How to install google authorship on a word press website


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Google Authorship is a must for bloggers that want to be found on the Internet. Here's a simple, step-by-step guide for the installation process

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How to install google authorship on a word press website

  1. 1. How to InstallGoogleAuthorship onWordPressSimple, easy-to-follow instructions
  2. 2. Google Authorship has itsbenefits The author’s Google Plus profile photoappears on Google search engine resultpages with every blog post Attracting more visitors to the GoogleAuthor’s rich snippet Significantly increasing their click throughrate Driving more traffic to their website
  3. 3. Google PlusAccountWhere the installation begins
  4. 4. Create your Google PlusAccount Then, go to your Profile page Click on the About tab Scroll down until you spot the Links sectionof your About page Click Edit
  5. 5. Until you reach Contributor to…Add custom link and insert thename of your website and the URLClick onContinue to scrolldown
  6. 6. Contact Information Section Go to the Contact Information section of yourGoogle Plus About Page- located in the left handcolumn next to the Contributor to section Click on Edit Under Work, insert the email address associatedwith your website or blog next to the empty box (onmy Google Plus page illustrated above, its next toPhone). Next, open the drop-down menu under Phone andchange the label to Email. Click save. You will bereturned to the Contact information section. Please look for the word, verify, next to your emailaddress. Click on verify and follow the instructions tocomplete the verification process. Email verificationmust be successfully completed to install GoogleAuthorship on your WordPress Website
  7. 7. Located in the left hand columnInsert the email addressassociated with your websiteClick EditContact InformationSection
  8. 8. Go to yourWordPressWebsitePlease follow these instructions
  9. 9. Go to the AdministratorDashboard Click on Users
  10. 10. Click on your User ProfileFind your User Profile and click on your User Name, whichwill open up Edit. Click on Edit
  11. 11. Edit User Profile Insert the Email address associated with yourwebsite (domain) Insert your Google Plus Profile-About page URL.You’ll find the URL by returning to your Google plusProfile ABOUT page The URL is found in your browser window- it lookslikethis…
  12. 12. Continue Editing User Profile Insert biographical information inthe content box in AboutYourself section IMPORTANT- The followinglanguage must be inserted inyour biographical informationcontent box…Connect withLarry on <ahref=””>google+</a>.
  13. 13. VerificationHow to confirm a successful installation
  14. 14. Confirm Email VerificationGoogle Plus email verification link
  15. 15. Confirm Successful InstallationClick on this link to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
  16. 16. Google About Author Box
  17. 17. Google Authorship Rich Snippet forthis blog post- Google One
  18. 18. Don’t Delay Contact Inbound Marketing for Lawyerstoday for a FREE consultation Larry is thrilled to answer any questions tohelp you become an extraordinary blogger 800-2549-5048 or