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Powerpoint for wikis, blogs and web publishing

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Wikis, blogs and web publishing

  1. 1. Wikis, Blogs and Web Publishing By: Lauren Brodlo
  2. 2. Most Useful Tool  It is hard for me to decide which tool I have found to be the most useful because I really like all of the new tools. I like the Wiki space because I think it is a great tool for parent/teacher communication. I love having the igoogle as my homepage. I think having news, sports and weather in one location is great. is my new favorite classroom tool. My students absolutely love using it!
  3. 3.  As of now, I feel that my biggest success is my kid blog, Brodlo’s Bloggers. My students love the blog and absolutely love seeing their ideas shared with the class.  My biggest challenge was the Wiki page. Although I find it to be a great place to organize ideas and to use as a classroom webpage, I was often very frustrated with the editing. I spent a lot of time moving items so that they were centered. After I would save it, it wouldn’t be centered any more….very frustrating! Successes and Challenges
  4. 4.  I have always been someone who enjoys online learning. I think that allows people the opportunity to really learn things on their own with the guidance of an instructor. Had I been in a class each week, I would have depended more on the instructor to explain things, instead of really learning how to do some things on my own. Moodle and Online learning
  5. 5.  My wikispace was designed as a way to give parents of my third grade students information about our classroom. I have included the following pages:  Home- link to my e-mail  All About Me- background information about me  Reading, Math and Writing- gives parents the curriculum that I am teaching as well as resources that they can use to help their child at home. Wiki Space
  6. 6.  (one of my tabs from my igoogle page) The igoogle is one of my favorite tools. I had no idea that something like this existed. I enjoy having the various tabs and all of the information on each tab. I love that I can put whatever I want onto my homepage. igoogle
  7. 7.  has been my favorite tool to use in my classroom. My students absolutely love going onto the blog and posting their comments. I think that they feel a true sense of ownership in their work because they can share their thoughts and ideas with their classmates.…Brodlo’s Bloggers
  8. 8. Animoto is another one of my favorite tools to use for my classroom and for my personal use. It is such an easy tool to use to make a slideshow/video of your pictures. My students truly enjoyed seeing themselves on the slideshow and it didn’t take too much time to complete! Animoto