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Synctone Communication Limited is
a young and dynamic digital marketing
company with passion for creating great
ideas and transforms them into
intelligent, innovative, and creative digital
campaign to continuously achieve our
customers’ objectives.

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Synctone creative services

  1. 1. Synctone Communication Limited isa young and dynamic digital marketingcompany with passion for creating greatideas and transforms them intointelligent, innovative, and creative digitalcampaign to continuously achieve ourcustomers’ objectives.
  2. 2. Ideas rule, not toolsWe believe in the complete end to endcampaign idea and assist our customersto continuously achieve their objectivesby going through the Sync 7 Creative 1) Define Objective 2) Plan and schedule 3) Create 4) Develop and optimize 5) Promotion Channel 6) Convert 7) Analysis
  3. 3. What we do ?
  4. 4. We provide completeend to end campaignservices for continuouslyimprovement to achievecustomers’ objectiveincluding:
  5. 5. reativeBranding, Marketing, and Strategy
  6. 6. reative Branding, Marketing, and StrategySync Creative translates research insights into marketing andbusiness strategy with a clear plan to achieve core brand andbusiness objectives.
  7. 7. Servicesand Solutions
  8. 8. Services and Solutions-Brand planning & marketing strategy-Product and services strategy-Communications & connections planning-Search strategy (SEO)-CRM strategy-Mobile web and apps strategy-Social media strategy-Content strategy
  9. 9. Services and Solutions-Business analysis-Brand reevaluation-Creative concept development-Visual design-Information architecture-Interaction design-Mobile experience design-Copywriting and other content development
  10. 10. ProductionTechnology and Media
  11. 11. Production Technology and MediaOur programming team develops solutions for customers that are scalable,stable and extensible, and identify and employ the suite of technologiesthat will be suitable and is realized as designed.
  12. 12. Servicesand Solutions
  13. 13. Services and Solutions-Web Development services- Mobile website and ecommerce website- apps and custom web application development- Landing pages design.- Photo and Video production for products and events- Video editing and special effect
  14. 14. PublishingLocation based online advertising services
  15. 15. Publishing Location based online advertising servicesSync Publishing services provides a complete solution that creates,distribute, monetize, and optimize robust interactive publications andmagazine media for smartphones and tablet devices.
  16. 16. Servicesand Solutions
  17. 17. Services and Solutions- Publishing design-Annual Year report, Product and Services catalog, Promotion material, etc.- Interactive content design and development- Special effect design and development- Self publishing services- Professional publishing- Content strategy- Magazine media production
  18. 18. ChannelLocation based online advertising services
  19. 19. Channel Location based online advertising servicesSync Channel provides a location based online advertising media servicesto customers which would like to take the advantage of precise location andcustomer segmentation. When target users enjoy the free Wi-Fi connection,they will also view and interact the online advertising.
  20. 20. Servicesand Solutions
  21. 21. Services and Solutions- Total Monthly Pageviews: 2 Millions- Total Monthly Unique Visitors: Half Millions- Total McDonald’s coverage: 224 shops- Total Starbucks’ coverage: 106 shops- Precise location based marketing campaign- Precise customer segmentation- Free Wifi connection (Good for promoting apps or digital magazine over 20 MB)
  22. 22. Syncwithus Any questions, please feel free to contact us. 4007, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong