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Trust Deed Investing

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Investor Presentation (Louis Linked In)

  1. 1. Grow Your Savings Big<br />Through Trust Deed Investing<br />Real Estate Equity Loans • Investments Business Credit • Financial Services<br />
  2. 2. Become a Sophisticated Investor<br />Most people today are not on track to retire successfully. Through their savings and retirement plans, they are not earning sufficiently high yields on a consistent basis that will allow them to afford the retirement lifestyle they desire.<br />Traditional investments have been delivering inconsistent and inadequate yields, frustrating the average investor seeking reliable growth.  Financial planners are often unaware or unwilling to recommend “non-traditional” investments to their clients, despite the fact that high, consistent yields can be achieved safely and securely.<br />Real estate-secured Deeds of Trust have been helping investors achieve consistently high rates of return, typically between 9-12% annually.<br />
  3. 3. What is Trust Deed Investing?<br />Trust Deed investing is where you provide the funds for a loan to an individual or business which is secured by real estate. The evidence of the security is something called a Deed of Trust (or Trust Deed). It is a document, signed by the borrower, which gets publically recorded in the county where the secured property resides. Once this document is recorded:<br />The property owner cannot sell the property without your written permission (typically you will be paid off in full).<br />If the borrower does not conform the terms of the loan, you have the right to sell that property at auction in order to satisfy your investment.  <br />Done properly, it is a secure investment, offering high yield returns with quantifiable risk. Pacific Private Money Loansspecializes in originating trust deed-secured notes for the individual investor, utilizing funds from their savings, trusts, private pension plans and self-directed IRA’s.<br />
  4. 4. Investment Consummated<br />Borrower<br />Presents<br />Loan Request<br />and<br />Collateral<br />We<br />Confirm<br />Viability<br />Escrow<br />Opened.<br />Investor<br />Places Funds<br />Investor<br />Introduced<br />To project<br />& Makes<br />Commitment<br />How Does it Work?<br />Due Diligence<br />Investor Presentation<br />
  5. 5. Funds<br />Distributed<br />to <br />Borrower<br />Borrower<br />Makes <br />Monthly<br />Payments<br />Principal <br />Investment<br />is Paid<br />Back<br />Investor <br />Receives<br />a High <br />Secured Yield<br />How Does it Work?<br />Escrow<br />creates a <br />recorded <br />lien against<br />real property<br />collateral<br />A third-party payment collection company collects and distributes monthly interest payments to Investor(s)<br />Private Loan is “exited” (paid off) within a specified amount of time through sale or refinance of collateral property<br />Investor’s principal investment is returned and available for re-investment<br />
  6. 6. What are the Investor’s Fees?<br />There are no fees, costs, deductions or offsets of any kind to the investor! ¹ All costs are borne by the borrower. <br />You receive the full interest yield that was promised to you, and your investment begins earning high interest from the day you wire your funds to escrow. We’ll even reimburse your wiring fees. <br />¹ Out-of-pocket costs may occur to the investor in the event of foreclosure. These costs are reimbursable upon liquidation of the property, but cannot be guaranteed. <br />
  7. 7. Investor Protection<br />Our private lenders receive the following on every investment: <br />Loan documents including the promissory note and recorded deed of trust<br />Title insurance<br />Fire insurance<br />Personal guaranty<br /> <br />Every loan is funded through a national title & escrow company. Investor funds are wired directly to escrow only after all loan documents have been executed and lender’s escrow instructions have been followed. All of our loans are currently serviced by FCI Lender Services, the nation’s largest servicing agent of private money loans. Pacific Private Money Loans never handles client funds at any time.<br />
  8. 8. Becoming a Trust Deed Investor<br />How do I get started?<br />New loan applications come across our desk daily, and we endeavor to seek the highest quality deals for our investors. Contact us so we can ask you a few questions about your investment preferences, perhaps offer some training if necessary, and begin presenting you with quality investment opportunities. It's that simple.<br />
  9. 9. About Pacific Private Money Loans<br />The Sponsor of the Company has 27 years experience in real estate and finance, and his resumes includes expertise in mortgage lending, banking, accounting, marketing and information management. This experience makes him uniquely qualified to effectively analyze and approve funding applications. The goal is to quickly identify loan applications that make sense, and which will provide the Company’s investor-clients with high-yield investment options that possess key safety factors. The Sponsor has developed an extensive credit protocol manual that helps ensure that approved loans will provide investors with excellent returns without assuming unusual credit risk.<br />
  10. 10. Summary<br />Like all investments, there are risks to Trust Deed investing. However, done properly, Trust Deed investing can be the simplest investment to understand. After all, how much do you really know about that stock or mutual fund you own? <br />Trust Deed investing has been called the “best kept investment secret” by some financial writers. Today more than ever, people need to take charge of their retirement plans in order to grow their savings more effectively and provide for a more comfortable retirement. Real estate-secured Trust Deed investments can be one of the best way to achieve that goal.<br />
  11. 11. Louis Bardis, MS<br />1604 Grant Ave<br />Novato CA 94945<br />800.605.8050<br />707-318-5594<br />Email / Website:<br /><br /><br />