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Presentation For Franchise Orientation

Fastprep testimonials

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Presentation For Franchise Orientation

  1. 2. Patricia Anne Gabrielle B. Tejada 4 years old
  2. 3. She learned to read in 11 days
  3. 4. “ She is great in reading. Because of her good reading skills, she already focuses on comprehension, so it’s easy for her to understand the lessons.” -Teacher Geli (Her teacher in school)
  4. 5. Millicent Gay B. Tejada says... (Mother of Patricia Anne Gabrielle B. Tejada)  
  5. 6. Blue Gavin DG. Stuart 4 years old
  6. 7. He learned to read in 8 days
  7. 8. Orange Stuart says... (Mother of Blue Gavin Stuart )    
  8. 9. William Dexter B. Mamuyac 6 years old
  9. 10. He learned to read in 13 days
  10. 11. Angela B. Mamuyac says... (Mother of William Dexter B. Mamuyac )    
  11. 12. Alain B. Gumarang II 5 years old
  12. 13. He learned to read in 15 days
  13. 14. - Donna Blanco (Guardian of Alain Gumarang )    
  14. 15. Katrina Aiko A. Calabia 4 years old
  15. 16. AIKO'S School Achievements: -Casa Uno, First Honors -Casa Uno, Top Reader -Casa Due, First Honors -Casa Due, Top Reader -Recipient of other Special Awards -Presently in Casa Tres
  16. 17. “ FastPREP was certainly a great help to our daughter. She developed a great interest in reading that made her one-step ahead of the others of her age. Now, we are reaping the fruits of what your program has done to her. Thanks to FastPREP.” -Mrs. Sarah A. Calabia Mom of Katrina Aiko A. Calabia, 3.8 y/o Scuola dei Bambini di Sta. Teresita, San Pablo City
  17. 18. Julia Sheris A. Maghirang 3 years old
  18. 19. “ The reading program is really effective. We’re surprised that at the age of 3, she can read and spell simple words. And now on her second level, I can see that her reading and comprehensive skills are still improving.” -Mrs. Jeanne A. Maghirang Mom of Julia Sheris A. Maghirang, 3.11 y/o San Pablo City
  19. 20. Reighmonde Euelle O. Nuñez (Reon) 5 years old
  20. 21. REON'S School Achievements: -accelerated from Kinder to Grade I -presently in grade II -constant achiever in class -tops in English/Science examinations
  21. 22. “ At the start of the program, we thought that Reon will learn to read just like any other kids. We were amazed when we observed that he also learned how to understand what he is reading. The program was so effective. He learned how to read as well as to comprehend. It helped a lot in the acceleration of our son to Grade I this school year. Thanks to FastPREP.” -Mrs. Irene O. Nuñez Mom of R eighmonde E uelle O . N uñez (Reon),5.11 y/o Celestial Children Montessori, San Pablo City
  22. 23. Ryu Maximiliano Marcelo 7 years old
  23. 24. “ The child can easily read through the different sounds learned in your reading program. It was also a great help on the part of the pupil in studying lessons in school.” -Mrs. Luzviminda P. Castillo Grandmother of Ryu Maximiliano Marcelo , 7 y/o Blue Danube School, San Pablo City