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LexFarm Busa Farm Site Plan


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LexFarm Busa Farm Site Plan

  1. 1. Existing Farmstand and Outbuilding Sitting Garden / Picnic Area Keep View Open! Existing Tree Berries on Steep Slope Farm Access Trail Entry Access to Arlington Res, Rindge Playground & Minuteman Bikeway South Fields ~2.75 a. North Fields ~1.75 a. Southwest Fields ~ 1 a. Orchard / Fruit Trees Seasonal Greenhouse Structures Accessible Educational Community Gardens Shade Structure/ Gathering Area Community / Educational Activities Herb Garden Greenhouse Farm Road Central Fields ~ 0.3 a. Fenced Utility Area Picnic Area at High Point/ Overlook Access to Munroe Brook Birder’s Walk Existing Parking Area Bicycle Parking Area Cutting Garden(~0.15 a) Planted Buffer to Neighbors Planted Buffer to Neighbors Approx 100’Wetland Buffer Approx 200’StreamBuffer Walking paths Well LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FARM Concept Illustrative Plan by LexFarm Nov 2010 Farming :: Recreation & Education :: Historic Preservation drawn by Stephen Ervin (c) 2010