The 3 Worst Marketing Mistakes Lawyers can Make


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Lawyers should be vigilant and stay up to date on the latest ethics rules, and advisory opinions about attorney advertising. Here are three mistakes that can turn out to be a nightmare for you and your law firm.

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The 3 Worst Marketing Mistakes Lawyers can Make

  1. 1. The 3 Worst Marketing Mistakes Lawyer’s can make
  2. 2. 1. Client Testimonials Posting a client testimonial on your website without regard to the Guidelines for Lawyer Advertising
  3. 3. Ethic’s Rules Many states eviscerate the content of a client testimonial rendering it useless to create authority, expertise, or credibility • Resources Opinions of the NJ Supreme Court Ethics Committees • Go to the Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Opinions • Go to the Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinions • Go to the Committee on Attorney Advertising
  4. 4. 2. Judicial Testimonials Posting a judicial testimonial on your website
  5. 5. N.J. Guideline #3 Attorney Advertisements: “Use of Quotations or Excerpts From Judicial Opinions About the Legal Abilities of an Attorney or law firm may not include, on a website or other advertisement, a quotation or excerpt from a court opinion (oral or written) about the attorney’s abilities or legal services. An attorney may, however, present the full text of opinions, including those that discuss the attorney’s legal abilities, on a website or other advertisement.” Resources “Can Attorneys Advertise Judicial Testimonials on their Website?”
  6. 6. 3. Who’s Responsible for Mistake of Web Designer? The lawyer...Maybe?
  7. 7. In the Matter of Ty Hyderally, an Attorney at Law (D-134-10) (068701) • Partner hires web designer • Web designer liked the look of the Certified Lawyer Seal • Added seal to the website, that included language: "New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney." • CAA OAE DEC DRB Supreme Court heard case • Dismissed CAA: Committee on Attorney Advertising OAE: Office of Attorney Ethics DEC: District Ethics Committee DRB: Disciplinary Review Board N.J.Supreme Court Decision
  8. 8. Interactive Map Simply Click on the Map in the right column to link to the ABA website that contains this interactive map to state ethic rules
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