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Preliminary Task Evaluation Report


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Preliminary Task Evaluation Report

  1. 1. PRELIMINARY EVALUATION SHEET Quality of Summary My honest evaluation- what Strategies put forward to was done well and what was make sure a high quality is not of good standard? Try to maintained. cite specific example and moments from your video Quality of holding a shot The quality of our holding In order to make sure a high steady shot was generally, good quality of shots are steady, considering we did not have using a tripod would be the a tripod, to balance the ideal tool for maintaining, if camera. The only negative not, improving our steadiness was that, the camera was of holding shots, because it wobbly, and this was acts as a perfect balance for established in the first few the camera, and the person shots of our preliminary holding the camera. task. Quality of the framing shots Overall, the quality of the A tripod would be a good framing shots were perfect, asset for framing shots, and although there were times also learning to move our when the actors head was hands quicker, but especially cut off from the shot, and appropriately, so the framing this was probably because shots would be more our hands were static, and effective. our timing was not great. Nevertheless, the framing was good. Quality of shooting material Quality of the shooting From my perspective, the appropriate to the task set- material was appropriate to everyone else in the group i.e. the content of your film the content of our film pre done what was required of pre and post editing was and post editing was them, but on my part, I let the consistent with the exam consistent with the exam group down, in the final shot, directives directive, The only setback, because I kept laughing and and this was largely due to failing to get my positioning my own fault, was that in the and actions correct. This is last particular shot, I had something I would strive to failed to correct my actions, improve on in the real thing. so the task was not fully reflective of the directive. Quality of selecting mise-en- The mise-en-scene that we In relation to the exam scène including colour, figure, were selected, in my opinion directive, it would of made lighting, objects and setting; represented what our task more sense if I wore, was about. The lighting was something red, that connotes
  2. 2. good, the setting was great danger, caution, violence and (interview room), as there even death. However, it was was a feeling of suspense not that significant. and intimidation, by the criminal. The objects were also appropriate, for example the poster; however, it was humorous, as there was no actual picture- just a blank shadow. Quality of editing so that The quality of editing was meaning is apparent to the excellent considering we did viewer not have enough time to work with. Nevertheless, the editing is apparent to the viewer. Quality of using sound with The quality of using sound images and editing with images was very good, appropriately for the task set; and the editing matched the task set from us. To be honest, there was nothing to note on the sound because there was no sound as it was an interview that we was filming. Nevertheless, the sound still matched the image. Quality of positioning and The quality of positioning Practice on my positioning movements of actors and movement of the actors and movement, and become were fine, until the final shot, more serious, especially I which we had to change when the group is running our plan to save time, against time. because my positioning and movement were not good as good, added to the fact that I was giggling as well, which goes down as a fault of mine.
  3. 3. Quality of group planning, The group planning was meeting targets, organization excellent, as we fulfilled our expectations and our organization was very god as well. There is nothing negative about our group` s planning, that I can remember. Group dynamics i.e. how did The team chemistry in the If we have a feedback of our your group work together group is very high, as we all performance as an individual get along with each other as well as a group, then the very well, in and outside of chances of use obtaining a class. Another vital thing, in high grade would rise my opinion, that illustrates considerably, although there how well we work, is that we are several different areas of are not afraid to shout at gaining a respectable grade. each other, and confront one another if we believe we are not doing something right. This is important, as we need to inform each other as to what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong, because if we do not, then we are never going to improve. Other points of evaluation ( e.g. equipment related etc)