Time to click some award winning stock images


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Time to click some award winning stock images

  1. 1. TIME TO CLICK SOME AWARD WINNING STOCK IMAGESWhenever you are sending your images for a contest the judges who are going to judge thephotographs are going to judge the photographs according to their life experience and notionsand knowledge that they have gained throughout their life. While sending photographs for acontest many photographers will try to get inside information about the judges. Although thiscan be called smart work but your chances will be better if you exercise your smartness in clickingthe photographs instead of getting information about the jury and the kind of bent of mind theyhave. The best move is to forget about the jury that’s going to judge the photographs andconcentrate on the quality of images that will be sent to the contest.Set high and lofty standards for yourself and compete with yourself. You are not in a position tocontrol the judges but yes you are the one who is going to control the quality and the theme ofthe stock photos. You need to compete with yourself. Beat your own standards and expectations.This is the only way to score with the judges who are looking at your images and are going togive you points. Make it a point to stick to the theme. Don’t be overconfident at any point. Beinga Wild Life Photographer does not mean that yoau are going to win the contest where the themeis "Beautiful Animals of the Tropical Rainforests". You need to do a bit of homework beforesending ion your entries. Study the award winning photos of other photographers. This will giveyou a fair idea of what it takes to win a photography contest.Breaking rules is not always bad. Take the path that has either been ignored by photographers inthe past or that has not really been given enough coverage in the past. Experiment with your lensand the lighting.
  2. 2. One thing you need to control is the level of variation. Its you who needs to decide how far youcan transgress from the regular routine. Break technical rules but break them in a way so thatthe judges are impressed with your works and reward you amply for your adventures.Make sure that the images you are sending in for the contest have a story to tell. The story andmessage need to be so strong that it slaps the judges on the face and they are unable to ignorethe message and story that you are telling through your stock photos. The message needs to bedelivered instantly as the judges may just sift through photographs at a fast pace dependingupon the number of entries they have received.Although it looks difficult in the first place but if you have the conviction and really need tomake your mark felt on in league with big photographers you need to go through the pain ofresearch, hard work and a bit of smart thinking along with the risk of experimenting with yourstock images.To know more about stock photography, stock photo , stockfotografie , stockphoto , stockfoto , free stock photos ,stock images , stockphotos, stock photography , Royalty Free StockPhoto, Royalty Free Stock Image if you want to know more about the author feel free tocontact him at http://www.imageselect.eu