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2013 03-lbf cv deck

  1. 1. Lori B. Blum-Fagien Results Oriented & Successful Dynamic & Innovative Excellent Communication Skills Values Understands Entrepreneurialism Compelling Testimonials & Reputation Knowledge & Digital Solutions Expectations, Expertise & Qualifiedlbfagien@lbbmarketingandmediagroup.com M 561.271.9653 Update 2013-3-28
  2. 2. Background and Career HistoryLori Blum-Fagien, still known as the jazz worlds leading female magazine publisher, CMO, and co-founderof JAZZIZ Magazine, as well as three other publishing titles with previous personal and business partner fornearly 30 years, Michael Fagien. In addition, Lori Blum-Fagien created cookbooks with themed CDs, co-partnered with a boutique record label called i.e. music and musician/partner Lee Ritenour, andopened JAZZIZ Bistro in 2004 with other well-known restaurateurs, Rapoport’s Restaurant Group. JAZZIZwas a live music nightclub bringing internationally renown jazz artists to perform monthly along with localand regional R&B and Jazz Groups at the Seminole Hardrock Paradise in Hollywood, Florida.After selling her shares/ownership of JAZZIZ Omnimedia to her former personal and business partnerMichael Fagien of 30 years, Lori agreed to sign a 4.5 year non-compete non-solicitation. In 2007, Loricreated LBB Business and Media Consulting Group, providing consulting services in business andmarketing to clients in need of her unique out of the box marketing skills. Businesses included creating herown DOOH Network - Healthy Body and Mind Network while developing her event marketing to b2b andb2c affiliates.Lori expanded her vision and background in the health, wellness, body and mind/fitness industry, inspiringher Healthy Body and Mind Network which specialized in creating and developing ways for individuals toenjoy healthier and better lifestyles through relaxation and therapeutic music with ambient visuals andnature sounds." A Digital Out of Home Network and Theme Cruise. Stem Cell Therapy and Treatmentsare also included under the Wellness Umbrella.In addition, providing extensive marketing plans including digital media (social, mobile, cable, print-digital).Incorporating user experience and visual design. Analyzing and establishing KPIs for various industries.
  3. 3. Over the course of Lori’s career, spanning nearly three decades, Lori Fagienhas earned a reputation as one of the most innovative forces of creativemarketing within the music and publishing entertainment, film, preventive healthand wellness industries including theme cruises and DOOH.
  4. 4. Education & Advertising Agency BeginningsLori Fagien graduated from the University of Florida in 1982 with a BS Degree inMarketing and Advertising. Upon graduation, She began working as a Physician’sAssistant in the Department of Nephrology at University of Florida. In the Summer of1983, she began her career at GE Battery Division in Communications/Marketing.Within that year, Lori left to become the General Manager and Media Director forCarlson & Associates Advertising. An agency specializing in health and fitness. Clientsincluded Gainesville Health and Fitness, Nautilus, Spa Lady and other fitness centersaround the country.Negotiated contracts with mediaResearched new markets & demographicsMedia planning and buying—print (magazine/newspaper) Broadcast-radio/TV.Administrator. Managing a staff of 30. GM. Responsible for the day to day operationsinclusive of payroll, receivables/payables, collections, preparing monthly financialstatements.While working full time during the day, Lori worked in the evenings developing JAZZIZMagazine.
  5. 5. Publishing & Digital ExperienceThe phenomenal growth and success at JAZZIZ Magazine, led Lori to leave Carlson &Associates in 1984.JAZZIZ initial launch was established in the Fall of 1983. And quickly opened the door creatingother titles like Play Magazine and Music.com. Great Taste cookbooks quickly followed.Unique marketing concepts lead to gross revenues in excess of 6 million annually. JAZZIZquickly became the leading publication within it’s three year launch in 1983. JAZZIZ not onlybecame the publication of choice over Jazz Times and Downbeat, but it established itself as anew industry marketing model.Lori clearly established herself as someone who was thought of as an “outside of the box”thinker. Implementing numerous marketing programs successfully. Ahead of her time,developed a circle of marketing techniques, confirming print was tangible and could improvebrand awareness while increasing sales through special projects, merchandising, grass rootslocal and national events, festivals. The first in developing the full length compilation audioCD, CDR, connecting and creating call to action through source coding of ads in print andthrough their digital website and e-mail marketing.
  6. 6. New Editorial ConceptsLori was the first publisher creating themed issues, such as theannual women in jazz, keyboards, love, education, and strings toname a few. One of the highlights was her development ofincreasing jazz sales in June. Currently, Jazz in June is still usedon line and at retail promoting jazz releases to educate consumerabout jazz music through numerous jazz festivals in the US andaround the world.Unique marketing programs delivered from inception throughdelivery, proved jazz sales could more than double due to Lori’sgorilla marketing efforts. The success was staggering.Delivering a 26% increase in sales.
  7. 7. Creating Custom Publishing New Merchandise IdeasIncreasing revenue sales through key chains, mints, caps, ties, andvisors. The uniqueness of the JAZZIZ brand lead to the creation ofmen’s ties and boxer shorts with a strategic affiliation with designerNicole Miller.Custom Publishing Festival Guides – JVC Jazz Festival Series withFestival Productions - NYCLori Fagien worked with other publishing companies creating custombook deals for guitarists with Cherry Lane Publishing.JAZZIZ Chronicles: The Guitarists: A collection of interviews andfeatures from the award-winning stock contents from JAZZIZMagazine. www.jazziz.com
  8. 8. Marketing Opportunities and Events• Produced themed cookbooks called Great Taste. Each book includes 100 recipesalong with a full length audio CD. The titles were launched in 1996 as a series.Valley Entertainment was the distributor. • Created extraordinary and unprecedented events for retailers never accomplishedby other magazines within the music genre. Included successful Summer tours withjazz artists coinciding with their performances at 26 Macy’s locations.• Macys men’s departments had jazz artists walk runways in designer fashion wear,while afterwards, each artist performed, signing their CDs, JAZZIZ-Macys compilationCDs and JAZZIZ magazines. Free bonus distribution given to attendees of allperformances. In addition, additional copies of JAZZIZ and CDs were given awayduring the months of June and July to all customers who purchased $100 or more inthe men’s department. Those same artists were also photographed by Macy’s. Notonly were the 10 pages featured in the Fall issue of JAZZIZ 15th Anniversary issue,but the same 10 pages were included and featured exclusively in Macy’s Fallcatalogue distributed to millions of their credit card holders.
  9. 9. Event Planning & Co-BrandingLori Blum-Fagien closed deals with the following clients for events and co-branding:Sony, Panasonic, Technics, Acoustic Research, Yamaha, Cadillac, Mercedes, and Steinway &Sons. In celebration of a custom issue on pianists and keyboardists along with the companionCD. JAZZIZ and Steinway & Sons promoted this special issue by having several of the jazzartists who were featured in that issue perform live at Steinway Hall, their flagship store on 57 thStreet in NYC. More than 300 industry executives and media attended celebrating JAZZIZMagazine’s licensing deal with Warner Music Enterprises (1994-1996) a division of the TimeWarner company and co-branding opportunity with Steinway.Lori Fagien created co-branding opportunities with coffee companies like Barnies Coffee and Teacompany, creating the JAZZIZ Blend coffee. The blend was sold at all Barnies Coffee and Tealocations. Thousands of additional copies of JAZZIZ Magazine was distributed as a premiumgiveaway to customers who purchased a pound of the JAZZIZ blend. The JAZZIZ blend wassold for over 3 years as their number 1 blended coffee.
  10. 10. After two decades of successfully running JAZZIZ Magazine and other media titles,Lori and Michael Fagien partnered with music jazz legend Lee Ritenour and well-known music executive Mark Wexler forming a boutique record label called i.e. Music. i.e. Music immediately landed a P&D deal with Universal Music Group. Within thesame decade, Lori and Michael Fagien partnered with restaurateur legend BurtRapoport and launched JAZZIZ Bistro and Live Music in 2004 located at the SeminoleHard Rock Entertainment Complex.Boca Magazines Best of Boca 2005 edition has named JAZZIZ BistroBEST PLACE FOR NIGHT MUSIC! JAZZIZ Bistro is a new and exciting diningexperience replete with great food, specialty drinks, unique atmosphere and the bestmusic in South Florida. A state of the art sound stage, indoor and outdoorbars/lounges and retail space makes JAZZIZ a one of a kind destination for peoplewho enjoy great food, entertainment and a place to hang with friends and loved ones.
  11. 11. Lori sold per partnership, departing from JAZZIZ and all its entities in 2007.She remained interested in marketing and music. Since 2007, her passionand interests are within healthy, body, mind, and wellness opportunities.Lori has worked with other like minded individuals evaluating theopportunities of digital media while incorporating therapeutic spa musicalong with relaxation visuals to help patients through medically challengingtimes.Lori has worked with other companies who have created compact discs andDVDs promoting and marketing products utilizing spa music and videofootage enhancing relaxation.
  12. 12. Previous Clients-Preventive HealthLori’s current experience since 2007 includes providingmarketing consulting including event planning for the last twoyears in expanding awareness through education along withdeveloping business relationships and strategic affiliations withother like-minded corporations using stem cells for treatment,research, therapy and preservation/collection. Through bloodand fat extractions.
  13. 13. Parenting Education: Saint Andrews & Hyde SchoolsPassionate about marketing the benefits of parenting workshops. Lori worked as a marketingconsultant and admissions consultant for Hyde Schools while producing parenting events-seminars for Saint Andrews School from 2010-2012. Lori continues to support Hyde Schools,although her daughter graduated Hyde in 2009. Currently attending FSU becoming a child-teen clinical psychologist.Marketing the positive attributes while elevating the reputation for Hyde School. Emphasis ona character building/leadership school. Lori successfully implemented and executed anAnnual TBJ workshop at Saint Andrews School in Boca Raton, FL for their lower, middle andupper school parents. Lori worked with private and public schools on Spring lectures andpresentations to parents and their seniors graduating for college success.Responsible to encourage therapists, psychologists, counselors, teachers and faculty to attendTBJ workshops demonstrating the importance of communication and building priorityfoundations in parent’s homes enhancing stronger and better relationships within the familyand at school. “Helping families and Helping communities fulfill their highest potential.”
  14. 14. Custom Events with Co-Affiliates Swamp da Wamp – Harley Davidson Grass Roots Events Boca Neurology – b2b with PI, Workman’s Comp AttorneysS. Fla Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Institute – b2b Physician Events-Seminars Rallytel Mobile – building consumer awareness retention and subscribers Hyde and Saint Andrews Private Boarding and Day Schools-Parenting seminars and admissions consulting
  15. 15. Pages - Social Media Education Groups Adult Stem Cell Banking Group on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Fact finding, research studies, articles on treatments and therapies. Banking preservation options and treatments of your adult stem cells. How is the collection of your own adult stems cells the future in preventive health and wellness? Learn more! Family history of diseases and concerns about the ramifications of... your well being? Read about the who, why and how to choose? Preserving potent healthy adult stem cells guarantees you a better chance for a quality of life while increasing your longevity from a potential debilitating illnesses such as Diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Chrons, Stroke, Cancer, MS. What steps can you take to become pro-active in your journey and destiny? Never too early nor too late storing your adult stem cells. A new health policy assuring your quality of life. Read stories about the usage of adult stem cell treatments and success stories.Veterinary Stem Cell – Treatments & Therapy. Informative groups through Facebook and Linked In.Providing information about implanted stem cells in animals. With current technology stems cells areused to produce tendon, bone and ligaments. Arthritis and pain are a common source of pain in olderdogs. Veterinarians now have a wonderful new cure for certain painful and debilitating arthritic conditionsin dogs. Using this new technology also furthers research and approval for use in humans suffering withsimilar conditions. We might all one day thank mans best friend for a more comfortable life for all.
  16. 16. Current & Potential New Clients Marketing Research and develop measurable KPIs. Affiliate Marketing b2b Clients-Media Sponsorship, barter, trade, in kind-all media format including (digital, social, print-digital, outdoor, DOOH, radio, syndicated radio, cable, local-regional newspaper) Execute and oversee day-to-day management of online social media campaigns and conversation calendars; including recommendations for campaign optimization, reporting, and analysis that drives ongoing online demand creation, sales and revenue. Execute strategies that increase online sales, conversions, up selling, accessories site optimization and all other e-commerce activities once the traffic generated by client’s Interactive Marketing group. Provide daily media reporting and weekly activities. Ensure that brand standards are kept current with offline initiatives. Analyze competitive landscape and provide weekly analysis/recommendations to client. Research and present new social media and platforms which impact and benefit client through increase of current retention of consumer based side of business while grow the base of clients significantly within 3 years. Structure in excel a format that determines/calculates the ROI from various online social programs. Incorporate competitive intelligence and analysis into the implementation of effective social media campaigns. Derive conclusions from analyses and present recommendations to client management.
  17. 17. MediaSponsorship Negotiation & Management  Negotiate with, confirm and help manage media sponsors.  Establish media sponsorship levels, costs and assets each sponsor receives. Work with Festival Producer from client.  Create and manage all aspects of a 6-month marketing/advertising plan  Bartered/media placements from Festival media partners  HSN media schedule (includes online and on-air promos/ads) provided by HSN  Visit St. Pete/Clearwater ads (schedule provided by Visit St Pete)  Oversee and coordinate media placements  Input on Social media marketing plan (created by out of house agency Rearden Killion)  Develop a master schedule that incorporates all media partners, paid and bartered, complete with all deliverables, material dates, flight dates, reach and frequency  Set up a reporting system to determine ROI  Serve as key point person for: Festival producer (Karlitz & Company), HSN, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater and Rearden Killion.  Work in tandem with Festival’s Public Relations agency  Trafficking. Ensuring synergy with editorial and advertisement placements.  Review , make recommendations and suggestions for all print and online ads (created by Rearden Killion) and any TV ads (created by HSN)
  18. 18. Proficiency & Extensive KnowledgeSpecialties Brand strategy, execution and management Event Marketing (promotional events, trade/conventions, festivals) P&L responsibilities for multiple products and media brands Traditional print brands across multiple media platforms including online, radio, grass roots programs and DVDs/CDs Sales and general management, development and training Financial planning, budgeting/forecasting; collections, EOY evaluations, GOH expense budgeting Business development and strategic marketing/affiliations/partnerships within health and wellness, medical related fields, education and music Multi-platform sales, research, marketing and creative services including - online , print, and event sponsorships, custom publishing Client & consumer/customer relations, direct mail and alternative marketing efforts, circulation management, budgeting and executions SEO/SEM, pay-per-click, analytics, competitor analysisSkills Excel, PPT, Word, Database (various), ACT-Sales Mgmt., Quick books Adobe Shop-Web Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, E-mail-MailChimp
  19. 19. Professional TestimonialsHoward Mandel, Author, Editor, Contributor Jazziz“Lori Blum-Fagien, in my experience, has been a detail-oriented, take-charge businesswoman, alert toopportunities and able to implement her skills as well as motivate other employees to accomplish results.While working with Jazziz Magazine, for which I was a frequent contributor, she helped steer thepublication in its journalistic mission and to quick, substantial growth. She is articulate and decisive, aswell as collaborative. Im sure she can contribute positively in a wide range of positions and circumstances,and I urge anyone considering working with her to take her application seriously, as she will be a powerfulasset, particularly in marketing, promotions and advertising programs.”Harold Fein, Former VP of Special Projects/Sony Music"Lori was very professional and I found her to be an important asset in our marketing plans.“Mike Bartlett, Marketing Manager, Acoustic Research“What can I say, Lori is one great lady she has so much energy and get-up-and-go she leave youbreathless. I’ve know her for a while, I won’t say how long but just about the time her magazine Jazz-izcame to market and I seen her work tirelessly to build it into a formidable force. It’s tough to buildsomething in a niche and sustain it for so long while keeping it credible and not deviate from the corevalue. Great job Lori, it’s always fun working with you because we know you will get the job done and doneright….whatever it is.”Kirk Whalum, Jazz Musician, Chairman, Candied Yam Music“What a distinct pleasure it was to work with Lori Blum-Fagien. She is a creative and positive person wholeaves you smiling even if you werent before hand. I know that she will do well in this season of life as shebrings a spirit of imagination and determination to whatever she does.”
  20. 20. Testimonials ContinuedJean-Pierre Leduc, A&R, Sales Mktg, Justin Time Records “Lori Fagien is a diligent, dedicated person who is both courteous and tenacious in all her endeavors. Iwould heartily recommend doing business with her, as energy and drive are essential to get any venture offthe ground. I do so with pleasure. “Ivan Lipton, President & CEO Strawberries Inc. “During the years when we worked with Lori Fagien and Jazziz, she consistently revealed her dynamic,creative, and enthusiastic personality. We worked on many successful promotions together, and thecollaboration was always pleasant and professional. Lori is a highly intelligent, organized, energetic andsavvy business-person, who has a knack for realizing a marketing vision. I would strongly recommend LBBMarketing and Lori for any marketing assignment.”Martin Mueller, Executive Director, The New School, NYC “Lori was an early innovator in bringing cutting edge technology and data driven concept and approach topresenting, marketing, and advertising the field of jazz and related contemporary music.”November 16, 2009George Nauful, Past President Mesa Blue Moon Distribution“Lori is one of the hardest working people I know. She is persistent, dedicated, focused, and as smart asthey come. She has a very keen sense and business savvy that arises in every situation. Lori alwaysdelivers and gets the job done with expert precision and timing. She’s loyal and devoted but she’s alsotough when she needs to be. Lori is definitely someone you’d want on your team.”
  21. 21. Professional Networking SitesLori has a track record for success, as well as a bright future.Michael Blum Oct 14, 2011I worked with Lori for several years while she was the CMO at JAZZIZ. She was a pleasure to work with, veryknowledgeable, helpful and professional.Doug Yoel Sept 26, 2011Lori has advanced analytical skills. Can process a lot of information and make it seem easy.Mike Bear Sept 8, 2011Lori is an inspiring leader who gets results, whether managing a team or working independently.Evelyn Castro Sept 7, 2011Lori gives an A+ performance. Focused, driven, and constantly getting the job done.Charles Greene Sept 6, 2011Lori Beth Blum-Fagien; JAZZIZ-Bistro & Live Music; co-founder/publisher of Jazziz magazine; a charmingperson with great love for arts. ”Maxwell Price Aug 24, 2011Loris positive outlook and focused approach to work make her an asset. She is talented, sincere, and canopen doors with her smile !Mark Pettey Jun 28, 2011Lori is one of the smartest people I know. Serious brain power and a true jazz lover.”Dom Minasi Jun 28, 2011
  22. 22. Healthy Body Mind Wellness & Beautification Seminars web tv, land & at seaving in Balance - Facilitating the healing & rejuvenation of the body, mind, and sp s Living in balance through unique, motivational and inspirational adventures with web tv hosts who will inform, interact and impact each viewers daily life. On land and at sea presenting immeasurable value and pleasure by having participants become in touch with their inner selves while embracing other like-minded individuals who together achieve an inner transformational experience. Indulging daily with preventive health, wellness, inner spirituality, nutritional, and body beautification tips.
  23. 23. Lori Fagien continues to be passionate and extremely active in marketing stems cells and other related areas within preventive health and wellness medically related. While she continues to provide her time and energy towards event marketing for non profit causes and parenting workshops, lectures and college preparedness.The Health & Wellness Healthy Body & Networks Mind Network