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Bfit for healthcare - A Document Management System for Healthcare Industry


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BFIT for healthcare is a Document Management System design for the healthcare industry. BFIT will provide your hospital or clinic a comprehensive database repository system to keep your patient database, their medical records, x-ray negative, letter of reference and etc.. important note in one system. The system also provide a notepad and image editor to doctors to records their observation and solution just like recording to the patient's card.

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Bfit for healthcare - A Document Management System for Healthcare Industry

  1. 1. INTRO Most hospital and clinic today still rely on the manual filing and binder matter to store and manage patients records. Searching patients record by digging through the file cabinet is a time consuming and non productive method . Furthermore the manual filing method require a lot of storage space. BFIT Patient records management system is a system design to help the healthcare industry like hospital and clinic to manage the patients record and other important healthcare documents more efficient and productive. It is a database management system where all documents and patients records are store in one centralize repository. This will give our client a better management and control on the patient records. It is a system that will help your organization comply with HIPAA compliant
  2. 2. MODULES Patients database Patients queue system Doctor dashboard - Doctor notepad - Doctor image viewer and editor Patients folder management Patient’s file import modules OCR module to scan and digitize printed documents Patients record indexing and quick search Audit trail And others
  4. 4. PATIENTS DATABASE This is a database system to store all patients important information like Name, IC, date of birth, age, address , contact and etc. The system provide a very Excel like features where user can easily search, sort and retrieve Patients records
  5. 5. PATIENTS QUEUE System provide a visiting queue management system which link the registrar To doctor office. This is enable the doctor have better time management
  6. 6. PATIENTS PERSONAL FOLDER AND RECORDS All patients will be given a personal folder to store their medical history
  7. 7. PATIENT’S FOLDER AND FILES The patients folder will store and kept all patient records and file
  8. 8. DOCTOR’S NOTEPAD Doctor notepad allow doctor to note patient condition, observations and prescriptions just like writing on the patients card.
  9. 9. IMAGE EDITOR AND VIEWER The image viewer work side by side with the doctor notepad which enable Doctor to view scanned image like x-ray negative and comment on the image simultaneously during the observation
  10. 10. DOCTOR SKETCH The doctor sketch allow doctor to label and denote important comments on the image for record and future reference.
  11. 11. MEDICAL JOURNAL FOLDER BFIT Solution Patient Document Management System is a all in one solution for hospital and clinic. Let us help you to move towards a paperless environment
  12. 12. CONTACT US FOR A DEMO BFIT SOLUTION E-gate 1-5-31, Lebuk Kudin 2, 11700 Gelugor, Penang Tel: 6017-4160027 6012-5909670