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From MTR to City University Creative Media Centre


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Starting from Kowloon Tong MTR Station, this presentation will give you a photographic overview on how to get to the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

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From MTR to City University Creative Media Centre

  1. 1. From MTR to City University Direction to Creative Media Centre Released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong Licence
  2. 2. Kowloon Tong MTR Station, Exit C, Turn Left
  3. 3. Pass Through Festival Walk
  4. 4. Go Left, don't go up yet
  5. 5. Go Up
  6. 6. Turn Right and Go Up
  7. 7. Turn Left
  8. 8. Go up the Escalator on the Right
  9. 9. To double check, See this Sign
  10. 10. Very Close to the University, Forward!
  11. 11. Here is the Entrance, Go in
  12. 12. Turn Right and Go Up
  13. 13. Go Forward on your Right
  14. 14. Go Through the Doors
  15. 15. Walk to Right Hand Side
  16. 16. Turn Right
  17. 17. Go into the Building
  18. 18. Go up to 5/F(Level 7 through is a shortcut, but not open all the time)
  19. 19. Follow the Sign
  20. 20. Go Forward
  21. 21. Follow the Sign, Go up the Escalator
  22. 22. Go Forward after the Escalator, Turn Left
  23. 23. Go Up and Across the Bridge
  24. 24. If the Student's Hall is Open, Don't follow the Sign
  25. 25. Homey Kitchen
  26. 26. To Continue, Go up the Stairs
  27. 27. After going up many Stairs, Turn Right
  28. 28. Go out the Double Door
  29. 29. The Creative Media Centre is in front of You~!