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Schenck MA Introduction


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Schenck MA Introduction

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Schenck M&A Solutions • Trusted advisor to privately-held middle market companies and divisions in strategic acquisitions, divestitures and recapitalizations • Focus on understanding client’s business opportunities, risks and objectives, developing a comprehensive and integrated plan, and bringing about preferred solutions • Work closely with attorneys and other trusted advisors throughout the process to accomplish a smooth and successful transaction
  3. 3. M&A Solutions • Business sales • Business acquisitions • Refinancings/Recapitalizations • Turnarounds/Restructurings • Valuations • Due diligence • Strategic planning
  4. 4. Schenck Resources • Positioned in large, underserved market segment between business brokers (<$2MM) and investment bankers (>$50MM) • Specialists in all important aspects of an integrated and comprehensive M&A process • Industry and business familiarity • Schenck network of 9 offices and 500 professionals • AGN network of 195 firms in 89 countries • Experience, creativity, confidentiality, close communication, collaboration and trust
  5. 5. Our Principals • Managing Director background – Lou Banach: business and risk analysis and advice to mid- market companies; deal structuring, financial modeling, diligence and timely deal facilitation – Jim Gettel: mid-market business strategic planning and management; negotiating and closing acquisition and financing transactions • Approach – peer to peer rapport with owners, executives and directors – strategic focus, planning and analytical skills – strong networking relationships and skills – solid transaction management, support and backup
  6. 6. Adding Value to Clients • Longer-term relationship and perspective – 3 to 5 year horizon • Develop an integrated and comprehensive plan – Understand business opportunities, risks and objectives • Work with a team of trusted advisors – Tax, estate planning, wealth management, attorneys • Achieve client objectives – Maximize company value – Ensure business survival and growth – Minimize taxes – Determine optimal timing – Preserve key employee and family harmony
  7. 7. Team of Trusted Advisors • Schenck M&A Solutions specializes in business acquisition and sale planning and execution • Business attorneys with mergers and acquisitions experience • Wealth management and estate planning professionals • Business valuation specialists • Tax specialists • Due diligence specialists
  8. 8. Value of Collaboration • Provide additional value-added services for your client (esp. business growth or exit strategies) • Deepen and strengthen your client relationships • Position yourself to continue to serve the client during and after an acquisition or exit • Collaborate with other professional advisors • Develop new revenue and referral sources • Differentiate yourself from other professionals with similar types of services
  9. 9. Questions to Ask About Your Clients • What role will your client’s business play in funding your client’s retirement or estate plan? • What events or factors would cause or motivate your client to sell a business? • Is an Exit Strategy Plan part of the Estate Plan and Business Plan of your business owner client? • How accurate and realistic is your client’s understanding of company value and a plan for achieving it? • Who are your client’s trusted advisors for maximizing value and accomplishing business succession?
  10. 10. Questions to Ask Your Clients • As part of your personal financial planning, have you thought about how you will eventually get the value from your company necessary for retirement? • Do you have a successor in mind, or are you thinking you will sell the company? • Have you consulted with anyone about timing, succession planning or ways to maximize value and minimize taxes when you eventually sell?* *Less than 30% of business owners have an exit plan but those who do (including private equity firms) demonstrate much better business growth and achieve a higher value when the business is sold.
  11. 11. Contact Information Lou Banach Jim Gettel Managing Director Managing Director Schenck M&A Solutions Schenck M&A Solutions 11414 West Park Place 11414 West Park Place Suite 200 Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53224 Milwaukee, WI 53224 Phone: 414-465-5579 Phone: 414-465-5578 Fax: 414-536-5419 Fax: 414-536-5418 Cell: 414-803-8517 Cell: 414-828-8342 Lou. Jim.
  12. 12. Thank You