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Leslie thomas

  1. 1. Leslie ThomasENG 230-007Media Project AnalysisNovember 17, 2011 A Blast from the Past History has a knack for repeating itself, especially in the world of Hollywood. Trendscome and go, from clothes to beauty standards. Even literature has a habit of showing up.Literature from the past spread messages long before the celebrities of Tinsel Town. These verysame people are still spreading those messages today, even if they don’t know it. In Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger, the main character commits a horrendous crimewithout having hardly a care in the world. This happens all the time in Hollywood, especially inthe Lohan family. People who show no remorse for their crimes are often deemed the worse ofpeople, especially when they can’t admit what they did was wrong. Beating up your fiancée maynot have the same stigma as killing a random stranger, but it is ironic how the option of morals isprevalent in people who believe they live in an “abstract” world. In Joseph Conrad’s, Heart of Darkness, the word of the “wise” about colonization ofAfrica has the same meaning as some of the speeches by the Hollywood elite. Conrad’s noveltalked about bringing Africa to its knees by converting the savages into civilized beings likethemselves. Charlie Sheen may not trying to be converting anyone to his beliefs, but a man whospewed random nonsense and made a mental condition seem “fun” is sending the same message.Any normal person on the street would be considered crazy, but people in power can say whatthey want in the name of a cause, and it will logically make sense to them, and sadly to thepublic who eagerly await their idol’s every word.
  2. 2. Conrad’s novel also talks about how women never know the truth about anything.Although this can be considered degrading, it is true in some cases that women (and men alike)can believe false facts and create their own ideal world. Women in Conrad’s time were notinformed of actual events occurring, they still believed that anything men did for the name oftheir motherland was good. Just as the woman accusing a young celebrity of fathering her baby,a rather harsh accusation, despite the fact of the celebrity denying even meeting her. Thishappens to people who believe the celebrities to be the object of obsession, just as women didwith their men taking over the world in the name of England because the media said so. Lockward’s poem, “My Husband Discovers Poetry”, it reminds of the ideal Hollywoodromance that ends in tragedy. Kim Kardashian struck her husband with a divorce statement,despite saying how happy she was in press interviews. It was later revealed the marriage was noteven in her best interest. In Hollywood, and even people in normal life, often they are swept upin the idea of love and “happy ever after”, that they fail to realize what they have lost and leftbehind. Ironically enough, the poem talks about the love for an ex, just as Kim Kardashian wasseen with the once love of her life, Reggie Bush, mere days after the divorce was released.People often blindside others feelings, when they realize their own needs and desires are notbeing met. Margaret Postgate Cole’s poem, “The Veteran”, shows how people whose youth is oftenstolen by tragic events, such as war. But it also shows for some people who have been oppressed,that it sets them free to be youthful. Like in the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,the only desire is to remain in the moment of youth to keep love, but she is slowly losing heryouth, while he continues to gain it. It shows that youth is not always as valued as people make it
  3. 3. out to be, like in Hollywood. For with age comes experience and wisdom, but the heart still hasthe ability to remain “young” in love. The meaning of literature still has a way of repeating itself through history, even withoutpeople knowing. The people of Hollywood live out these meanings everyday, exposing us tothem in a whole new light.
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