Our hero students 2011


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What teachers and staff said about the 'hero students' on their campus this year...

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Our hero students 2011

  1. 1. Our herostudent… www.navitas.com
  2. 2. All our students areheroes... Although they all are, if someone put a gun to my head and T „cos he gives us cheapforced me to name one, food at the market... I‟d say USHER just Phil because he isbecause he calls himself steady, friendly and Usher and he‟s from always ready to lend a Wuhan. hand to everyone. www.navitas.com
  3. 3. Edward, our 75 year oldretired principal from Sudanwho everyday frocked up ina suit and boater carrying a briefcase. He asked the police in adomestic violence talk, who would refund the seventy five cattle he had paid for his wife if she left him... www.navitas.com
  4. 4. Ingo Lenz - because for 2 years he justkeeps coming back. We love him! www.navitas.com
  5. 5. Gustavo - his first words to me were “I no speak no english”, after I‟d said Takahiro - he‟s been here for “Hello” to him on his first almost a year and everyday he day. In just a couple of comes to reception with a new months in elementary, he word or a funny experience to won Student of the Month share with us. I‟ve never heard and he has also gottenhim speaking in Japanese and he himself several jobs - his always makes an effort to personality and his socialise with students from all positive attitude is just different backgrounds. He has wonderful for a young also officially renamed the Brazilian boy! reception staff as his “Three angels”. www.navitas.com
  6. 6. Young because he studieslike a madmanMarcus - a real gentlemanHiro - he cooked up aJapanese storm to raisemoney for JapanMasaki - best friends witheveryoneViviana - helps othersRobson because he lookslike a superhero www.navitas.com
  7. 7. Mohammed - because he began atelementary, progressed through all of Dear dear Samuel -the levels, has finished with Intensive ask anyone atAcademic Preparation and is about to Hawthorn- begin his university degree. Melbourne and Throughout his time here, despite they will know who hardships being faced in his own I mean. country, he has been a wonderful A dear boy who is addition to the classroom, a skilful unfortunately no negotiator and a hard working longer with us butstudent. He has provided suggestions is alwayson excursion activities and has been a remembered. pleasure to work with. www.navitas.com
  8. 8. Hallan. Because at Easter hebrought a HUGE tray of hot cross buns in for all the teachers. Moon Lee (Haekeun Lee). At 57years old he decided to retire and spend a year in Manly. He spent52 weeks with us, did Elementary twice and 201 three times, henever ever gave up and ended upin Intermediate. He was fantastic! www.navitas.com
  9. 9. Sam because he had a wonderful sense of humour and entertained other students. Anonymous: spent 2 years in ACL butcant tell her date of birth (doesnt know).Always the first one in the classroom andthe last one to go home; Chinese studentwho did a lot of work on Harmony Day for the class www.navitas.com
  10. 10. Our hero student was... ...thrilled because she got offered a job at thereception soon after she finished studying! www.navitas.com
  11. 11. Umut for his never-endingenthusiasm and positive attitudeand because he always brought me Turkish delight;Martin Marten - best name everand with us for 2 years(!?) - and now his wife is here! Amina from East Timor - delightful to teach, alwaysenthusiastic, biggest smile ever, friendly to everyone! www.navitas.com
  12. 12. Everyone, having the courage to stand up and do teaching practice in front of students and peers, and then going offinto such diverse contextsto build on their skills and keep deepening their awareness. www.navitas.com