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What's New in IBM Connections Social Cloud - Q2 2016


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This deck summarizes the new features in IBM Connections Social Cloud that were delivered in the Q2 2016 release. For more information, check out

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What's New in IBM Connections Social Cloud - Q2 2016

  1. 1. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change IBM Connections & Docs What’s New in Q2 2016 Baan Slavens Paddy Barrett René Schimmer Jim Puckett Luis Benitez
  2. 2. IBM Connections & IBM Docs Q2 2016 IBM Connections Cloud IBM Connections Mobile IBM Docs Cloud
  3. 3. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Help community owners and admins to gauge adoption and usage of their community and IBM Connections overall • See top contributors, trends, popular content and more. • Filter reports by area (e.g. Ideation, Files, Wikis, etc) Metrics for Communities Measure adoption and usage of IBM Connections communities
  4. 4. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Metrics summarize how people are using IBM Connections • Refine metrics by selecting options such as the time period to report or a particular application to focus on • Collect Global metrics about overall usage of IBM Connections,and collect Community metrics to analyze usage of a particular community Metrics for Admins Measure adoption and usage of IBM Connections Cloud
  5. 5. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Search has been streamlined to help you find Connections Cloud content faster and it remembers the pages you visited. • A new search icon is available regardless of where you are on the page. Open the search panel to search. Or use the panel to go back to pages you've previously visited. Search enhancements Find what you need, get back to what you were doing faster
  6. 6. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Before you search anything,the panel displays the previous 500 pages you've visited in chronological order. • This feature is especially helpful when someone gives you a link to a page and later you'd like to go back to that page but can't remember where it is. • Type-ahead in the search field immediately brings you pages that you have viewed before. Search enhancements View history of people and content you’ve interacted with
  7. 7. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Drag & drop files to nested folders: Select a file or folder and drop it onto a folder. • Files larger than 2GB can be uploaded to IBM Connections (Note: when using the desktop plug-in, the upper limit is 2 GB) • Performance enhancements for file sync - the server pushes file changes to client devices Files enhancements Drag & Drop for nested folders in personal and community files
  8. 8. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Save a Microsoft Office document to a nested folder for personal or community files. • Provide Connections Files Cloud and IBM Verse customers with namespace functionality • Increase file uploads and downloads to 2 GB • Mac plug-in:Improved context menu support within Finder Desktop plug-in enhancements Save As, file size limits, Mac OS
  9. 9. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Multi-filesupport in the IBM Connections Editor - open more that one file at a time, copy content from one file to another. IBM Connections mobile app Enhanced IBM Connections Editor
  10. 10. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Support mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile content management solutions from Good Technology and AirWatch. • Create content directly in Blogs and Wiki’s. Edit existing content. IBM Connections Mobile App IBM Connections Editor
  11. 11. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Rich Text editing in Blogs and Wikis allows users to create or edit them directly in the mobile application. • Support @mentions in Forums IBM Connections Mobile App IBM Connections Editor
  12. 12. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • Copy the format of a word or paragraph and paste it to another word or paragraph • To use, simply select the source text that has the formatting that you want to copy and click the Copy Formatting icon, then select the target text and click the cursor to paste the formatting. Copy Formatting Reuse text formatting
  13. 13. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • The IBM Notes plug-in now supports Status Updates in Connections Cloud • Stay in touch with the people in your Connections network without ever leaving Notes • Catch up with your network, leverage your social network in context • Hover over people to view their business card and quickly access their content IBM Notes plug-in Connections Cloud enablement of Status Updates
  14. 14. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change Document Editor • Decorated Cursor enabled by default • Drag and Drop Images Spreadsheet Editor • Macro support • Grid On/Off • More Formulas Viewer • Thumbnail support for .xlsm filetype • Thumbnail and Preview Template Files Common For All Editors: • Create New File from Template (Now Available for Users With Reader Access ) IBM Docs Updates to the Viewer, Document Editor, and Spreadsheet Editor
  15. 15. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change • When you're in Files, the search scope Files Belonging To... has been removed. Instead, just begin typing the letters of a person's name in the search field. • The Thai language is now supported in Search. Search enhancements Search scope, Thai language
  16. 16. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change Resources Meeting the Deadline with IBM Connections Docs business/2015/09/30/meeting-the-deadline-with-ibm- connections-docs/ IBM Docs Video IBM MarketPlace editor/us/en-us IBM Connections Docs Product Page Integrating IBM Docs 2.0 with IBM Social Landing Page Latest product info,research, podcasts, and more YouTube Videos IBM Connections Team Blog Assets, discussion, and opinion about driving the adoption of IBM Social software Customer Success Stories Book- Doing Business with IBM Connections App Catalog IBM Internal: IBM Connections Roadmap and PM community:
  17. 17. © 2016 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change
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