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Tech age girl project : Clothing exchange fair


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Published in: Education
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Tech age girl project : Clothing exchange fair

  1. 1. Clothing exchange Fair Implemented by: Dang SonLinh 8a4-Chu Van An secondary education school Email: Phone: 0983 310 929
  2. 2. Clothing exchange Fair*In our country, there are a lot of children don’t have a wram coat to wear in the winter. But on the other hand, some family is having too much clothes, and half of them didn’t fit anymore.*It’s going to be very waste if you just thow them away or leave them behind. In that case, why don’t you give them to some one who realy need it?*And that is why I wand to create this “Clothing exchange fair”.*The Fair takes place in order to create the environment for the youth group activities as well as how to re-use old things into new and better things *
  3. 3. *Goats• Goat 1: Show every one The meaning of charity keep our county clean!• Goat 2: Learn how to help poor people even by the smalles action.• Goat 3: have fun! 
  4. 4. Planing• Before the fair about two hours, the organizers along with volunteers will be coming soon to clean and organize the booths at the fair. When people bring clothes, the volunteers will guide and help people to donate clothes. In addition, people can also donate other items such as books, school supplies, or unused old backpack• Participants in the festival will bring old clothes no longer used but still possible to wear to exchange for a litter pot of plant. On the other hand, the fair encourage everyone, especially young people involved in the donation booths, painting auction in support of the poor within and outside the province. All the money and clothes will be divided into scholarships for poor students to overcome difficulties• After the project is successful, I hope people will be more aware of environmental issues and avoid waste.
  5. 5. Results • Take a small part in helping our country more cleaner and Greener
  6. 6. Results * create a good environment for the young people to do group activities
  7. 7. Results • Saving alot of monny, clothes, book, and make our word much better and full of love
  8. 8. Thank you for listen to my presentation