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How to use layar developer support environment


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How to use layar developer support environment

  1. 1. How to use layar developer support environment ? User manual for layar developers v1.0
  2. 2. What can developers do ? URL: http://devsupport.layar.com2. 3. 6. 1.Search among all topics within the forums 4. Bug reporting 5.Requesting new Features
  3. 3. Login to use the full functionality ! (1) Login with your Layar account to create a topic! Oops, you are not logged in yet!Layar Tip:Only developers with developer Layaraccount can create a topic in thesupport environment !Do not have a developer Layar account ?Go to http:/ / tocreate one !
  4. 4. Login to use the full functionality ! (2) Layar Tip: 1. The Layar account log in page is shown after clicking on the login button on the Developer Support Login with your Environment Home page. developer Layar account 2. If you managed to login successfully and it will redirect you with multiple attempts, you might not back to the Developer be redirected back to the developer Support Environment ! support environment directly. In this case, go to and click on the login button again. This should log you in immediately.
  5. 5. Login to discuss and ask questions ! (3) Only available after login Now you are logged in! Layar Tip: Your name in Dev Support Environment will use the first name + last name you filled in for your layar developer account under Profile tab. If these are not present, the username of the layar account will be used instead.
  6. 6. Search for answers!! Listed Relevant Topics might have already answered your questions. Developers can raise questions in the right section immediately
  7. 7. ForumsForum Categories 1. a 2. 3. 4. Layar Tip: Please use Forums to find the answers to your questions !!
  8. 8. Forums - Official Layar Layar Tip: Please check the highlighted FAQ lists for each category and your questions might already be All important information answered there! from Layar that is relevant to Layer developers. Important updates from Layar. The technical /non- technical FAQs that are continuously updated by layar staff. All important known issues for different platforms. New features and fixed bugs for each release on different platforms.
  9. 9. Discuss and Ask in Forums Layar Tip: 1. Layar staff are monitoring this section actively. 2. We really appreciate that all our layer developers can share our knowledge and help each other out. Questions regarding Questions regarding using Layar APIs and using the Layar creating web services. Publishing Platform. Discuss topics related Questions regarding to Mobile AR and the layer approval Share your knowledge process. with others Questions on Layar supported tools and Questions that do not other third party fall into other sections. tools.
  10. 10. Forums - Report a bug ! Layar Tips: 1. Please check whether the bug is a known issue already in the “important Known Issues” section under “Official Layar”.Issues found onAndroid Clients ! 2. Please raise bugs in the Issues found on relevant section and once a bug Android Clients ! is verified it will be marked as answered and listed in the “important Known Issues” section.Issues found onLayar Publishing Any other issues 3. Please check the “Releaseplatform! that do not fall into Note” under “Official Layar” for fixed issues. other categories.
  11. 11. Forums - Feature request Layar Tip: 1. Please see whether the same request has been raised already! 2. You can vote for nice features and this will definitely help make it more visible! Raise your feature Let us know how we request here!! can improve our support service!!
  12. 12. Discuss / Comment in Forums Subscribe to get updated via emails. vote to indicate that you are interested in the answer to Find the right this question! This answer to a will attract more question! attention! layar Tip: Add your comment 1. Search for similar questions first and vote for them to help get the right answer. 2. Layar staff will mark an answered question and indicate the right answer.
  13. 13. Create a topic in Forums_Question Subscribe or use RSS feed to keep yourself up to date! To ask a question!Layar Tip: Please pay attention toPlease make sure that you the instructions and tryhave searched the forums to raise your questionand FAQ lists before youraise a question! in clear explanation.
  14. 14. Create a topic in Forums_ArticleLayar Tip: To create an article!Developers can vote foran article that theyfound useful and discusswith each other bysubmitting a comment!
  15. 15. Create a topic in Forums_Idea To submit a feature request! Please pay attention to the instructions and try to explain the need of this feature as detailed as possible.
  16. 16. Feature Request Feedback Vote for a feature request to increase Layar staff will review its visibility ! these requests and provide the feedback! Layar Tip: Provide your support for this feature! A feature request can have 3 statuses once the decision is made: 1. planned - we decide to implement it. 2. not planned - we decide not to implement it. 3. done - the feature has been implemented. For each one of these statuses, explanations will be provided. If there is no tag to a feature request, it means it is in the review process and no decision has been made yet.
  17. 17. Ask a Private Question Check your existing private support tickets. Layar Tip: 1. Please only submit a support ticket when it comes to private/confidential questions. 2. Layar staff might move a question to the forums publicly if we think other developers will learn from the solution as well.
  18. 18. Get Layar Support Efficiently !• Search for answers first !!• Check FAQ lists from Layar staff• Share your knowledge and help each other• Vote for nice questions, articles and ideas• Ask private questions via support tickets• Tell us how we can improve our service