Maintaining your focus while collecting stock images


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Maintaining your focus while collecting stock images

  1. 1. MAINTAINING YOUR FOCUS WHILE COLLECTING STOCK IMAGESStock Photos for a photographer are just like websites for a web developer who keepsdeveloping websites and later sells them once the demand for that particular website comes inthe market. But the concept of stock images and website building should not be confused asstock images when up for sale can’t be modified beyond a certain limit. Whereas websites can bemodified with ease even making a change in the basic structure and the soul that that has beenput in by the developer. While photographing professionally if you are clicking the images on anassignment then you don’t have control on the kind of images that you are going to click. You areclicking on order and getting paid instantly once you execute the order.Whereas if your have stock images in your mind. You are clicking the images for your clients whowill need those images in future. This is a self assigned work that you are doing at your own risk.You need to cover the cost of production and related overheads. Thus you need to have enoughcapital in hand along with patience and an insight into the future needs of the marketplace. Theability to produce trendy images before their need arises in the market will act as an impetus froyou once you have chosen the path that leads to stock photography.You need to have a good database of images to make sure that whenever a client comes to youlooking for images on any subject you can provide him with the same. Once you have providedtrendy images to one or two client’s chances are that your reputation as a stock photographer interms of popularity will soar and you may find more takers for your images.
  2. 2. Till your reputation as a stock photographer takes a turn you need to support yourself and yourequipment that comes at a price. Their best option is to combine your Stock Photographycareer with the Assignment photography career. Your efforts need to be balanced in a way thatyou are able to sustain the financial constraints and risks posed by stock photography. Manyphotographers feel that stock photography is speculative business as it will earn for your effortsin the future depending upon the market demands and the kinds of customers you get.Even while selling the stock images one has to pay hefty commissions if the images are beingsold through an agency. Apart from that if industry statistics are to be believed only 2 to 5percent of the stock images are bought by clients. Thus the cost of your 100 percent work hasto be covered by the 2 to 5 percent of the images that will licensee, unless you and your imagesare a big brand in that particular niche. The highly competitive prices have further added to thewoes of stock photographers.To know more about stock photography, stock image, stock photos, stock photos online, stockphoto, stockfotografie, cstockphoto , stock foto ,Free stock photos,Stock images , stockphotosRoyalty Free Stock Photo, Royalty Free Stock Image feel free to visit