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Office Hours - June 3


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Office Hours for June 3rd.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Office Hours - June 3

  2. 2. Best monetization strategy ? How do I know if I’m on track? How do I know it’s time to fold?
  3. 3. Monetization Strategy Customer Profile + Customer Development How do they like to purchase? Snapchat or paper catalogs? Millennials or baby boomers?
  4. 4. Tracking SaaS: monthly growth rate + churn Retail: sales per square foot + SSS E-commerce: average txn + churn
  5. 5. To Fold or Not to Fold 6 months 3 months 2 months safe hustle sell REVENUE AND EXPENSE
  6. 6. Get One-On-One Help Check out bootcamp at: Finance Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs is a 30 day coached course. Get one-on-one mentoring with your financial model, investor list, and pitch deck. Enroll today for $332 and get immediate access to the material.