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Long Baker Family Renioun
Family Book 2011
Nashville, TN

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  1. 1. FAMILY:<br />There are many definitions of “family”. <br />1. A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.<br />2. All the members of a household under one roof.<br />3. A group of persons sharing common ancestry.<br />While reflecting on the Long-Baker Family the definition that sticks out the most is : <br />Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.<br /> We share the goals and values that were instilled in us by our ancestors; the importance of family and togetherness, a responsibility to look out for our siblings and other family members, and most importantly our obligation to honor God through our actions and speech. Family is a word that many take for granted. We forget the power of having a strong, loving community, which loves us unconditionally. As scripture says, love covers a multitude of sin. Nevertheless, it is also our families’ responsibility to hold us to a high standard; this at times may involve critique, correction, and even chastisement. Family cares for us whether we are near or far and no amount of space can steal our place in their heart. <br />"We most rarely are given a chance to choose a family. We are all born with a family. Family is essentially made of those people who look after, who play a crucial role in our upbringing and who teach us those lessons in life, which can never be learned through any school or text book. We assimilate the basics of discipline and responsibilities from our family relationships, i.e. Mother - brings you into the world - she takes care of you. Her unconditional love, transient to tough love, helps you understand your flaws and strengths, thus, teaching you to understand your limits and capabilities; Father - (if present) someone who is always around and knows how to fix every problem He provides financial and emotional support. The father's role is to teach diligence, responsibility, dedication and dependability. He teaches children the meaning of hard work and perseverance; Siblings - are indispensable. No matter how much you fight with them, get angry, hate their ways of living or are jealous of them, they come to open the 'never read before' chapters of your life. It is living with siblings that makes life a fun roller coaster full of ups, downs, turns, twists, laughter and love; Relatives - are the support system of the family. They share the burden of your sorrows and grief's and double the essence of happiness (Mukta Gaikwad)."<br />No one is ever born into life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people, it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all.<br />Family values are the building blocks of a family; it is an experience that one undergoes, all through their lifetime. Family values are guidelines that decide what is right and what is wrong. A family who believes in explaining the logic of doing and not doing things to their child, brings up a person with the right thinking ability. A family is the one who belongs to you in a time of need and joy and helps you grow up to make a family of your own one day.<br />Family is people - young and old, big and small, many shades, many beliefs, many levels of intelligence and tolerance. What we have in common is blood that binds us all together. Families happen but love takes time to develop. God create families, but the members must take time to make all the unique combinations mesh together in the best possible way.<br />Family is a tree. It begins with a small seed that strongly sprouts from the ground and takes days, months, and years to develop, but then comes the branches, the leaves, and sometimes, even the most beautiful flowers. The tree is strong and sturdy and although the flowers may leave for a season, when they return the next, they are just as breathtaking as the season before. <br /> <br />THE ONSET<br />My Grandmother Nannie Baker married John Baker. Nannie Baker earned her living by doing housework. Nannie lived on Mr. Edward Anderson's farm. Nannie and her family owned their own livestock. Nannie was the mother of (8) children. The first born was John Baker, Jr., second, Eula Bell, who married Dan; third, Lena Shorter, who married Albert; fourth, Caroline Brothers, who married Johnnie; fifth, Amos Baker; sixth Cassie Lee Long, who married Tom;<br />seventh, Marie Cooper, who married Roy Lee, and the eight and last Cora Smith, who married Eddie. Everyone in this generation is now deceased - Aunt Marie being the most recent (RIP). Rumors are we have Caucasian and Indian blood in the family. Most of granny's descendants had very fair skin and/or good hair.<br />According to my brother Amos Long, the first Long/Baker Family Reunion was in 1974. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long, hosted the reunion at 702 2nd Street, Quincy, Florida. The reunion was a huge success, there were many people in attendance, family as well as friends in the community. You could see cars parked for blocks up and down 2nd street. People gathered to feast, talk, and enjoy each other's company.<br />Traditionally, women would get together to prepare the food. They would talk with each other as they worked. This was the only opportunity they would have to visit. In this era, catering food was unacceptable. Families prepared and served their own food, and cleaned the dishes. It was unheard of for family to stay anyplace other than relatives' homes. We would sleep on pallets on floor, on sofas, etc. so long as we were confined in a relative's home.<br />Families from out-of-town would arrive in Quincy, Florida, on Friday evening to enjoy the fish fry. Most of the fish would be fresh water fish, caught and frozen for the occasion; and the ever popular Mullet fish. Catfish stew and hush puppies were a must - oh, what a time and what good food. No matter how many people there were, there was always enough food to go around.<br />The itinerary would always include a family dinner, a family outing, and worship service. We chose as our motto, "A Family who Prays Together - Stays Together". This slogan is portrayed on the family tee shirts.<br /> Using available information obtained from Marie Cooper and Amos Long, I will attempt to take you back to my parent's generation (originator of reunion). I am Earnestine, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long. Cassie Lee Long, my mother, was one of eight children born to Nannie Baker in Marianna, Florida. My father, Tom Long, was one of four siblings born to Mr. Lucious Long in Jackson County. It was said that daddy's father came out of slavery. Mr. Lucious Long was one of the first black men to own a car. Mr. Long was an entrepreneur of sorts. He was self employed and had people working for him. Mama and daddy moved from Jackson to Gadsden County in 1947. <br />My daddy had a very lucrative career. It was told to me that he was a professional baseball player. He signed a contract with the Pensacola Pirates. He also did share cropping. He worked as a butcher in Jitney Jungle Grocery Store. He also worked as a ranch hand on Ronnie B. Ranch doing odeo, etc, and retired from Massey Ferguson Tractor Company at an early age because of Glaucoma.<br />(DESCENDANTS OF NANNIE BAKER)<br />CHILDREN:<br />JOHN BAKER, JR. - DECEASED (#1)<br />EULA BELL (DAN) - DECEASED (#2)<br />LENA SHORTER (ALBERT) - BOTH DECEASED (#3)<br />CAROLINE BROTHERS (JOHNNIE) - BOTH DECEASED (#4)<br />Children:<br />1. HATTIE BROTHER DAVIS (BOYD DAVIS SR.)<br />Children:<br /> (1) Boyd Davis, Jr. – Deceased<br /> Children:<br /> 1) Katelia<br /> Children: Sierra)<br /> 2) Yolonda<br /> (Children: Shakilrlg<br /> 3) Jacobi<br />(2) Cornell David <br />Children: <br /><ul><li> 1) Krystal
  2. 2. 2) Kierra
  3. 3. 3) Remedro</li></ul>(3) Bernard Davis (Fathiya) <br /><ul><li> Children:
  4. 4. 1) Jamilah
  5. 5. 2) Jeaffri
  6. 6. (4) Marvin Davis
  7. 7. (5) Tyrone Davis – Deceased
  8. 8. (6) Anthony Davis – Deceased
  11. 11. Children:
  12. 12. ( 1) Jacqueline F. Brown (Sam)</li></ul> ( 2) Walter Brown Jr. (Sherri)<br /><ul><li> Children:</li></ul> 1) Angela Brown<br /><ul><li> 2) Lakeisha Brown Brooks
  13. 13. ( Children: Sherriod Brooks, Ja’do’n Brooks, Armon’d Jr. Brooks, and Kejan Brooks.)
  14. 14. (3) Gerry J. Brown
  15. 15. Children:
  16. 16. 1) Elonda Joe
  17. 17. (Children: Deonna George, Rodney and Aisha Barrett.)
  18. 18. 2) Derrick Ray
  19. 19. 3) Dwayne Ray
  20. 20. 4) Joshua Brown
  21. 21. 5) Thaddeus Brown
  22. 22. 6) Gabriel Brown
  23. 23. 7) Bryanna Price
  24. 24. 8) Jasmine Price</li></ul> (4) Kelvin E. Brown (Loleatha)<br /> Children: <br /><ul><li> 1) Michael Jones (Kenyetta)
  25. 25. ( Children: Jontrai Stevens, Michael Jones, Jr., and K’Leianna Jones.)
  26. 26. 2) Shakedra Brown
  27. 27. 3) Shayna Brown
  28. 28. 4) Lakeeva Brown
  30. 30. Children:
  31. 31. (1) Matthews Brothers, Jr.
  32. 32. 1} Cornelius Brothers
  33. 33. (Children: Cornelius Brothers, Jr. and Tavonia)
  34. 34. 2} Antwon M. Brothers
  35. 35. (Children: Jayla)
  36. 36. 3) Matthew Brothers, III
  37. 37. (2) Shelia R. Brothers
  38. 38. 1} Shametrish Thomas
  39. 39. 2} Lakesha S. Wallace
  40. 40. (Children: Zayna Wallace)
  41. 41. 3} Eltoneia L. Brothers
  42. 42. (Children: Semaje' and Semorain Brothers)(
  43. 43. (2A) Lisa Brothers (Shelia's Sister)
  44. 44. 1} Nedra Roger
  45. 45. (Children: Nakaiya Porter)
  46. 46. 2} Metrica Johnson
  47. 47. (Children: Devon Miley)
  48. 48. 3} Darvaejha Brothers
  49. 49. (Children: Sarmoria McCauley)</li></ul> (3) Alicia S. Brothers<br /><ul><li> (Children: Two daughters, and four (4) grandchildren.)
  50. 50. (4) Charlotte Brothers
  51. 51. 1} Latasha Brothers
  52. 52. (Children: MataiJhae Small)
  53. 53. 2} Antonio Young Sr.
  54. 54. (Children: Antonio Jr., Destiny, Serenity, and Lorenzo Young)
  55. 55. (5) Betty Brothers
  56. 56. 1} Shanita
  57. 57. 2} Jeremy
  58. 58. (Betty has three (3) grandchildren.)
  59. 59. (6) Gary Brothers
  60. 60. 1} Gary Jr.
  62. 62. Children:
  63. 63. (1) Jessie Hunter, Jr.
  64. 64. (2) Larry Hunter
  65. 65. (3) Johnnie Hunter - Deceased
  67. 67. Children:
  68. 68. Three, two boys and a girl, and a granddaughter named Pat.
  70. 70. Children:
  71. 71. Sheila Fedelus
  72. 72. 1} Latoya Brothers
  73. 73. 2} Lorenzo Harris
  74. 74. Rhonda Joseph
  75. 75. 1} Lateasha Johnson
  76. 76. 2} Laquisha Joseph
  77. 77. 3} Brandon Johnson
  78. 78. 4 } Kevin Joseph
  79. 79. Lashawn Eugene
  80. 80. 1} Aaron Haughton
  81. 81. 2} Bryant Eugene
  82. 82. 3} Chelsea Eugene
  83. 83. Robert Brothers Jr.
  84. 84. 1} Robert Brothers, III
  85. 85. 2} Shawntrineshia Brothers
  86. 86. 3} Brittany Brothers
  87. 87. 4} Devon Brothers
  88. 88. 5} Angel Brothers
  89. 89. 6} Trent Brothers
  91. 91. Children:
  92. 92. ( 1) Ann - has five (5) children
  93. 93. ( 2) Walter II - has two (2) boys and 1 girl
  94. 94. (3) Shemiel - has three (3) girls
  95. 95. ( 4) Alicia (Matthew) - has one child
  97. 97. Children:
  98. 98. (1) Johnnie (Kim)
  99. 99. (2) Daryl (Denise)
  100. 100. (3) Ronald (Tina)
  101. 101. (4) Tammy - has two children and two grandchildren.
  102. 102. AMOS BAKER - DECEASED (#5)
  103. 103. Children:
  104. 104. 1. Cassandra Kay Baker
  105. 105. (1) Clinton Terrell
  106. 106. (Children: Sukaria Terrell)
  107. 107. (2) Latoyia Armstead-Wells
  108. 108. (3) Shamane Bacon
  110. 110. Children:
  111. 111. 1. Amos Long (Donna)
  112. 112. (1) Dessa Long
  113. 113. 1} Tyra
  114. 114. 2} Shandria
  115. 115. 3} Quinton Harris
  116. 116. (2) Chelsea Long
  117. 117. (3) Terell Long (Lisa)
  118. 118. 1} Cornetta Shade'
  119. 119. 2} Preston Douglas
  120. 120. 3} Preshus Douglas
  121. 121. 4} Deontea Moore)
  122. 122. (4) Justin London
  123. 123. (5) Jasmin London
  124. 124. (Children: Marietta)</li></ul>2. Earnestine Brinson<br /><ul><li> (1) Andrey Brinson (Michelle)
  125. 125. (Children: Jadon)
  126. 126. (2) Lakisha Brinson
  127. 127. 3. Willie Davis Shorter – Deceased (Mabel)</li></ul> (1) Willie Shorter, Jr.<br /><ul><li> 1} Delton Shorter
  128. 128. 2} Christopher Shorter
  129. 129. 3} Kere Shorter
  130. 130. 4} Kia Shorter
  131. 131. 5} Clement Shorter
  132. 132. (2) Larry Shorter, Jr. (Marilyn)
  133. 133. 1} Terry
  134. 134. 2} Carrie
  135. 135. (Children: Omar)
  136. 136. 3} Larry Jr.
  137. 137. (Children: Shyne and Aaliyah)
  138. 138. 4} Natasha
  139. 139. 4. Lillie Ruth Kenon – Deceased
  140. 140. (1) Cassie Kenon
  141. 141. 1} Torrevio (Rip) Kenon
  142. 142. (Children: Tyrevia Kenon)
  143. 143. (2) Fabain Miller
  144. 144. (Children: Kandice Miller)
  145. 145. (3) Angela Miller
  146. 146. 1} Demarcus Murphy
  147. 147. (Children: Jasamine and Demarcuas Murphy II
  148. 148. 2} Chavein Shy
  149. 149. 3} Nikki Mason
  150. 150. (Children: Montravious McGee and Nyaisha)
  151. 151. 4} Ashley Holt
  152. 152. (4) James Miller
  153. 153. 5. Ruby Lee Walker - Deceased (Tommy, now married to Dorothy)
  154. 154. (1) Letricia Walker Williams (Terry)
  155. 155. 1} Natasha Holmes
  156. 156. 2} Ke’Londra Ramey
  157. 157. (Children: Zerian Pigford
  158. 158. 3} Darneilus Holmes
  159. 159. (2) Marsha L. Harris (Clifton)
  160. 160. (Children: Jayla Harris)
  161. 161. (3) Apostle Rosilyn Walker Copeland (William)
  162. 162. 1} Michauna Pugh
  163. 163. 2} Dynasty Richardson
  164. 164. 3} Javarte Lovett
  165. 165. (4) Keisha Walker
  166. 166. (5) Tommie Walker, Jr. (Lisa)
  167. 167. 1} Nevaeh
  168. 168. 2} Jasmine
  169. 169. 3} Jessica
  170. 170. 4} Don’Nisha
  171. 171. 5} Donald
  172. 172. 6. Frances Ferguson (Calvin) – Both Deceased
  173. 173. (1) Cassandra Ferguson Anderson (Jimmie)
  174. 174. 1} Shanika Anderson
  175. 175. 2} Jimmie Anderson
  176. 176. (Children: Shaylon and Jimmie Anderson, III)
  177. 177. (2) Calvin Ferguson, Jr. (Janee)
  178. 178. 1} Calvin Ferguson, III
  179. 179. 2} Jarvonte’ Ferguson
  180. 180. 3} Kenneth Payne
  181. 181. (3) Joel V. Ferguson
  182. 182. 1} Shuntia Ferguson
  183. 183. (Children: Tra'vone and Tahji Gordon)
  184. 184. 2} Joycelyn Ferguson
  185. 185. 3} Shan’trez Ferguson.)
  186. 186. 7. Lena Smith – Deceased
  187. 187. (1) Trenesa Primm
  188. 188. 1} Melissa Buford
  189. 189. (Children: Keshante)
  190. 190. 2} Jekwenta Primm
  191. 191. (Children: Aiyah
  192. 192. (2) Beverly Kimbro
  193. 193. 1} Travis Kimbro (Lydia)
  194. 194. (Children: Jayla
  195. 195. 2} Trevel Kimbro – Deceased
  196. 196. 3} Keshon Smith
  197. 197. (3) Timica Hancock (Joel)
  198. 198. 1} Trevarius Frazier, Jr.
  199. 199. 2} Trenia Hancock
  200. 200. 3} Jarius Hancock
  201. 201. (4) Antonio Smith
  202. 202. (5) Denita Smith
  203. 203. 1} Keshon
  204. 204. 2} Keshante
  205. 205. 8. Tom Long, Jr. Deceased -(Mary - “Cookie”)
  206. 206. (1) Maurice “Spanky” Long
  207. 207. (Children: Amari Long.)
  208. 208. (2) Deroy Long (two children)</li></ul> (3) Lisa Long<br /><ul><li> (Children: Sherod.)
  209. 209. (4) James Earl Long
  210. 210. (5) Catherine Long – Deceased</li></ul>DAUGHTER - MARIE COOPER – (ROY LEE) - Both DECEASED (#7)<br /><ul><li>Children:
  211. 211. 1. Susie Jennings </li></ul> (1) Monica - has two children<br /><ul><li> (2) Richard – has 1 child
  212. 212. (3) Jacquelyn
  213. 213. (4) Willie James – has 2 children</li></ul>2. Noretha Stoudemire <br /><ul><li>(1) Maurice – has three (3) children.
  214. 214. (2) Lauria – has four (4) children
  215. 215. (3) Tamara – has two (2) children
  216. 216. (4) Ricky – has three (3) children.
  217. 217. (5) Daryl
  218. 218. 3. James Cooper – Son – Deceased
  219. 219. DAUGHTER –CORA LEE SMITH (Eddie) – Both Deceased - (#8)
  220. 220. Children:
  221. 221. 1. Willie Mae Shorter
  222. 222. (1) Mark Shorter
  223. 223. (2) Jeffrey Shorter</li></ul> (3) David Stephens<br /><ul><li> (4) Treena Flowers – Deceased
  224. 224. (Grandchildren: Ashley M. Flowers, Jeffery Shorter, Jazmyn Shorter, and Paris Shorter)
  225. 225. 2. Annie Weatherspoon
  226. 226. (1) Yolanda Ivey
  227. 227. (2) Angenetta Williams
  228. 228. 3. Maggie Smith
  229. 229. (1) Charles Smith (Brandie Williams)
  230. 230. 1} Brandon Edwards
  231. 231. 2} Brielle Williams
  232. 232. (2) Troy Redding (A’neatra Redding)
  233. 233. 1} A'nihya Redding
  234. 234. 2} A'shani Redding
  235. 235. 3} Troy Jr. Redding
  236. 236. 4} Keshawn Redding
  237. 237. 5} Tranijah Redding
  238. 238. 6} Christopher
  239. 239. 4. Diane Cooper (Anthony)
  240. 240. (1) Nicole D. Cooper
  241. 241. 1} Paul Woods, Jr.
  242. 242. 2} Alayisha Woods
  243. 243. 3} Perneijah Woods
  244. 244. (2) Anthony Cooper, Jr. (Danielle)
  245. 245. 1} Anthony Cooper
  246. 246. 2} Vontrell Taylor
  247. 247. 3} Ahman Belle
  248. 248. 4} Antonia Cooper
  249. 249. 5} Brianna Bynum
  250. 250. (3) Alicia Cooper (John Banks)
  251. 251. (4) Anteshya Cooper (Thomas Gaven)
  252. 252. 5. Deborah Smith
  253. 253. 6. Mary Jane (Hope) Williams (Carlos)
  254. 254. 7. Robert Shorter, Jr. - Deceased
  255. 255. 8. Jesse Shorter
  256. 256. 9. Eddie Smith , Jr.
  257. 257. 10. Mary Ann Jackson (Reuben)
  258. 258. (1) Georgia Jackson Long (Ronnie)
  259. 259. (Children: Ronald T. Long)
  260. 260. (2) Patsy Jackson Henry (Joe)
  261. 261. 1} Teneika Long Banks (William Earl)
  262. 262. 2} Myles Dixon
  263. 263. 3} Marlon Henry
  264. 264. (3) Patrice Jackson
  265. 265. 1} Ari
  266. 266. 2} Chance
  267. 267. 3} Khamryn
  268. 268. 4} Asia Richardson
  269. 269. (4) Lakoe Jackson
  270. 270. 1} Travis Akins II
  271. 271. 2}Tyler Akins – Deceased
  272. 272. (5) Kimberly Jackson
  273. 273. (Children: Kameela Shaw)
  274. 274. (6) Reuben Jackson, Jr.
  275. 275. 1} Kyndal
  276. 276. 2} Kenitia
  277. 277. 3} Karia
  278. 278. (7) Sharon Jackson
  279. 279. (8) Diane Watson
  280. 280. 1} Jordan Watson
  281. 281. 2} Mia Watson
  282. 282. 3} Lacey Watson
  283. 283. There is very little information to report on daddy’s side of family. Mr. Tom Long ‘s siblings are as follows:
  284. 284. Elie Long
  285. 285. Lucious Long
  286. 286. Frances Bryant</li></ul>We desperately tried to get accurate and complete information. Information listed is what you submitted. Please look over for errors and report back. Please forgive grammar and misspelled words. Again we accept constructive criticism for we know to err is human. Love You!. <br /> WHAT ARE SENIORS WORTH ANYWAY? WE ARE WORTH A FORTUNE!<br /><ul><li>Remember old folks are worth a fortune, with silver in their hair,
  287. 287. gold teeth, stones in their kidneys, lead in their feet, and gas in
  288. 288. their stomaches. I have become a little older since I saw you last
  289. 289. and a few changes have come into my life since then. Frankly, I have
  290. 290. become quite a frivolous old gal. I am seeing five gentlemen
  291. 291. every day. As soon as I wake up, Will Power helps me get out of bed.
  292. 292. Then I go to see John. then Charlie Horse comes a long, and when he
  293. 293. is here he takes a lot of my time and attention. When he leaves,
  294. 294. Arthur Ritis shows up and stays the rest of the day. He doesn't like
  295. 295. to stay in one place very long, so he takes me from joint to joint.
  296. 296. After such a busy day, I'm really tired and glad to go to bed with Ben Gay.What a life? P.S. The Preacher came to call the other day. He said at my age I should be thinking about the here after. I told him, Oh, I do all the time. No matter where I am, in the parlor, upstairs, in the kitchen or down in the basement, I ask myself now----"What am I here after"?
  297. 297. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------</li></ul>Circle 16 books of the Bible as they appear in the paragraphs below. Watch out, this could be tricky!<br />I once made a remark about the hidden books the bible. It was a lulu, kept people looking so hard for facts and for others it was a revelation. Some were in a jam, especially since the names of the books were not capitalized, but the truth finally struck home to numbers of readers. To others, it was a real job. We want it to be a most fascinating few moments for you. YES, THERE WILL BE SOME REALLY EASY ONES TO SPOT. Others may require judges to help them. I will quickly admit it usually takes a minister to find one of them, and there will be loud lamentations when it is found. One little lady says she brews a cup of tea, so she can concentrate better. See how well you an <br />compete. Relax now for there are really sixteen names of books of the Bible in this story.<br />(For your amusement - compliments of Carolyn Brothers)<br />The Occasion<br />Why are we here today? First and foremost, by God's Grace. Moreover, we are here because our parents instilled in us a sense of family commitment and we are carrying on the tradition of the family reunion. We reunite to honor and remember those who have gone on before us, to unify those who remain, and to reach out and teach those coming after us. It is through reuniting that we are able to communicate our value and purpose as a family in Christ Jesus to each other and to our next generation. Welcome Grandmother, Grandpa, mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin, friend, however, you are related, to the 2011 Long/Baker Family Reunion. Hopefully, you will experience something on this occasion that will inspire you, and give you a sense of belonging, a unique feeling of togetherness that you will want to share with your children, who will someday share the same sentiments with their children. <br />Reunions are used as a means of keeping members in touch and affording an opportunity for children to learn about their family heritage. It is an unselfish commitment to your family to stay in touch and make an effort to be among kin. It's a time for hugs and kisses, smiles and warmth. It's a time to reminisce about the past, and just enjoy the company of family near and afar.<br />Your Nashville Family Host wish that this year you will leave knowing at least one person you didn't know when you arrived. With the help of Teneika Banks, we are going all out this year to make an earnest effort to get to know all our family and their correlation to the family. After all, a reunion is a time to proclaim God's love for us, and our love for one another. <br />Certainly it is a blessing for the extended family to gather together. Our hope is that the family continues to grow into a multitude and that we feel love, know love, and be loved. May the grace of God surround us and protect us from all perils until we meet again.<br />Outline of Events<br />Friday, August 5th<br />Open Registration: 3:00-5:00 P.M.<br />*Check in hotel<br />*Check in with family host<br />*Receive information for weekend (Donelson Room)<br />Semi-formal Banquet: 6:00-until<br />*Welcome -------------Jekwenta Primm/Travis Kimbro <br />*Occasion--------------Timica Hancock/Trenesa Primm<br />*Getting Acquainted----Lakisha, Travis, Lydia, and Melissa<br />*Dinner - Buffet Style --7:00 P.M.<br />*Christian Comedian - Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson - 8:00 P.M.<br />*Live entertainment/Band/DJ/Party--9:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.<br />Saturday, August 6th <br />*Breakfast: 7:00-8:45 A.M. (Shoney's Reserved) You have a preference of several restaurants, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, or McDonalds.<br />*Leave for Nashville Shores: 9:00 A.M. (There will be cars available for transportation if you need a ride.) Please meet in the hotel parking lot at 9:00 A.M.<br />*Nashville Shores: 10:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M. (Shady Point - #3)<br />*Fun in the sun<br />*LUNCH (12:00 P.M.) you must be at the pavilion on time attired in shirt and shoes.<br />*Special Memorial Service (1:00 P.M. or directly following lunch) See program on separate sheet.<br />*Free Choice (2:00-4:00 P.M.)<br />(Organized games (tug-a-war, etc..) or swimming<br /> *4:00 P.M. return to hotel - free time until your activity begin.<br />Saturday Evening Activities<br />*Casino Bus: leaving at 5:15 P.M. (hopefully arrive in time for dinner)<br />*Child Care: Available at 6:00 P.M. (location to be announced) if you are in need of this service.<br />If babysitting services are required past 12:00 A.M., a holding room for children will be provided; please try to return from your activity no later than 3:00 A.M. to allow sitter time for rest in preparation for next day's activity.<br />Tentative Kids Schedule<br />1st shift (Nashville family not going to Casino)<br />*Take children to eat (please send money)<br />*Organized games<br />2nd Shift (Donna, and Nashville adults back from downtown tour)<br />* 12:00- 3:00 A.M. mini sleepover, movies<br />*Party Bus (10:00 P.M. - 2:00 A.M.) -$30.00 per person - Rolling party bus. You will gain free admittance to several clubs. D.J. travels with you; dancing on bus, and yes, beverages are included in package. If less than 30 family members on bus, outsiders will be recruited to meet quota. Purpose of bus is to ensure your safety while partying.<br />Sunday, August 7th<br />Breakfast Buffet @ 9:00 A.M. (in hotel conference room)<br />Sunday Service: 10:30 A.M.<br />Hosted by: True Deliverance Church, Nashville, TN <br />*Theme: What do you Desire for Your Family?<br />Call to Worship: ---------------------Pastor Donna Long<br />Scripture Reading:<br /> <br />Prayer: <br />Congregational Song: <br />Solo (A & B Selection)<br />Speakers<br />Congregational Song<br />Invitation to Christian Discipleship<br />Benediction/Closing Remarks---------------Pastor Donna and Amos Long<br />-384175-357505Background Information on the performers<br />Sister Willie Ruth Johnson (Comedian) Star Performer<br />Celebrated as an anointed, versatile performer and speaker Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson is just one of the many fictional characters that live inside Sherre Miller Bishop. Besides her passion for theatre and film, Bishop's professional skill set included public relations and writing. Long time Nashvillians, remember her under her 92Q and WVOL broadcast name, "Sherre Miller," where she served as news anchor and talk show host of "Let's Talk". Sistah Willie Ruth is booked regularly as the special featured guest of events that run the gamut from pastor's anniversary and birthday parties, to musical programs to personalized birthday phone calls or personal delivery. Sherre is awed and grateful that God Chose to birth through her a Christian drama ministry. Her personal credo is "be true to the one in the mirror"- God's miracle. Bishop graduated magna cum laude from American Baptist College with a Th.B. in Bible Theology and also holds a B.S. Degree in Speech Communications and a Master's in English from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a member of Mt. Z ion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, under the pastorate of Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III, She thanks God for her mentor and mother, Mrs. Carrie Pillow, and the two loves of her life, her husband, Joseph, and son, Joseph Jr.<br />Soul Survivors (band)<br />This male band has been in business for 25 years. The lead singer of the band is Frank Norwood. We are honored that they accepted the invitation to be a part of our special day.<br />D.J. -Jamarruis Kelly<br />Mr. Kelly started his profession in his teenage years and has been performing now for about ten years. He is very versatile and aims to please. He is often sought after to render services throughout the community, and out-of-town, for many special events to include weddings and reunions. Our special thanks to Mr. Kelly for being willing to come to our rescue this entire weekend.<br />Special Accomplishments and Recognitions<br /><ul><li>Jimmy Anderson Jr.-- received B.S. in Psychology May 7, 2011, and is pursuing his Masters.
  298. 298. Clinton Terrell finished with his AA in Healthcare Administration and is moving on to a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration/Health Management.
  299. 299. Tahjji Gordon born October 24, 2009, to Shauntai Ferguson.
  300. 300. Calvin Ferguson Jr. and Janee Ferguson got married on April 7, 2010, in Jacksonville, FL.
  301. 301. Jekwenta Primm received her Bachelor's in Political Science in 2010, from Alabama A &M.
  302. 302. Travis Kimbro married Lydia Kimbro on January 1, 2011.
  303. 303. Tenika Long- Banks married Willie Banks Jr. on Nov. 27, 2010.
  304. 304. Patrice Jackson-Richardson (Pookie) married Quentin Richardson Sr. on
  305. 305. June 3,2011.
  306. 306. Bertha Brothers is a retired school teacher.
  307. 307. Marsha Harris recently received her B.S. in Business Administration.
  308. 308. Jayla Harris received attached award plus Offensive Player of the Year for basketball.
  309. 309. Lakeisha Brooks' children in Cocoa, Florida, has a singing group named "Anointed Stars",
  310. 310. Dorian Watson graduated on June 10, 2011, from Blake High in Tampa, FL.
  311. 311. Trenia Hancock continues to make great strides in baseball where she is part of a travel league.
  312. 312. Lakisha Brinson received her E.D.S in Instructional Leadership from Argosy University, July 2010.
  313. 313. Jeffrey Shorter belongs to a group entitled King of Kings and has produced a music video.
  314. 314. Apostle Roselyn Copeland and "One Voice" just celebrated their 8th year anniversary and the release of their second CD.</li></ul>Family Across the World--- SHOUT OUT's<br />These are a collection of personal statements derived from FACEBOOK as a result of the group formed by Tenika Long Banks. This is only a representative of statements listed and just a brief introduction to some of your family members. <br />Hello family! I am late but my name is Ashley Holt but I like to be called Emi. I am 22 years old. I am the youngest daughter of Angela Miller and the granddaughter of Lillie Ruth Long-Kenon and I reside in Tallahassee Florida!<br />My name is ANDREA WILSON.. DAUGHTER OF GLORIA SMITH STARLING(A.K.A.. MA-BOO).. GRANDDAUGHTER OF CORA LEE SMITH N EDDIE SMITH.. I LIVE IN ST.PETE.FLA. HELLO FAMILY NICE TO MEET U ALL!!....<br />Well hello to all of my family across the world. I am Natasha Holmes. I'm 28 years of age. I am the oldest daughter of Letricia Walker-Williams aka (Ann). I am also the oldest granddaughter of The Late Ruby Lee Long-Walker and Tommy Walker Sr. My Great Grandmother was The Late Cassie Baker Long. I have a sister Kelandra and a brother Darneilus Holmes.<br />Darneilus HolmesItsjustthemusicinme. Im so excited about getting to know my people that I dont know. Love u guys from the bottom of <br />my heart.<br />Hello my name is Clinton Terrell and I am the son of the late Casandra Kay Baker. I have one daughter (Sukaria Terrell -12) and two sisters (Shamaine Bacon and Latoyia Armstead) we all live in St. Petersburg. My grandfather was the late Amos Baker who is the son of the late Nannie Baker. He had seven other siblings Cora, Caroline, Cassie, Eula, Marie, Lena and John. I am planning on attending the family reunion for the first time and I am excited to see and meet everyone.<br />I happen to be Tommie D. Walker Jr. the 5th born child of Tommy and the late great legend, Ruby Lee Walker. I am the grandson of Tom and Cassie long, a full blooded Indian. It ain't in my mind, it's in my blood line. I am the father of Jazz and Jessica Hodges, DonNisha and Donald Bouie and Nevaeh Rubylee Walker. Always God First. luv yall<br />..<br />..I am Lakisha (Kisha) Brinson daughter of Earnestine Brinson and sister of Andrey Brinson..I am the proud aunt of Jadon Brinson and live in Nashville, TN...<br />Hey my name is Ms.Jackson. I won't tell my age because(I'm a lady in my shana na na voice) I have one daughter Kameela Shaw. I'm the baby girl of Reuben & Mary Jackson Sr. My grandmother is the late Cora Lee Smith &granddaddy the late Eddie Smith .I can't wait to see everyone so we can sit back & love ,laugh ,& have fun with each other. Love you ALL Muah!!!!<br />Hola familia, yo soy Ke'Londra Ramey. Soy la hija de Letricia Walker Williams (Ann). Mis abuelos son Ruby Walker y Tommy Walker Sr. Tengo a un niño Zerian Pigford. ¡Estoy tanto entusiasmado conseguir para conocerlos! !!! ¡Te quiero todo!!! I'm bilingual....lolHello family, I am Ke'Londra Ramey. I am the daughter of Letricia Walker Williams (Ann). My grandparents are Ruby Walker and Tommy Walker Sr. I have one child Zerian Pigford. I am very much excited to get to know all of you!!!! I love you all!!!<br />Hey Everyone!!! My name is Chavien Shy AKA (Skeet). I am the son of Angela Miller. My Grandmother was Lille Ruth Kenon. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. Hopefully work will allow me to meet you all in Nashville. Love u all!!!<br />My name is Jazmyn Shorter. I am 22. I am the daughter of Jeffrey Shorter and the granddaughter of Willie Mae Shorter. My great grandma is Cora Smith. I'm from St. Petersburg, FL. but I currently live in Kentucky for school. I'm looking forward to meeting and seeing all of my fam. Love yall!<br />Hello Family - I am Marsha Walker Harris, 3rd child born to Ruby Long Walker and Tommy D Walker. My Grandmother is Cassie Baker Long. I live in Fredericksburg, VA. about 45 minutes from D.C. I love this page and look forward to enjoying/reaching out to my family.<br />Hello my name is Ashley Flowers... Daughter of Treena flowers. Granddaughter of Willie Mae Shorter and Jimmy Flowers. My great grandma was Cora Smith. I live in St. Petersburg , FL. Nice to meet u fam.<br /> I'm Patrice Jackson - Richardson. My parents are Reuben Sr. and Mary Ann Jackson, my mom is the daughter of Cora Lee Smith and Robert Shorter and (Eddie Smith).<br />My Mother/Father Is Patsy Jackson-Henry/Willie Long Jr.My Grandma/Grandpa Is Mary Jackson/Reuben Jackson Sr.Great Grandmother Cora Smith.<br />Hello family my name is (DORIAN WATSON) I am the son of(ANDREA WILSON) MY GRANDPARENTS ARE( GLORIA N WALTER STARLINGS) N GRANDPARENTS ARE THE LATE( CORA N EDDIE SMITH) ITS NICE TO MEET U ALL...<br />Hello, My name is Briana and there is also my 6 month old sister Davi'anna Stevens. Our parents are Kendra and David Stevens Jr. Our grandparents are Willie Mae Shorter and David Stevens Sr.Great grandparents are the late Cora and Eddie Smith* So nice that we are able to do this, hope everyone has a great day!<br />Whats happenin. I'm TONY WILSON my mother name is GLORIA STARLINGS n pops name is WALTER STARLINGS my brother n sister names are JOHN N ANDREA WILSON MY GRAND PARENTS IS DA LATE EDDIE N CORA SMITH<br />Hey everybody, my name is Marlon Henry (aka CHUG) . I'm the baby of my siblings, Teneika, and Myles. My parents are Patsy Jackson Henry and Joe Henry. My grandparents are Reuben Jackson Sr. and Mary Ann Jackson. My great grandparents are Cora Lee Smith and Robert Shorter and(Eddie Smith). My great great grandmother is Nannie Baker. I am also looking forward to this year's family reunion. It's good to meet you all and I love all of you , and could everyone say a special prayer for my great grandma cause she sometimes don't feel good. ♥♥♥<br />Hello my name is Reuben Jackson Jr. I am married to Yolando Jackson. We have three kids, Kenitia, Kharia, and Kyndal. We are currently residing in Stone Mountain, GA. My parents are Reuben Sr. and Mary Ann Jackson. My grandparents are Cora Lee Smith and Robert Shorter and Eddie Smith. My great grandmother is Nannie Baker. I also have seven sisters, Georgia(CUPCAKE), Pat, Patrice(Pookie), Lakoe(Nikki), Sharon, Diane, and Kim. See Yall in Nashville, until then LIVE,LOVE , and LAUGH!!<br />Hi family my name is Jakia Wilson,I'm from Saint Petersburg,Florida.... I'm a child of Kamaria & John Wilson.. My Grandparents are {Gloria & Walter Starling} and my Great Grandparents are the <br />Hi family! My name is Jasmine Wilson, I'm from Saint Petersburg, Fl. I'm the daughter of John and Kamaria Wilson, my grandparents are Gloria and Walter Starling, and my Great grandparent are the late Cora and Eddie Smith... Good afternoon, I'm pleased and it's my pleasure to meet you all. <br />Hi everyone, I'm Myles Dixon and I'm 12 years old. I have two siblings Teneika and Marlon. Our parents are Patsy Jackson Henry and Joe Henry. My grandparents are Reuben Jackson Sr. and Mary Ann Jackson . My great grandparents are Cora Lee Smith and Robert Shorter and Eddie Smith. And my great great grandmother is Nannie Baker. Do have a blessed day and Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and to the mothers too that play roles as fathers . See you all in Nasville, TN.<br />Ashley Flawless Cooper<br />Hi. I'm Ashley. My dad is Zachary (punkin) Cooper; grandma Rita Stoudemire and great grandma Marie Cooper..sister Shantel Cooper and Zachary Cooper.<br />Ari Richardson<br />Good morning, I'm Ari Richardson. I am the daughter of Patrice Jackson-Richardson and Quentin Richardson Sr. I am the eldest of my three sisters, Chance, Khamryn and Asia. My grandparents are Reuben Jackson Sr. and Mary Ann Jackson. My great grandmother is Cora Lee Smith, and my great great grandmother is Nannie Baker. I look forward to seeing you all in August in Nashville,TN. Much Love for ALL OF YOU♥,♥<br />Hello fam my name is Sharonda, I'm from St. Pete. My mother name is Andrea Wilson. My grandparents are Gloria&Walter Starlings; my great grandparents are the late Cora & Eddie Smith...I'm pleased and it's my pleasure to meet you all.<br />Ricquel Prime Time Cooper<br />Heyyyyy fam my name is Ricquel Cooper. My parents are Ricky Cooper andTeresa Cooper; my grandparent is Rita Stoudemire. My great grandparents are the late Marie and Roy Cooper (rip).....imy2 from st.pete nd imy2 pleased to meet you all love.<br />Hi, I'm Chance (Marcora) Richardson. I'm in the 6th grade. My parents are Quentin Sr. and Patrice Jackson-Richardson. My grandparents are Reuben Sr. and Mary AnnJackson. My great grandparents are Cora Lee Smith and Robert Shorter and Eddie Smith. My great-great grandmother is Nannie Baker. I look forward to seeing everyone and I love all of you. Oh Happy Father's Day to all fathers and mothers(who are fathers too).<br />Ok lets try this again.... Hey Fam my name is Kayla F.Perry Daughter of Lauria Stoudemire and Raymond Perry..Mother Kody O.Perry-Calhoun!Great-Grand parents Marie Baker Cooper and Roy Lee Cooper and Noretha Cooper Stoudemire aka (bootney) is my Grandmother.... I'm here in St.Pete for now but never know life too short¡ God Bless Love You Fam<br />Hey!! name is Dynasty!!! I reside in Tallahassee Fl/Quincy.. I am the daughter of Rosilyn Walker; my granny is Ruby Lee Walker and my papa is Tommy Walker Sr. Ok I didn't know what else to say so have a nice day love yu guys!!kk<br />Hello My Fam. out there this your brother, cuzzin n dats it Ja'Vartae Lovette. I was born with some awesome Parents........ Rosilyn Walker-Copeland and James Lovette wouldnt trade them for nothing. My Grandparents Tommie Walker Sr. and Ruby Lee Walker which is on my mother side and Dad side Jackie Lovette-Copeland and Robert Lovette. I LIVE IN QUINCY, FLA.<br />.<br />Hello family my name is Candice Anderson . I am the daughter of Margaret Shorter and my grandparents are the late Robert and Martha Shorter...I live in St. Pete and I look forward to meeting you all one day soon!<br />Hello Family - Yes, it's Keisha, finally My name is Keisha Lashay Walker, I am the 4th child (girl) born to Ruby Lee Long-Walker and Tommy D Walker, Sr. My Grandmother is Cassie Baker Long, my grandfather is Tom Long. I live in Quincy, FL. My siblings are Letricia Walker-Williams, Rosilyn Walker-Copeland, Marsha Walker-Harris, & Tommie Walker, Jr.<br />Hello my name is Beverly. I am the daughter Lena Long Smith. I reside in Tennessee. My grandparents are Tom and Cassie Long.<br />Hello my name is Trenesa Primm. I am middle girl of three. My Mother is Lena Smith. I reside in Columbia, TN . I work at Nissan. I have a dominant personality but I have a great love for family.<br />Hello, my names is Earnestine Brinson. I am the baby girl of Cassie and Tom Long. I have one living brother Amos Long. I graduated from Carter Parramore High School in Quincy, Florida. I received a secretariall degree from National School of Business in Nashville, TN. I am retired from the State of Tennessee. I work part-time at Walgreens. I have a son and daughter, Andrey and Lakisha. Andrey has a son named Jadon.<br />Fun Facts about Tennessee<br /><ul><li>Nashville was founded on Christmas Eve 1779.
  315. 315. The Original name of the Grand Old Opry was the WSM Barn Dance.
  316. 316. Goo Goo’s is the famous Nashville candy made of chocolate, caramel, marshmallows and peanut.
  317. 317. 3 former U.S. Presidents called Tennessee their home
  318. 318. Andrew Jackson served 1829-1837
  319. 319. HYPERLINK ""James K. Polk served 1845-1849
  320. 320. Andrew Johnson served 1865-1869
  321. 321. Nashville is known as the Country Music City. Famous for annual "Fan Fair" where celebrated artist from across the country travel to perform for thousands of fans, who have migrated here just for the occasion.
  322. 322. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the United States. The park was named for the smoke-like bluish haze that often envelops these fabled mountains.
  323. 323. Jubilee Singers of Fisk University in Nashville introduced to the world the plaintive beauty and tradition of the Negro spiritual, which became the basis for other genres of African-American music. It was because of their successful tours to raise funds for the university during the 1870s that Nashville first became known for its music.
  324. 324. Tennessee has more than 3,800 documented caves. </li></ul>Nashville's Grand Ole Opry is the longest continuously running live radio program in the world. It has broadcast every Friday and Saturday night since 1925. <br />TRIBUTE<br />I would like to give recognition to Amos Long, husband, father, brother, grandpa uncle, cousin, friend; a pillar for our family. Someone we just take for granted will always be there. Someone who beckons to our every call. Someone who knows a little bit about everything. A renowned Christian and openly testifies about his faith and his love for God. Amos takes great pride in his family commitment and has no problem babysitting his grandchildren. He doesn't mind helping anyone in distress. He often opens his door to family in need. God has blessed Amos with an incredible testimony that he loves to share. He has a vivid memory and fondness of his childhood, neighbors and community. He never meets a stranger. He has a sense of humor and will exaggerate the truth every chance he gets when it comes to your dress or cooking. Amos has been a man of the world and is well versed in many things. Anytime, the family is faced with a problem with car, plumbing, maintenance, etc. he's the one we call. Amos loves traveling, fishing, and studying the bible.<br />Amos is well loved by his family, children and adults alike. He was very devoted to mama and daddy. He came to stay with Lena to help take care of her when she was diagnosed with Cancer. He loves visiting with relatives and when necessary, he will travel hundreds of miles to see the sick. He has been a big brother to many of his family members and has always extended his love and concern.<br />Amos has dedicated many years to redeeming his past mistakes. Today he is an inspiration to all of us. Despite his disability, he is able to work and provide a lifestyle for his family. Some of you know him as "cat daddy", "Sho-Nuf", or "captain save a hoe", but to me he is "BoBo", my only living brother, whom I admire, respect, and love unconditionally.<br />Though written by me, it was the consensus of the Nashville Family that you receive this much deserved recognition. We love you and we appreciate you for who you are and what you mean to us all.<br /> <br /> Much Love---Your Family<br />SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS<br />Thanks to all of you who traveled from near and afar to be a part of this reunion. I know it wasn't an easy task, but despite adversaries, you weathered the storm and pressed your way to reunite with family and friends. I especially thank those of you who are attending the reunion for the first time. I do hope your experience will merit your coming again and again. We wanted to do something nice to show you how much we thought of you. We wanted you to feel special and to remember this event for a long time. We acknowledge the absence of those who could not be with us on this occasion and pray that they are well and will be able to join us at the next reunion.<br />It remains our desire to learn more about you, our family. We will continue to strive to make this reunion something special . Truly, the reunion is different than it was years ago, and I'm sure it will continue to change as the new generation take their respective places. I welcome the expansion and the challenge of the younger generation.<br />Thanks to my family for their contribution to this reunion:<br />Food Committee: Timica Hancock, Beverly Kimbro, and Amos Long<br />Entertainment Committee: Travis and Lydia Kimbro, Melissa Buford <br /> Jekwenta Primm: Activities/Host<br />Trenesa Primm/Service/Host<br />Donna Long: Sunday Program/child care<br />Earnestine Brinson: Coordinator. <br />Lakisha Brinson: Secretary, Book/C.D ( Most difficult task )<br />Terrell Long - Transportation <br />Michelle Sanders Brinson - Photography<br />Also thanks to Sistah Johnson, the comedian, the band who entertained us and to Mr. Kelly for a wonderful job of D.J. and providing sound for the entire event.<br />We apologize for any hardships or discomforts you may have experience. We especially realize that this was a bit extravagant for those of you with several children and thank God you were still able to participate. I reiterate, our intention was merely to make this a very elaborate affair for our most deserving family.<br />DECEASED<br />AKINS, TYLER KENON, LILLIE RUTH<br />BAKER, JOHN KIMBRO, TREVEL<br />BAKER, NANNIE LONG, CASSIE LEE BAKER<br />BALLOON, FREDDIE LONG, CATHERINE<br />BELL, DAN LONG, ELIE<br />BELL, EULA LONG, LUCIOUS<br />BROTHERS, CAROLINE BAKER LONG, SANDRA<br /> <br />BROTHERS, JOHNNIE LONG, TOM JR..<br />BROTHERS, MATTHEW, SR. LONG, TOM SR.<br />BRYANT, FRANCES SHORTER, ALBERT<br />COOPER, JAMES SHORTER, LENA BAKER<br />COOPER, MARIE SHORTER, ROBERT JR.<br />COOPER, ROY LEE SHORTER, ROBERT SR.<br />DAVIS, ANTHONY SHORTER, WILLIE C.<br />DAVIS, BOYD JR. SHORTER, WILLIE DAVIS<br />DAVIS, TYRONE SMITH, CORA LEE BAKER<br />FERGUSON, CALVIN SMITH, EDDIE<br />FERGUSON, FRANCES LEE LONG SMITH, LENA LONG<br />FLOWERS, TREENA D. WALKER, RUBY LEE LONG<br />HOLMES, DARNEILUS JR.WOODS, MARIE BROTHERS<br />HUNTER, RUTHA MAE BROTHERS<br />Am Always With YouWhen I am gone, release me, let me go.I have so many things to see and do,You mustn't tie yourself to me with too many tears,But be thankful we had so many good years.I gave you my love, and you can only guessHow much you've given me in happiness.I thank you for the love that you have shown,But now it is time I traveled on alone.So grieve for me a while, if grieve you mustThen let your grief be comforted by trustThat it is only for a while that we must part,So treasure the memories within your heart.I won't be far away for life goes on.And if you need me, call and I will come.Though you can't see or touch me, I will be nearAnd if you listen with your heart, you'll hearAll my love around you soft and clearAnd then, when you come this way alone,I'll greet you with a smile and a "Welcome Home".Unknown<br />Family Directory- names are listed by first name; and only information sent has been included.<br />A<br />Andrey Brinson -1148 Idlewild Court, Madison, Tennessee 37115 (615-860-4572)<br />Ashley Holt - 427 S. Stewart Street, Apt. 4, Quincy, Fl. 32351 (1-850-363-5225)<br />Amos and Pastor Donna Long - 3309 Courtney Court, Nash,. Tn. 37218 <br />(1-615-485-9476)<br />Angela Williams - 427 South Stewart Street, Apt. 4, Quincy, Fl. 32351<br />( 1-850-662-1415)<br />B<br />Bertha Brothers -3950 Spikes Lane, Cocoa, Florida 32926 (1-321-636-6811)<br />Bernard Davis- 5411 Brownsfield Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70811 (1-225-205-8932)<br />Beverly Kimbro -1411 Rock Creek Court, Nashville, TN. 37189 (1-615-397-9569)<br />C<br />Cassie Kenon - Heritage Health Care, 3101 Ginger Drive, Tallahassee, Fl. 32308<br />Cookie Long- 534 Newton Avenue South ,St. Petersburg, Florida 33701<br />Cassandra Anderson- 51 Holly Drive, Quincy, Fl. 32351 (1-850-627-9548)<br />Carolyn Brothers - 4030 E. Railroad Avenue, Cocoa, Fl. 32936 (1-321-639-5006)<br />Clinton Terrell- 10120 11th St. Apt. 203,St. Petersburg, Florida 33716<br />(1-727-368-3492)<br />Chavien Shy -5675 Rowell Rd. 61F, Atlanta, GA. 30342<br />Cornell Davis - 5817 Goldcrest Drive, Bossier City, LA 71112 (1-318-572-0682)<br />D<br />Diane Cooper-5275 9th Street South ,St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (1-727-768-1165)<br />E<br />Earnestine Brinson- 1148 Idlewild Court, Madison, TN 37115 (1-615-860-4572)<br />F<br />Fabien Miller- 738 South Duval Street, Quincy, Florida 32351<br />G<br />Georgia Jackson-Long- 2604 Danzante Pl. Fayetteville, NC. 28306 <br />(1-931-320-5474)<br />Gerry James-Brown -P.O. Box 2023,Cocoa, Florida (1-321-536-6061)<br />H<br />Hattie Davis- 618 Hoover Drive, Shreveport, LA 71106 (1-225-205-8932)<br />I/J<br />Jekwenta Primm -3362 Avalan Lake Dr. Madison, Alabama 35756<br />Jeanette Brothers Henderson-1495 School House Street,<br /> Merritt Island, FL. 32953 (1-321-453-5395)<br />James L. Miller -524 Williams Street, Quincy, FL. 32351 (1-850-627-4711)<br />K<br />Kimberly Jackson -500 South Atlanta St. Apt. N155,Quincy, Florida 32351<br />(1-850-339-0293)<br />Ke'Londra Ramey- 4172 Mission Trace Blvd.,Tallahassee, Fl. 32303<br />(1-757-706-0736)<br />L<br />Letricia Walker-Williams- P.O. Box 1261, Quincy, Florida 32353 (1-850-980-3784)<br />Lakoe Jackson - 1562 Post Plant Road,Quincy, Florida 32352 (1-850-875-4187)<br />Lakisha Brinson- 125 Star Boulevard, Madison, TN. 37115 (1-615-473-7900)<br />M<br />Mary Ann Jackson -52 Hillside Drive, Quincy, Florida 32351 (1-850-627-3064)<br />Marsha Harris -11200 Proud Foot Lane, Fredericksburg, VA. 22407<br />(1-540-785-3189)<br />Mabel Shorter -1042 16th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL. 33705(1-727-822-2209)<br />Maggie Smith -3526 9th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL. 33712 (1-727-723-4862)<br />Matthew Brothers -13342 Kitty Fork Road, Orlando, FL. 32828<br />Maurice Cooper -2602 Southern Pkwy. West, Bradenton, Fl. 34205 (1-941-748-3131)<br />Melissa Buford - 2703 Vista Lane , Nashville, TN. 37207 (1-615-578-8887)<br />Mary and Carlos Williams -3526 9th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL. 33712<br />(1-727-322-0284)<br />N<br />Noretha Stoudemire -536 16th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL. 33705<br />(1-727-821-6562)<br /> O/P<br /> Patsy Jackson - 85 Slash Drive, Midway, FL. 32343 (1-850-539-3620)<br />Patrice Jackson - 2006 Hamilton Street, Quincy, FL. 32351 (1-850-661-8068)<br />Q/R<br />Reuben Jackson Jr. - 4499 Hunter Way, Stone Mountain, GA 30083<br />(1-407-683-8227)<br />Apostle Rosilyn Copeland - P. O. Box 426, Midway, FL. 32351-3836(1-850-765-0242)<br />Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brothers - 4360 N.W. 193 Street, Miami Gardens, FL. 33055<br />(1-786-955-6345)<br />S<br />Shelia Brothers -1050 N. Fiske Blvd. #105, Cocoa, FL. 32922<br />T<br />Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Long - 1092 Blue Mountain Lane, Antioch, TN. 37013<br />(1-615-396-7255)<br />Trenesa Primm - 2110 Zion Road, Columbia, TN. 38401 (1-615-579-3467)<br />Timica Hancock - 512 Rothwood, Madison, TN. 37115 (1-615-589-6454)<br />Teneika Long- 519 Dominion Court, Hampton, GA. 30228 <br />Mr. and Mrs. Travis Kimbro - 119 Cedar Pointe Parkway, Antioch, TN. 37013<br />(1-615-481-8042)<br />Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Walker - 708 2nd Street, Quincy, FL. 32351 (1-850-627-9717)<br />Troy and A'Netra Redding - 6554 54th Avenue North Apt. 43, St. Petersburg, FL.<br />(1-727-564-8283)<br /> U<br />V<br />W<br />Willie Mae Shorter - 321 422nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL. 33705<br />(1-727-822-4593)<br />Willie Shorter, Jr. - 577 Thigpen Road, Quincy, FL. 32351<br />