The Great Divide


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Assignment - Film 260

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The Great Divide

  1. 1. THE GREAT DIVIDEAre seniors online?If not, does it matter?ORHow do you deal with that?FILM260 FLIPBOOK PROJECT – A.K. MOFFATT 1
  2. 2. Is there a problem?“This should be a real concern togovernment,” said Quan-Haase, anassociate professor of informationand media studies. “Canadians aren’tas connected as we think.” [??] MistyHarris – Post Media NewsTHE GREAT DIVIDE 2License Some rights reserved by GWSA [Flickr]
  3. 3. Recent stats report that more than 50% of seniors 65 andolder are now online [1]THE GREAT DIVIDE 3Free Download – by Creating Results – Strategic Marketing [2]
  4. 4. Comparison of selected online activitiesIn general,differences are notgreat but onlinebuying by the 65+group is ZERO!THE GREAT DIVIDE 4Free Download – by Creating Results – Strategic Marketing [2]
  5. 5. Comparison of selected online activitiesThe olderdemographiclikely goes to thebank or usestelephonebanking, and getsupdates or newsby a newspaper,radio, TV etc.THE GREAT DIVIDE 5Free Download – by Creating Results – Strategic Marketing [2]
  6. 6. There is a big difference in use of social networks.THE GREAT DIVIDE 6Free Download – by Creating Results – Strategic Marketing [2]
  7. 7. This difference applies across the platforms [2]THE GREAT DIVIDE 7
  8. 8. THE GREAT DIVIDE 8License: Some rights reserved by Steve Snodgrass (Attribution – Flikr)“… seniors’ online cultural consumption – thinkdigital downloads of music, TV and movies – isdismally lagging.” [3]
  9. 9. THE GREAT DIVIDE 9Why does it matter if other technology is used to accessmusic? TV? Movies?
  10. 10. “And as more and more services go digital, the risk ofalienation is significant.” [3]THE GREAT DIVIDE 10I think this is a truestatement - how doessomeone who is not onlinerespond to this invitation?Tag from pineapple – photo credit – A.K. Moffatt
  11. 11. Increasingly, businesses and government offices rely ontheir web presence to communicate.Check your receipts, there is sooften the invitation to respondto a survey. This one offers atelephone number option aswell.THE GREAT DIVIDE 11Photo credit A.K. Moffatt
  12. 12. “… marketing experts Dan S. Kennedy and Chip Kessler offer small-businessowners a handy guide to targeting the leading-edge boomer and senior market…. the authors discuss why you need to keep the focus on offline marketing foryour boomer and senior prospects.”[5]THE GREAT DIVIDE 12Photo credit A.K. Moffatt
  13. 13. Percentages applied to the baby boom bulge will translateinto impressive absolute numbers of online users in thisolder demographicTHE GREAT DIVIDE 13Actual population demographics [6]
  14. 14. THE GREAT DIVIDE 14When your experience with communicationtechnology goes from this …
  15. 15. THE GREAT DIVIDE 15When your experience with communicationtechnology goes from this …Source:
  16. 16. THE GREAT DIVIDE 16To this,
  17. 17. THE GREAT DIVIDE 17To this,Photo by A.K. Moffatt
  18. 18. THE GREAT DIVIDE 18where the whole world is at your finger tips …
  19. 19. THE GREAT DIVIDE 19where the whole world is at your finger tips …Photo by A.K. Moffatt
  20. 20. THE GREAT DIVIDE 20How do you bridge the gap?File: Mind the Gap, Royal Gorge Bridge.jpg. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0Generic license.
  21. 21. Things to keep in mindNot everyone is connectedTHE GREAT DIVIDE 21Screen shot by A.K. Moffatt
  22. 22. ... and there are differentways to be connected.THE GREAT DIVIDE 22License: Some rights reserved by Premier of Alberta [Flickr]
  23. 23. 1. GREAT DIVIDE 23