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This is a sample appeal when a person receives a NYC parking ticket, but has never ever driven in NYC and resides out-of-state.

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Joe smith appeal-addendum c

  1. 1. July 16, 2014 Parking Ticket Appeal Addendum to Section C The original judge made mistakes of law and fact when reaching his finding of guilty, and his decision should be reviewed and reversed. In August 2013, I moved to Pennsylvania from Oklahoma to work for The National Park Service at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area as the chief of maintenance and facility management. I have never visited the Great State of New York, or New York City in my entire life, nor has my Toyota Corolla listed on the parking summons. However, I received a parking ticket in the mail alleging that I violated a NYC parking rule by parking my Toyota (I'm the registered owner, and the only person that has access to the car) in a safety zone located on the North Side of Randall Avenue, Bronx, 75 feet West of Zerega. Despite the fact that there isn't a safety zone anywhere to be found on Randall Avenue between Havemyer Avenue and the T intersection of Zerega Avenue. However, there is a safety zone on Zerega Avenue. I contested the parking ticket, informed the court that I've never been to NYC, nor has my Toyota ever travelled to NYC. And, neither I nor the Toyota was parked at that location. J OE SMITH
  2. 2. The judge found me guilty of parking in a non-existent safety zone, despite the fact that neither my car nor I have even been in New York City According to the E-book published by the Adjudication Unit of the Parking Violation Bureau, there is a promise made to the public to review every parking ticket for missing or misdescribed required elements (such as place of occurrence). This promise was broken and the parking ticket was sustained. !
  3. 3. In addition, Pennsylvania requires motorists to affix the month and year registration expires on Pennsylvania license plates. The month/ year was displayed on my Toyota plate (registered in Pennsylvania) on the date this parking ticket was issued. However, the TEA did not enter this information on the parking ticket. Instead, the TEA again blundered and checked "N/S." This is also a required element that must be entered on a NYC parking ticket when displayed on an out- of-state plate. ! !
  4. 4. This is a Google Map Street View image of the T intersection of Zerega Avenue and Randall Avenue, Bronx, NY This is a Google Map Street View image of Zerega Avenue at the T intersection with Randall Avenue, showing the safety zone on Zerega Avenue, not Randall Avenue! !
  5. 5. ! ! I fully understand that when a driver parks his car in NYC, they are submitting to the jurisdiction of NYC and NY to enforce its rules of the road. But, I never drove my car in NYC or NY, ever. Neither me nor my Toyota have ever parked in NYC. There is no jurisdictional basis or authority to issue this parking ticket. This is a Google Map Street View image of Randall Avenue looking down the block to the T intersection with Zerega Avenue. There is no safety zone on the entire block.
  6. 6. The only reason the parking ticket found its way to my home in Pennsylvania was because the TEA entered the wrong license plate number (another mistake) on the defective parking ticket, that had a missing and misdescribed required element (month/year of registration expiration, and place of occurrence). Due to these circumstances, please right this wrong and dismiss this parking ticket. Thank you. Respectfully yours, ! ! Joe Smith ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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