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Cork-Howard Marketing Booklet

Collateral used to highlight Cork-Howard's expertise.

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Cork-Howard Marketing Booklet

  1. 1. Cork-Howard Builds... Cork-Howard Construction is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative, and cost effective construction solutions for its customers.
  2. 2. Cork-Howard Builds...Company Profile Cork-Howard Construction Company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in January 1995 and has quickly grown from a two-person organization to a team of dedicated and energetic employees. Cork-Howard specializes in large multi-floor tenant construction, tenant build-outs and History renovations, small to mid-size ground-up structures, as well as projects in occupied spaces. Cork-Howard has established a reputation of being able to complete projects with difficult and compressed schedules, and concentrates on projects in the following areas: corporate and high-end interiors, healthcare facilities and hospitals, data centers, financial institutions, and churches and other non-profits. Cork-Howard adapts its management skills to meet the demanding needs of our customers and clients as the industry evolves. This company has the necessary expertise and support to complete a full-scope of critical and time-sensitive projects. At Cork-Howard Construction a great deal of pride is taken in its long-standing customer relationships. As a result, more than 70% of its projects come from repeat clients and referrals. In 2003, a second office was opened in Tampa, Florida to accompany the growing business in the Southeast. Cork-Howard is currently licensed in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.Clients & Customers Blue Cross Blue Shield Cousins Properties DeKalb Medical Center Equifax Federal Reserve Bank Fidelity Investments GE Power Systems Georgia Power Merrill Lynch Mirant Oracle Corporation Southern Company Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan Union County General Wachovia WellStar Health System
  3. 3. Cork-Howard Builds... the Southeast Cork-Howard Construction Company is headquartered in the metropolitan Atlanta area and has a branch located in Tampa, Florida. It is currently licensed to do business in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
  4. 4. Cork-Howard Builds... Vicki Blahut serves as Director of Safety for Cork-Howard Construction and has 16 years experience in civil engineering, land surveying, and architecture; along with six years of experience in construction, interior, and base building. Ms. Blahut holds an Advanced National Safety Certificate (NSC), 30-hour Construction Safety and Health from OSHA, is an authorized OSHA Trainer, is ASHE certified, is Infection Control Risk Assessment (IRCA) trained, and is certified in CPR, first aid, and blood bourne pathogens. Professionally she is a member of the National Safety Council (NSC), American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC), Georgia Branch Safety Committee. SafetyCork-Howard Construction is dedciated to the safety of every employee, subcontractor, and visitor to our jobsites.Executive and senior management, along with the Director of Safety, provide strategic leadership and support forsafety throughout the company. Safety-related activities include: » Workers and work teams take responsibility for accident prevention initiatives and safety performance improvements. » The Director of Safety serves as a support person to all personnel to provide training and education in all aspects of safety performance, as well as continuous education for superintendents » Cork-Howard proudly participates in the “Drugs Don’t Work” program. All Superintendents receive annual training to maintain our participation. » Safety performance is integrated into all job responsiblities and activities. » Self-audits are performed by each superintendent at project kick-off and continues with bi-weekly audits throughout the construction process. » The Director of Safety performs weekly jobsite visits and safety inspections. » Superintendents hold weekly tailgate meetings for staff and subcontractors.Cork-Howard is proud of its safety achievements throughout the years. The company has been recognizedconsistently by the Georgia Department of Labor; the National Safety Council; the Association of GeneralContractors, Georgia Branch; and the Board of Workers Compensation.
  5. 5. Cork-Howard Builds... Traditional SpacesCork-Howard Construction Company hasextensive experience in building elegant andtraditional spaces with detailed and high-endfinishes. From stone flooring to mahoganymillwork, Cork-Howard is ready, able, andwilling to tackle projects requiring attentionto every detail.
  6. 6. Cork-Howard Builds... Contemporary Spaces Cork-Howard Construction Company is not satisfied with only working within the realm of traditional styles. It enjoys the challenge of some of the more contemporary spaces which utilizes bold colors and intricate designs.
  7. 7. Cork-Howard Builds...Cork-Howard Construction providesa multitude of construction services tohospital and healthcare facilities; fromdaily maintenance to complete renovationsand new construction. Working with thesespecial clients to maintain normal medicalfunctions without disruption, Cork-Howardcompletes projects in critical locations Healthcaresuch as imaging centers, operating rooms,laboratories, pharmacies, dialysis rooms,patient units, labor and delivery wards, andother medical facility departments.All healthcare superintendents are ASHEcertified and receive specialized trainingin infection control, CPR, blood bournepathogens, and first aid which allows themto safely work in these sensitive medicalenvironments. This extra measure byCork-Howard ensures that administrators,medical staff, patients and its work crewsare protected and safe.
  8. 8. Cork-Howard Builds... Financial Institutions Cork-Howard Construction Company enjoys working with our Financial service customers. The company understands the need to build a sound, quality space; as this is a reflection of the image most financial institutions want to portray to their customers.
  9. 9. Cork-Howard Builds...Cork-Howard Construction is grateful ofits many corporate clients throughout itshistory. We understand that these high- Corporate Spacesprofile spaces are of the utmost importanceto our customers, since the finishes andbuild-out convey a visible statement of theorganizations’ products and services.A few of our national and regional corporateheadquarters includs: Mirant, GE Industries,Merrill Lynch, Oracle Corporation, TheSouthern Company, and Coca-ColaEnterprises.
  10. 10. Cork-Howard Builds... Cork-Howard is a blessed company and knows the important role many of the Non-Profit Spaces churches and non-profit organizations play to the local and corporate community. It is proud and humbled to be part of the arm of the community which reaches out to those in need. The company is pleased to have worked with the following worthy non-profit organizations: The Center for Family Resources, St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Holy Trinity Parish-Episcopal, Buckhead Christian Ministry, and Christ Episcopal Church.
  11. 11. Cork-Howard Builds...Cork-Howard Construction provides high- Technical Spacestech construction and renovation for clientsdesiring quality and professional build-outs oftheir data centers, PTR Rooms, IT Rooms, andother technically intricate and sensitive data/information transfer areas.Some of the companies who have entrustedCork-Howard to complete their most criticaland sensitive projects include: OracleCorporation, Fidelity Investments, Teleglobe,AT&T Broadband, and Atlanta Casualty.
  12. 12. Cork-Howard Builds... Cork-Howard Construction Company’s base building experience includes Base Buildings new ground-up structures as well as constructing renovations and additions to existing buildings. Our services include assistance during the design phase and management throughout the construction process. The result is a project which is erected in the most efficient, functional manner. Cork-Howard’s base building experience extends into the following markets: banking, healthcare, churches, and other non-profit facilities.
  13. 13. Cork-Howard Builds...The newest segment of Cork-HowardConstruction Company is quickly expanding.The company has found that the experiencein the high-end interiors and healthcaremarkets has made the hospitality segment anatural and comfortable fit. Hospitality
  14. 14. Cork-Howard Builds...Cork-Howard Construction Company is honored whenever one of its projects is recognized as outstanding in its Award Winning Spacesindustry. Over the past years, many of its projects have received such recognition by the Georgia Branch of theAssociated General Contractors, Build Georgia Awards. 2012 Winner 2011 Winner Windham Brannon PC Bone & Joint Institute of South Georgia 2010 Winner 2009 Winner Philips - One Deerfiled Catholic Church of St. Ann 2008 Winner 2008 Merit Award Union General Hospital JM Family/DataScan West Wing & LDR/C-Section 2007 Winner 2008 Merit Award DeKalb Medical Center Bain & Company Chilller Replacement 2006 Winner 2007 Winner The Center for Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan Family Resources Elbert Parr Tuttle Courtroom 2006 Honorable Mention 2005 Winner The Southern Company WellStar Kennestone Open Heart Surgical SuitePrevious Award Nominees include: Cobb Hospital Front Lobby/Entrance (Merit, 2012), Cobb Hospital Central Energy Plant (2012),Cobb Hospital Operating Room (Merit, 2012), Atlanta Housing Authority (2009), Alliance Bernstein (Merit 2008), Brightstar (2008),WellStar Cobb Hospital, North Tower Re-skin (2008), Ajilon Financial (2006), St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church (2006)
  15. 15. Building QualityBuilding ConfidenceBuilding Excellence