How to create high converting landing pages


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How to create high converting landing pages

  1. 1. How to Create aHigh-ConvertingLanding Page
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction About Landing Pages ………………………………………. 3Best Practices for Designing a High Converting Landing Page … 4Customizable Landing Page Elements ……………………............... 12How to Save and Use These Elements .............…………………... 24Conclusion & Additional Resources ……..……………………………… 28
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONAccording to MarketingSherpa, the number one reason businesses dont uselanding pages is because their marketing department doesnt knowhow to set them up or they are too overloaded.We want to make that easier.Landing pages are a fundamental – and undeniable – part of your marketing.They are the hub of your lead generation efforts. Every campaign you run shouldbe tied to a custom landing page, not your homepage. If you’re promoting a newevent, why would you send people to your homepage? You should be directingthem to a registration site with specific information about the event.Of course, more campaigns means more landing pages. To help you buildattractive, high-converting landing pages, we wanted to share tips and templatesto customize and use! If you’re really crunched on time, you can always trybuilding them in HubSpot for free.
  4. 4. 7 Best Practicesfor Designing aHigh-ConvertingLanding Page
  5. 5. BEST PRACTICEGet to the point.1We all know that people have short attention spans – so whyaren’t we considering that in landing page creation? Youronline audience won’t read your entire page, but will instead―forage‖ for information by visually scanning the screen untilthey find what they are looking for, according to Stuart Cardand Peter Pirolli’s information foraging theory.When designing your landing pages, get straight to the point.People came to the page for a reason, make sure your pageimmediately addresses that need.
  6. 6. Employ contrasting colors.You want your main call-to-action on thepage to POP off your landing page.Whether it’s filling out a form or clicking ona button, you want your reader to easilyfind that action. Using complementary andcontrasting colors can call their attentionexactly where you want it.BEST PRACTICE 2
  7. 7. Consistent branding.Make sure the viewer knows exactly where they are. All your landingpages should clearly convey your company branding, including astrategically placed logo. Don’t make it the central point of the page,but have it apparent enough that people register the page as onefrom your business.BEST PRACTICE 3
  8. 8. Avoid visual clutter.While having extravagant visuals sounds like a wondrous idea, A/Btests at HubSpot repeatedly shows that including such images doesn’thelp conversion. In fact, often times it distracts the reader. And whilegraphics are certainly attractive they can increase the load times ofyour site. Visitors are willing to wait an average of 2 seconds for theirwebsite to load according to a study by Fiona Nah, ―A study ontolerable waiting time: How long are Web users willing to wait?‖This same ideal can be applied to user attention. Just be simple.BEST PRACTICE 4
  9. 9. Never underestimate formatting.Formatting is probably the best tip you can followfor designing your landing page. Use your designto establish a clear visual hierarchy. Having clearheadlines, titles, and so forth, tremendously helpsdrill down the proper message for your offer.Instead of explaining what you’re about to talkabout, use a subtitle to make that point, and jumpright into the main message in the copy. Kind oflike this slide!BEST PRACTICE 5
  10. 10. Add social sentiment.Similar to adding case studies or recommendations, tryadding social sentiment to your landing pages. Socialsentiment is easier to discover – just search throughTwitter or Facebook! Regardless of how present you areon these sites, or other social media sites, it’s likely thatusers have said something about your brand or youroffer. Take screenshots and add them to your landingpage to add social credibility and influence people totake action.BEST PRACTICE 6
  11. 11. Be consistent.A MarketingSherpa study that analyzed which elements of a landingpage have the greatest impact on overall website performance, pagelayout came running in first. This is likely because page elements thatalter the layout of the page for the visitor also change the order inwhich the visitor processes various aspects of the offer.While it’s important to continuously test your landing page layout andtry new forms of presentation, follow internet conventions rather thanradically altering your layout every time. A sense of consistency helpsthe end user know how to navigate the page over time, rather thantrying to figure it out each time – and therefore increasing drop offrates.BEST PRACTICE 7
  12. 12. CustomizableLanding PageElements
  13. 13. 2 QUICK TIPS FOR CUSTOMIZINGELEMENTS IN POWERPOINT Double clicking on any image, textbox, or shape willopen up various options for you to change the appearanceof the respective object — this includes your shading,colors, fills, outline, or styles. Be open to playing aroundand seeing what you discover. When inserting images for your graphic, you might findtry to add images with white backgrounds. This can be aproblem if your landing page does not. Either give theimage a border to make it fit, or use the transparent tool inyour toolbar. Simply click ―Transparent color,‖ and then clickthe background of your image.
  14. 14. Change CTA copy.Replace image toclearly show valueto the prospect.CTA 1Register NowFooter 1 (Company Name)Header 1
  15. 15. SUBHEADERCTA 2
  16. 16. Footer 3 (Company Twitter Handle)Start Free Trial
  17. 17. More CTA OptionsGrab YourCouponSIGN UP FORA FREEHUBSPOTTRIAL
  18. 18. 101 Examples to Inspire Your CTA CreationAs you customize CTAs in thistemplate, feel free to check out101 examples of effective CTAsfor further inspiration.DOWNLOAD NOW >>
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  21. 21. USE SHAPES TO ILLUSTRATE A STORY41%of B2B companiesusing Facebookhave acquired acustomer from it.62%of B2C companiesusing Facebookhave acquired acustomer from it.51%of Facebook fansare more likely tobuy the brands they‘like.’Don’t be afraid to add written context to goalong with any graphs or SmartArt you use onyour landing page.
  22. 22. 0123456Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4USE GRAPHS TO SUPPORT IDEAS WITH DATA
  23. 23. USE SOCIAL SENTIMENT TO INFLUENCE VISITORSFREE EBOOKDownload Now >Learn the 8 essential steps tointernet marketing success bydownloading this free ebook.
  24. 24. How To Save& Use TheseElements
  25. 25. HOW TO SAVE & USENow that you’ve gone through the different customizable elements, it’stime to learn how to actually use the elements you end up customizing!Step 1: For each element, click on every element associated with it, asshown in this screenshot:
  26. 26. HOW TO SAVE & USEStep 2: With each component still selected, right click, and click “Saveas Picture…”
  27. 27. HOW TO SAVE & USEStep 3: Now, simply upload the images onto your website as youwould any other image. If it’s a CTA, hyperlink the image to your CTAdestination. And voila! You now have one of these custom elementson your website to build various landing pages.
  28. 28. Conclusion &AdditionalResources
  29. 29. CONCLUSIONSo what are you waiting for? Landing pages truly are the hub ofyour lead generation efforts. So stop reading, and start acting! Gobuild landing pages with these tips and elements to startgenerating results today.
  30. 30. WANT TO EASILY DESIGN HIGHCONVERTING LANDING PAGES?Try HubSpot’s marketing software for free to startusing our simple landing pages tool.