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Synctone Communication Limited is a young, dynamic, technical, and creative digital agency. We provide full end to end digital communication services to customer including Sync Channel, Sync Quiz, Sync Publishing, and Sync Creativity.

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Synctone communication limited

  1. 1. To become the pioneer in digital communications providing Vision: the most suitable advertising solutions and services to customersMission: Passion on creating value and innovation for customers About communication Ltd.
  2. 2. Synctone Objective a. Build useful, usable, and enjoyable solutions b. Create value that worth to be shared, found, and used among customers c. Provide integrated, point to point, innovative, and value added services d. Develop temporary monopoly
  3. 3. Current a. Content is king b. All round competition c. Campaign as business modelReality d. Social media and share economy e. Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing f. The most suitable combination is vital g. Ideas rule, not tools
  4. 4. Content is king
  5. 5. Ideas rule, not tools
  6. 6. Social media and shareeconomy
  7. 7. outbound Inboundmarketing marketing
  8. 8. All roundcompetition
  9. 9. we sync
  10. 10. A.ExperientialBrand designand strategyMake a different brandedexperiences as part ofyour customers’ life
  11. 11. B.DigitalServ icesfor loyal customersand membersBuilt loyalty on social involvement and engagement
  12. 12. A new C. Think beyond ink and 0101001Business A workable, executable, affordable , sociable, and profitable business modelModel
  13. 13. D. Precise location and target based services Right place, right time, right message, and right customers
  14. 14. we sync
  15. 15. BusinessFlow Analyze Convertion Promotion channel Develop and optimize Create Plan and schedule Define objective
  16. 16. 1. Define objective Revenue Market Awareness share Target segmentation
  17. 17. 2. Plan and schedule
  18. 18. 3. Create Content, Games, Social media, Website, mobile website, and Apps ...
  19. 19. 4.DevelopandoptimizeDevelop with projectmanagement, experienced staffs,and knowledgeOptimized by SEO,feedback, and data
  20. 20. 5. Promotion channelThe most suitablecombination ofOnline, Offline,and mind
  21. 21. 6.ConvertCall for actionLanding pageGather data
  22. 22. Find out where you are to sync:7.Analyze • Your current market analyze • Your competitors analyze
  23. 23. Uniquenesswesync SyncPublishing
  24. 24. The insight we syncA quiz for close or open endquestions helping customer to peekthe market intelligentWe look for the insight for you from:!• Opinion• Favor• Trend• Idea
  25. 25. Digital publishing online, mobile,and tabletto provide a new multimedia reading experience• Magazine style • Life style• Newspaper style • Podcast style• Social networking style SyncPublishing The content we sync
  26. 26. The innovation we sync• Impact eye, ear, mind, and finger of your customers• Mobile website, website, apps, and integration to internet system• PHP,HTML5, CSS, JQUERY, Objective-C, Flash, Social Network Platform API (Facebook, Twitter, Sina, QQ, etc), and Media Production
  27. 27. The Precise target we sync with Free WifiTarget we sync Who should sync Where to sync• Business executive • Magazine publishers • McDonalds (Hong Kong and China)• Families and children • Apps developers • Starbucks (Hong Kong)• University students and • Digital publishing • Universes (Hong Kong) youth customers • Brand owners • Social media• Premium users of three large Telecom companies
  28. 28. Sync with usAny questions, please feel free to contact, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road,Wanchai, Hong Kong