The Introverted Leader


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The Introverted Leader

  1. 1. Introvert & Extrovert: A Short Take
  2. 2.  How do we avoid being relegated to the side? What does it mean to lead a team? How do we (introverts) complement our strengths with others similar/different than us?
  3. 3.  Participants will be exposed to the different ways that extroverts and introverts process information and handle leadership roles. Participants will hear from 3 introverted leaders on how they use their strengths in various roles. Participants will discuss how they might cultivate the leadership talents of introverted students and those with other non-traditional leadership styles.
  4. 4. Using all of our strengths today…. It is all about us.
  5. 5. It is time to take back the meaning of the word
  6. 6. Introvert Leadership Skills Quiz(Public Speaking, Managing and Leading, Heading up Projects, Managing Up, The Meeting Game, Building Relationships)
  7. 7.  Shy Group Settings Re-charge
  8. 8.  Accept Analyze Know Practice Visualize Find Speak Use Congratulate
  9. 9.  Figure out what’s going on Breathe & have a drink of water Listen to what’s in your head Remember when… Understand the “Up”
  10. 10.  Unlocking Success  Prepare  Presence  Push  Practice
  11. 11. ProcessingStrengths
  12. 12.  Do introverts and extroverts process and engage these differently? Are we ALONE? How do we reach out to others?
  13. 13. How will you commit…be accountable…make a difference…