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GCSE AQA French Course introduction


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An overview of your GCSE course

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GCSE AQA French Course introduction

  1. 1. Course Introductionlundi, 12 septembre<br />LO: to understand the structure and content of my GCSE French course<br />
  2. 2. What will I be studying?<br />Work &<br />Education<br />School/ College & Future plans<br /><ul><li>What’s school like?
  3. 3. Pressures & problems</li></ul>Current & Future jobs<br /><ul><li>Looking for & getting a job
  4. 4. Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs</li></li></ul><li>What will I be studying?<br />Healthy & unhealthy lifestyles & their consequences<br />Lifestyle<br />Relationships & Choices<br /><ul><li>Family & friends
  5. 5. Future plans
  6. 6. Social issues and equality</li></li></ul><li>What will I be studying?<br />Free time & Media<br /><ul><li>Free time activities
  7. 7. Shopping, money, fashion & trends
  8. 8. Advantages and disadvantages of new technology</li></ul>Leisure<br />Holidays<br /><ul><li>Plans, preferences & experiences
  9. 9. What to see & getting around</li></li></ul><li>What will I be studying?<br />Home & Local area<br /><ul><li>Celebrations
  10. 10. Home, town, neighbourhood, region</li></ul>Home &<br />Environment<br />Environment<br /><ul><li>Current problems facing the planet
  11. 11. Being environmentally friendly</li></li></ul><li>How will I be assessed?<br />Unit 1: Listening<br />Exam 20%<br />(30-40 mins)<br />Unit 3: Speaking<br />Controlled assessment 30%<br />Two tasks submitted for moderation<br />Unit 2: Reading<br />Exam 20%<br />(30-40mins)<br />Unit 4: Writing<br />Controlled assessment 30%<br />Two tasks submitted for marking<br />