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Olc before duringafter interview[1]


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Olc before duringafter interview[1]

  1. 1. Before the Interview• Attend aninterviewworkshop.• Contact a careerservice office forscheduled dates.
  2. 2. Before the Interview• Review potential questions.• Decide what points you will use to answercommonly asked interview questions.• Practice aloud to be able to communicateyour qualifications concisely and provideexamples, which reinforce these points.• Do as much research about the companyas possible – it gives confidence –intelligence proves you are motivated andhave a strong work ethic.
  3. 3. Before the Interview• Confirm the timelocation. Be sure youhave clear directionsto the interview.• Arrive to theinterview early, butnot too early. About15 minutes isappropriate.
  4. 4. During the Interview• Greet your interviewer by name, with afirm handshake and a smile.• Be self-confident, alert and interested.• Do not smoke or chew gum.• Maintain good eye contact.• Sit up straight in the chair; if womenchoose to cross their legs do so at theankle. Look relaxed.
  5. 5. During the Interview• Listen closely to what the interviewer issaying.• Be articulate; do not use slang.• Avoid rambling; think before answering.• Give examples by stating situation, action,and result when answering questions.• Concentrate on your positive attributes.• Determine needed follow-up action.
  6. 6. During the Interview• Remember your manners – please andthank you!• Answer each question completely, butalso use that tie to let the potentialemployer know what your strengths areand how you could benefit their business.• Have a few questions about the businessready – they should be well researchedand demonstrate your knowledge of thecompany or organization.
  7. 7. During the Interview• Expect unusual questions. These are tosee how you handle stress and reactionunder pressure. Give natural responses.• Do NOT lie about anything.• Do not answer illegal questions, buttactfully diffuse the question.• Know the ballpark salary offered and whatyou fell comfortable asking for.
  8. 8. After the Interview• Evaluate theinterview.• Consider where youdid well and whereyou had difficulty.• Practice those areasin which you needimprovement.
  9. 9. After the Interview• Send a thank you letter immediately!!!• Type it on business paper.• Be sure to use the correct name and titleof the person who interviewed you.• Emphasize your interest in the position.• Mention any facts you may have omittedin the interview.
  10. 10. After the interview• Follow-up. If you do not get aresponse soon after the date,as the interviewer indicated,it is a good idea to telephoneand inquire about theposition.• Continue to job search. Job-hunting is an ongoingprocess.• Begin preparing for your nextinterview.