Ad sense, ad choice, ad planner, ad words by housam salem


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Ad sense, ad choice, ad planner, ad words key differences

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Ad sense, ad choice, ad planner, ad words by housam salem

  1. 1. AdSense, Ad Choice, Ad Planner, Ad Words presnted by: H ousam salem
  2. 2. AdSense  What is AdSense? AdSense is essentially aimed at website owners who can enrol in this Google programme. AdSense allows for text, image and video advertising to be displayed. Google manages advertisements of this nature and helps to generate revenue on a pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression basis.
  3. 3. AdSense  AdSense Types AdSense for feeds – runs on RSS (really simple syndication) and Atom feeds whereby images are inserted. AdSense for search – Google search boxes are placed onto an owner’s website for viewers to make use of, and advertising revenue is shared between the two companies. AdSense for
  4. 4. AdWords  What Are AdWords? AdWords is aimed at advertisers offering a PPC and website targeted form of advertising for both text and banner advertisements. The programme offers advertisers local, national and international distribution from its division based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. All AdWords advertisements are eligible to be displayed on the Google search engine website, with the option of being able to also show them on Google’s partner networks (AOL search, and Netscape) in response to user searches. Competitors include Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.
  5. 5. AdWords Display Types  When an internet user makes a search request on Google, two sets of links are displayed: Organic links – these appear in the main section of the screen displaying search results and are listed in order of popularity and relevancy. Sponsored links – these appear on the right hand side of the main results section. These are essentially Google’s AdWords which operate on a PPC basis whereby a set cost amount is charged each time an internet user clicks on their link
  6. 6. AdSense & AdWords Benefits       AdSense advertising is less intrusive than most banners. AdSense advertising content is often more relevant to the website it is being displayed on. The AdSense advertising programme helps to build valuable content to websites. The AdSense advertising programme runs advertisements that will specifically interest targeted internet users. The AdSense advertising programme filters unwanted advertisements. The AdSense advertising programme is simple enough that a JavaScript code is all that is necessary to assist with generating revenue.
  7. 7. AdWords Once an account is created and a small activation fee paid for, advertisements can begin running virtually within minutes of submitting billing information to Google. Creation is, thus, simple and quick and implementation is virtually immediate.  AdWords allow for easy advertisement performance tracking.  AdWords is cost effective for any size business. Advertisers only pay for clicks made by internet users and the maximum cost per day is set. Advertisers are never charged more than they have agreed to pay.  AdWords allows advertisers flexibility and control. Advertising campaigns can be paused; adjustments can be made or cancelled at any time. 
  8. 8. ad choices      eaning of the icons: This company has not set-up a cookie, but may deliver in the future advertisements that are customised to your interests. This company is delivering advertisements customised to your interests. This company is not delivering advertisements customised to your interests. This company is experiencing technical issues, and we cannot retrieve your status.
  9. 9.  The end