18. States Kentucky Tennessee Mississippi Arkansas Louisiana Alabama Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia West Virginia
  19. 19. Climate Worm Weather Sunny Hurricanes Rain Fall Sunlight 50f to 80f Sunbelt
  20. 20. Landforms Atlantic Ocean Gulf of Mexico Mountains Wet Lands Appalachian Mountains
  21. 21. Natural Resources Rice Sugarcane Apples Peanuts Oil Cotton Tobacco
  22. 22. Important Economic Activity's Farming Mining Oranges Livestock Dairy
  23. 23. Northeast
  24. 24. States Maine Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connnenicut Rhode Island Delaware Maryland New York  Pennsylvania  New Jersey
  25. 25. Climate Cold Breezy Rainy Hot Weather Changes Colder in Autumn
  26. 26. Landforms Mountains Great Lakes Hudson River American Falls Plains Ellis Island
  27. 27. Natural Resources Oak Willow Pine Maple Water
  28. 28. Important Economic Activity's Skiing Snowboarding Lobstering Building Farming