Effective use of social media


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Make every tweet count and get more bang for your blog! Learn how to effectively establish and maintain your social media presence.

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  • -Because of Facebook’s new privacy policy which includes sharing your information with third party sites, you are no longer safe just making your profile private. -Delete anything that you would not want a future employer seeing-Think first, type later and avoid being fired or sued-DON’T tweet: A student was offered a position at Cisco. "Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating work." Needless to say, she didn’t get the job.
  • -It is important to make a good impression even when you are online. Sharing good positive content will help you with that.--Always be polite and respectful, even if you are disagreeing with someone
  • -Google Alert will send you an email whenever your name is mentioned online. This will help in managing what is said about you online. Gives you a chance to address anything negative said about you. Recruiters will be googleing you- knowing what is said about you online helps avoid surprise questions during interviews.-Reserve your name on social media sites even if you don’t plan on using them. This stops someone else from doing bad things under your name.
  • -Now with social media, first impressions are made before meeting in person. By controlling what you post online, you can make a positive first impression-A solo practitioner licensed to practice law in 2010 has been reprimanded for exaggerating his experience on law firm websites and in online profiles.-violated lawyer ethics rules by falsely stating on the websites that he had graduated from law school in 2005 and falsely stating he had handled matters in federal court, the court said. He also listed about 50 practice areas in which he had little or no experience.
  • -Interact with people- It’s not all about you. A compliment or congratulations can go a long way.-
  • -An employee mistakenly sent this tweet from the Red Cross twitter account instead of her own.-This turned into a positive PR event after Dogfish beer hosted a Nationwide blood drive by giving everyone who donated a pint of blood a free beer-This could have been avoided by THINK FIRST, TYPE LATER
  • -Connecting helps you organize your connections, and strengthen the relationship-Linkedin is #1 priority for business connections
  • Effective use of social media

    1. 1. EFFECTIVE USE OFSOCIAL MEDIABethany Schuelke
    2. 2. AGENDA• What is social media?• Do’s & Don’ts• Best Practices• Thought Leaders
    3. 3. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?○“Media for social interaction, using highlyaccessible and scalable communicationtechniques. Social media is the use ofweb-based and mobile technologies toturn communication into interactivedialogue.”-http://www.wikipedia.org/
    4. 4. BIG 4○ Twitter○ Facebook○ Linkedin○ Blogs
    5. 5. TWITTER○ “Online social networking service and micro blogging servicethat enables its users to send and read text-based posts ofup to 140 characters, known as "tweets". -WikipediaHashtag
    6. 6. LINKEDIN○ “LinkedIn is a socialnetworking websitegeared towardscompanies and industryprofessionals looking tomake new businesscontacts or keep intouch with previous co-workers, affiliates, andclients.” –Hudson Horizons
    7. 7. 7 FUNCTIONAL BUILDING BLOCKS○ Identity○ Conversations○ Sharing○ Presence○ Relationships○ Reputation○ Groups-Kietzmann et al. (2011)
    8. 8. USES OF SOCIAL MEDIA○Personal Branding○Organize professional &personal network
    9. 9. USES OF SOCIAL MEDIA○ Exchange information and ideas○ Interact with people you normally wouldnever get to interact withOther paralegal studentsNC lawyers and law firmsParalegalsRecruitersGovernment LeadersBig Law Partners
    10. 10. USES OF SOCIAL MEDIA○ Establish Thought Leadership○ Job SearchFacebookComment on their postsTwitterJob postingsLinkedinFollow firmsConnect with recruiters and other legal professionalsLI groups which sometimes have job postings
    11. 11. DOS AND DON’TS○ Protecting your online reputationRemove anything that could jeopardize your reputationincluding:Questionable photographsNegative status updates or tweetsSchoolCo-workersClassmatesJobAvoid using foul language and vulgar gesturesWhen in doubt, remove content
    12. 12. TWITTER DON’TS
    13. 13. DOS AND DON’TS○ Share helpful and informative contentBlog articleStudy tipRecent legal news○ Always be polite and respectful
    14. 14. TWITTER DOS
    15. 15. DOS AND DON’TS○ Do Google yourself at least once a monthSet up a Google Alert for your name○ Reserve your name on social media sites○ Follow law blogsLeave commentsShare valuable insightShare blog articles on social media
    16. 16. DOS AND DON’TS○ DON’T post anything you would not wanta future client or employer to see○ DON’T lie on your Linkedin profile
    17. 17. BEST PRACTICES○ Interact with peopleCreate mutually beneficial relationships○ Provide help if possibleAnswers questions○ Be Transparent○ Correct mistake when you make themApologize if necessary
    19. 19. BEST PRACTICES○ After networking events, connect withpeople on relevant social mediaLinkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs
    20. 20. THOUGHT LEADERS○ BlogsLawyerist: http://lawyerist.com/Real Lawyers Have Blogs: http://kevin.lexblog.com/NC Law Blog: http://nclawblog.comDivorce Discourse: http://divorcediscourse.comThe Girl’s Guide to Law School:http://thegirlsguidetolawschool.com/
    21. 21. THOUGHT LEADERS○ Twitter@LawPracticeTips – ABA Law Practice Management@DanPinnington – Dan Pinnington@KimbroLaw – Stephanie Kimbro (NC lawyer)@leerosen – Lee Rosen (NC lawyer)@NCBA – North Carolina Bar Association@lawyersmutualnc – Lawyers Mutual@kevinokeefe – Kevin O’Keefe
    22. 22. TWITTER HASHTAGS○ #campbelllaw○ #law○ #legal○ #attorney○ #lawyer○ #lawfirm○ #lawstudent○ #lawschool
    23. 23. Questions
    24. 24. CONTACT INFORMATIONLawyers Mutual Liability Insurance Company Of North CarolinaP.O. Box 1929, Cary, NC 27512-1929Tele: 919.677.8900 | 800.662.8843www.lawyersmutualnc.comFollow us on Twitter at@LawyersMutualNC, @CamilleStell, @MarkScruggsEsq, @Troy_Crawford and@BethanySchuelke