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Massage your key to health january february 2009


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Massage your key to health january february 2009

  1. 1. fingertips for the client By Laurie ChanCe Smith Note to massage therapists: each issue of Massage & Bodywork coNtaiNs the columN “fiNgertips for the clieNt,” which is targeted to clieNts. this columN is available oNliNe at as a priNtable file. priNt the faciNg page, attach your busiNess card, aNd seNd it home with clieNts, courtesy of associated bodywork & massage professioNals. 36 massage & bodywork january/february 2009
  2. 2. Massage: Your KeY to HealtH The notion of healing has always The positive physiological and fascinated humans. And the healing psychological effects of massage power of touch, for both body and were demonstrated in a recent study mind, has been recognized for of patients undergoing care for millennia. Ancient Egyptian artwork cancer. When given massage, study depicts doctors utilizing a relaxing participants at the University of Texas hand massage, and the Greek healer MD Anderson Cancer Center in Hippocrates, often touted as the father Houston exhibited increased relaxation, of modern medicine, suggested that better sleep, and improved immune physicians become adept at “rubbing” function, along with relief from their patients to increase health. Among fatigue, pain, anxiety, and nausea. the countless ways to maintain strength In Ayurvedic Herbal Massage, and vitality, “massage is the most basic author Gita Ramesh says regular healing tool,” writes Kristine Kaoverii massages can “relieve stress and help Weber, author of Healing Self Massage. to promote a long and healthy life.” In Therapeutic touch is an instinctive the Indian healing system of ayurveda, and eloquent form of communication massage is considered a form of whole that has been molded into a healing art. body exercise that increases stamina Larry Costa, author of Massage: Mind and energy, while simultaneously “Massage and Body, writes that massage has many “physical and mental benefits, including delivering an inexpressible quality of stillness and joy—a time to be reminds ... relieving muscle soreness, increasing flexibility, easing chronic pain, reducing present. Massage realigns the entire body, promotes deeper and more tension headaches, boosting the natural breathing patterns, and helps your body of immune system, promoting restful restore individual resources of vital sleep, and improving concentration.” energy. The moments spent in massage the pleasure Massage positively affects the body’s circulatory, nervous, and immune are an opportunity to experience oneself as completely accepted. of taking systems. By encouraging blood flow through the veins, massage benefits Regular massage is a gift to yourself. Through the power of structured, the entire body. The calming effects of healing touch, massage helps the time out.” massage on the nervous system often body run smoothly, like keeping a produce a sense of serenity and well- musical instrument in perfect tune. Esme Floyd and Paul Wills, being. Regular massage also stimulates Massage rejuvenates the body from authors of Body Massage the lymphatic system, which enhances the outside in, with side benefits the function of the immune system. that include improved complexion, From easing arthritis and asthma better posture, and a relaxed to improving digestion, the benefits disposition on life. For additional of massage therapy run the gamut. information about the numerous Massage helps relieve daily stressors benefits and types of massage, visit and eases recovery from many serious illnesses. In The Complete Book of Relaxation Techniques, Jenny Sutcliffe Laurie Chance smith is a Texas-based points out that massage can relieve writer and photographer who works for national pain by stimulating the production and international markets on a plethora of of endorphins—the body’s own topics. she can be reached at painkillers—and, by increasing the sensory input to the brain, thereby blocking out the pain messages. For more information, visit 37