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Storing Stock Images for future useSince you have a large database of stock photos and a select few have made it to beexhi...
Space is no longer limited if you have a large volume of photographs. If you are dealing in StockPhotos you can easily sto...
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Storing stock images for future use


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Shooting commercially to sell your photographs in the form of stock images will give you ample of time and opportunities to experiment.

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Storing stock images for future use

  1. 1. Storing Stock Images for future useSince you have a large database of stock photos and a select few have made it to beexhibited in the next exhibition that you have organized, while some of the images havealready been purchased by patrons who liked those images owing to their beauty and themessage they delivered. What about the rest of them? Are you going to throw them out?Have you not worked hard for them? Well the images that have been left behind deserve tobe kept in a safe place for future use. Apart from that an emotional bonding for manyphotographers will make it impossible for them to throw away images that don’t really haveany commercial value right now. Who knows the images that you are planning to get rid ofright now maybe in demand in future for a sky high price. At that juncture you can onlylament about getting rid of the images that you thought worthless at one point of time.In the past photographers used to preserve the negatives that were a permanent record ofthe stock image they had clicked. Specially designed notebooks would be used to preservethose negatives. I know many a professional photographers who used to abhor the idea ofsending their negatives by post instead they used to do it by hand or found some other wayto deliver their negatives to distant places if ever they had to do that. Even today many ofthe celebrated photographers all across the world have preserved those negatives that canstill create an image as fresh and beautiful as it would have done on being developed forthe first time. Many people have a simple idea of storing a image by printing it. But if thevolume of images is too high and space is limited storing printed images is not a veryviable option. Thus preserving negatives was the best optionThe digital advent has changed the way photographers used to click and store images.There are numerous options available in today’s times that can be used to store images.
  2. 2. Space is no longer limited if you have a large volume of photographs. If you are dealing in StockPhotos you can easily store and manage your images in a way where you can find them at a very short notice and present it to your client. Storing and managing your images was never so easy. You canburn a large volume of images on a CD or a DVD but again here you need to take care of the CD’s andDVD’s. You need to store them at a place where they can be reached at a short notice but are safe and away from the reach of kids and competitors. Storing the Images in the computer itself looks the best option but what if the computer is infestedwith a virus in future; all images that have been saved will be lost. Thus you need to take extra care of the computer where you have stored your stock images. External hard disks with terrific storage capacities at reasonable prices are being used to store images by the technology friendly photographer. These disks are portable, easy to use and don’t need the softwares used for burning them on a CD or a DVD. Another option that is becoming quite favorite with photographers is the online storage of stock images.Avid photographers are either buying space on the virtual world in the form of websites or are rentingspace in one or the other cloud that gives immense space to one along with the other management tools that can be used to make optimum use of the time and resources available. If you have the zeal and talent for stock photography storing them will not be an issue at all in today’s times. You can store millions of images at a single place and access them with a simple click of mouse.To know more about stock photography, stock photo, stockphoto , stock fotografie , stockfoto, stock photos, stockfotografie, royalty free images, Royalty Free Stock Photo, Royalty Free Stock Image if you want to know more about the author feel free to contact him at