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What's New in IBM Connections Social Cloud - Q2 2015


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This deck summarizes the new features in IBM Connections Social Cloud that were delivered in the Q2 2015 release. For more information, check out

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What's New in IBM Connections Social Cloud - Q2 2015

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Designs are subject to change IBM Connections What’s New in Q2 2015 Release Baan Slavens Luis Benitez René Schimmer Suzanne Livingston IBM Connections Docs Cloud – June 2015 Release Jim Puckett
  2. 2. IBM Connections Q2 2015 Updates Team sites and communications File Sync and Share Improvements Docs Enhancements
  3. 3. Team Communications Focus your team on the information they need to see Coming in April! Community navigation auto-collapses to free up space for other apps
  4. 4. Team Communications Focus your team on the information they need to see Coming in April! Apps are responsive to allow drag-n-drop apps between columns.
  5. 5. Team Communications Change the layout of your landing page New layouts to control how the Overview page looks Coming in April!
  6. 6. Smart type-ahead search Find content you’ve interacted with recently faster Coming in April! Type-ahead remembers where you’ve been recently so you can find content faster
  7. 7. Microsoft Outlook Sidebar Bring the power of social to your mail client Coming in June! Share files, communicate with your teams, engage with your communities Support for large file uploads (up to 2GB)
  8. 8. Share Files with Teams Create and share files in your Mac and share directly with teams Coming in June! Share files with Communities as Reader/Editor directly from Finder
  9. 9. 3rd Party Embedded Experience Create rich apps for the activity stream Coming in June! Interact with other apps in your organization from one single place to keep business processes moving
  10. 10. Review Files Faster Preview and comment on files content in one place Coming in June 2015! Comment, share, view file details all from one place
  11. 11. Coming in June 2015! Improved Usability • Upload New Version – Button remains visible. Edit on-line using IBM Connections Docs , upload offline edi ts made with desktop software. • After an Owner shares a File with other Editors – all Editors (with Docs entitlement) will see the option to Ed it in Docs button. Previously, only after the file owner had Edited with IBM Docs could other (Docs entitled) editors use Docs on-line editing. Edit Docs files offline Download and sync Docs files to edit offline
  12. 12. Coming in June 2015! • Increased file size limitations from 10MB to 20MB • View and Edit Bookmarks on imported documents Or Create Your Own Enhanced Document Editing Link between documents
  13. 13. Coming in June 2015! • Copy formatting and apply it in multiple places by first double clicking the Copy Formatting button • Set numbering list value Enhanced Document Editing Formatting and lists
  14. 14. Coming in June 2015! Large file Support: 20MB, 800,000 cells and 80,000 formula cells, 20,000 rows in one sheet • 1024 column support (previously 52) • Merge cells vertically • Data Validation – imported .xlsx files (only) Enhanced Spreadsheet Editing Validation and large file support
  15. 15. Coming in June 2015! • Eight new shapes • Adjust spacing between lines of text, including in shapes and tables • Comments are now preserve d in downloaded .pptx files • Add Comments at Page/Slide level • Create and Edit hyperlinks for websites , emails and slides • Shape-adjusting handler support Enhanced Presentation Editing Formatting and comment enhancements
  16. 16. IBM Connections Coming in Q2 2015 Don’t forget about these • Support for Activities in Mobile Devices • Performance enhancements for File Sync on Mac/Windows
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