Olc dress for success


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Olc dress for success

  1. 1. Dress for Success…Tips on appropriate interviewattire•A potential employer has developed aperception of you within the first 12 seconds.•Each item of clothing, grooming, andaccessories makes a statement about who youare.
  2. 2. The Top• When entering aninterview, a personshould walk inconfidently, make eyecontact, andimmediately shake thepotential employer’shand.• Therefore, the head iswhere most peoplemake their initialimpression.
  3. 3. Your Hair…• Have a well groomed, conservative haircut• For women, this means no large,unusually colored, or teased styles• For men, this means no tails, braids, orunusual colors. Make sure facial hair isneatly groomed as well.• Keep hair away from your face.• During the interview, you do not want theemployer to be distracted if you have tocontinually be pushing your hair awayfrom your face.
  4. 4. Your Face…• Women should wear aconservative amount ofmake up that accentuatestheir features.• No bright lipstick, blushes,or too much eye makeup.• Practice good oral hygiene.
  5. 5. The Middle• “Good clothes open alldoors.” – The rightclothes do make astatement to a potentialemployer.• Having the proper style ofclothing, in the right color,is essential wheninterviewing.
  6. 6. Attire for Professional Jobs…• Men and women should be in a darkcolored suit, (navy blue, dark brown orcharcoal), with a solid colored white,cream, or light blue.• For men, a tie should compliment theentire outfit, not be too bright or loud andextend to the trouser belt.• If women choose to wear a skirt suit, theskirt should be no more than two inchesabove the knee.
  7. 7. The Bottom (Your Feet)• Make sure shoes are comfortable.• If they are brand new, wear them aroundthe house to break them in.• They should look new, not worn.• Make sure they are well polished.
  8. 8. The Bottom (Your Feet)• Men should wear black or brown leatherdress shoes.• Women should be in dress shoes with nomore than a 1-2 inch heel that matchestheir outfit, usually in black, brown, ornavy.• Open toed and sling back shoes are notacceptable.
  9. 9. Everything In Between• Jewelry– The jewelry should be veryconservative and simple.– All facial piercings should beremoved (ex; lip, chin,eyebrow, tongue, etc.)– Men should not wearearrings.– If a women wears rings, onlyone per hand.
  10. 10. Everything in Between• Cologne/Perfume– Little, if any. You don’t wantpeople to smell you comingbefore they see you.– You never know if theinterviewer is sensitive tocertain smells an would endup focusing on how yousmell instead of hearing whatyou are saying.
  11. 11. Everything in Between• Socks/Panty Hose– Men should wear dress socks that match theirslacks and shoes.– Make sure that the dress socks are longenough that skin does not show when thecandidate is seated.– Women should wear a basic color thatmatches their shoes.– This is often brown, off-black, taupe, or fleshtone.
  12. 12. Everything in Between• Fingernails– Fingernails should beclean and neatlytrimmed.– Women should have amoderate length, withno designs andconservative polish.– Clear is the best color.
  13. 13. Everything in Between• Belts– The belt should match theshoes.• Notebook– Individuals should carry aleather notebook that hascopies of their resume,cover letter, letters ofrecommendation, andpaper and pen for notetaking.