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The crusades


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A brief slideshow on the Crusades

Published in: Education
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The crusades

  1. 1. The Crusades were a series of Christian HolyWars in Europe against the Muslim populationwith the original purpose of ‘rescuing’ the holyplaces of Palestine from the Saracen. This laterescalated into seizing Spain from the Moors,Slavs, and Pagans in Eastern Europe.
  2. 2. The main reason for the start of the Crusadesrevolves around the city of Jerusalem. Duringthe times of the Crusades, Muslims held controlover Jerusalem, which had a strong religioussignificance to the Christians.
  3. 3. The preaching of the First Crusade caused a massive outbreak of Anti-Jewish violence. Christians viewed Jews as enemies because they were held responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion. The Jews were repeatedly attacked by the Christians until they either retreated, or perished.
  4. 4.  crusades.htm usadeRoutes1.jpg Jews_in_the_First_Crusade