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General business-topics-1-screen-sharing

  1. 1. General Business Topics 1 Screen Sharing Hochschule für Technik und Wirtshaft Course: General Business Topics SS12 Professor: Thomas Renner JonesPresented by:Ventsislav Ivanov 0534633Gao Cheng 0536803Lawrence Pritchard 0530333Ibrahim Deveci s0536301Saba Tsereteli s0529389
  2. 2. 1. Introduction a. Executive summary2. Defining the Replacement Process a. Mind Map b. Current System of the Company c. Disadvantages of the Current System3. Introduction to the New System a. How it Works b. Alternatives c. SWOT4. Replacement Process a. How to Replace Current System b. Risks5. Timeline for the Replacement a. Choice of System b. Costs6. Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction to screen sharing #1 Cost Time Most industries can digitise their work Dangerous OfficeClient
  4. 4. Introduction to screen sharing #2Before:Now:Future:
  5. 5. Online Collaboration in places where it doesnt exist. and it needs to be simple.
  6. 6. Executive summary
  7. 7. Executive summary
  8. 8. Executive summary1. With a few clicks, teams can share their screen2. While sharing, teams can chat, enable VOIP, share files and video (and more)3. Organising spontaneous meetings focused around team members work4. Companies benefit from almost instant setup and communication
  9. 9. Defining the Replacement Process
  10. 10. Disadvantages• Time Consuming• High Costs• No direct feedback• No visual human reaction
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis
  12. 12. Strengths• High safety standards• Connection speed and easy to use• Demand for Teamviewer• The only solution for all situations• Faster return on investment
  13. 13. Weaknesses• High license cost(s)• Number of participations• Potential problems
  14. 14. Opportunities• Globalisation• Increasing in using of technology• The importance of time
  15. 15. Threats• New communication styles• Changes in technology and screen sharing• Increasing communication
  16. 16. Different Alternatives• Yuuguu• Vyew•• Yugma• Alpenix• Chrome remote desktop
  17. 17. How to implement the systems1.Buy software license ◦ TeamViewer: One time license cost ◦ Monthly or Yearly subscription2.Implement software ◦ TeamViewer: Deploy installation on local desktops ◦ Deploy shortcuts on local desktops3.Educate employees ◦ In house PDF document ◦ Online documentation sources ◦ Online support desk contact information4.Trial period ◦ End-of-day team meetings to document issues ◦ Start-of-day managerial ◦ Managerial responsibility that issues are reported and solved
  18. 18. Risks• Main Problems: o Resistance to change in work force o Dependency on the internet o Technical issues versus critical work o What about workers with disabilities? o Reduction of features when using mobile apps• Pricing o Pricing for services o Services for pricing o Automatic updates can be automatically billed• Security o Privacy and confidentiality
  19. 19. Project Planning
  20. 20. Preparation Installation Training Testing Launch Timeline 1 Buy license 2 Communication 5 SW Installation 3 Updating 3 Training 5 Testing 5 Feedback 5 Improvement 5 Approval 1Acknowledgement 1 Final Launch 1st W 2nd W 3rd W 4th W 5th W
  21. 21. Working Packages and CostWorking Duration Predecess Input Resources BudgetPackage (days) (people) (Euros) orsTimeline 1 Assumptions 4 PM Team 1*4*70=280Buy license 2 Cost Assumpt. 2 IT Dept. 499/998/1890Communication 5 Timeline 4 Marketing Dept 5*4*60=1200SW Installation 3 Liscense 5 IT Dept. 3*5*80=1200Updating 3 Installation 5 IT Dept. 3*5*80=1200Training 5 Updating 5 IT Dept. 5*5*80=2000Testing 5 Training 5 IT Dept. 5*5*80=2000Feedback 5 Testing 3 Admin. 5*3*60=900Improvement 5 Feedback 5 IT Dept. 5*5*80=2000Approval 1 Improvement 2 PM & CEO 1*2*100=200Acknowledge 1 Approval 2 Marketing Dept. 1*2*60=120mentLaunch 1 Acknowledge 3 IT Dept. 1*3*80=240
  22. 22. Thank You Questions?
  23. 23.