Camera angles


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Camera angles

  1. 1. Camera Angles….. { These are the camera angles I will think about using depending on the effect they have when used. Also if they seem best used for betraying the conventions of a thriller.
  2. 2.  Used at the start of a film or at the start of a new scene to establish the relationship between the set/location and the characters and to show the whole view.Establishing Shot
  3. 3. Paranormal Activity Filmed with the camera not on a tripod but instead held by the camera person. Often whilst walking which makes the shots look quite shaky. This can make the audience feel the scene is more realistic, or can make us feel like we are part of the action. Hand-held Shot
  4. 4.  When the camera is a long way from the subjects being filmed. A long shot can be effective as an establishing shot that sets the scene for the action.Long Shot Boy in the striped Pyjamas
  5. 5.  Camera approaches a subject from below eye level. Which would addSlumdog Millionaire emphasis on the size of the object being filmed. It can make the character shown seem big and powerful and it can make us or the character we are seeing through, seem small and weak. Low Angle
  6. 6.  View from above the subject (s), often making the subject look vulnerable, isolated or powerless. PsychoHigh Angle
  7. 7.  Shot taken from the position of the subjects, used to enhance a sense of realism and audience involvement in the action.Point of View Shot (POV)
  8. 8.  Camera movement that involves moving the camera vertically up and down from a fixed position.Tilt Shot
  9. 9. The Transformers  This is sometimes used as a establishing shot of a set, location or to show a large crowd of people. They can also emphasize the isolation of a single figure.Wide Shot
  10. 10.  Involving gently moving the camera 180 across the subject matter in a horizontal plane.Pan Shot
  11. 11.  Used to draw the viewer closer and to involve them in what is happening. This would help to observe reactions and emotions, also tension. These shots often used to privilege the protagonist over other characters and position the audience with him or her. Close Up Shot The shining
  12. 12.  Extreme close up shots are used to show precise detail in a film or scene. An example would be filming the characters eye when crying so the viewers focus becomes the characters emotions. This would be good to use in a thriller movie to show grow the suspense of what may come next. Harry PotterExtreme Close-Up
  13. 13.  Medium shots are the main shot that is used in films. Medium shots are used to show the whole subject of a scene from facial expressions to environment. Medium shots are good to use when shooting a conversation between charters. Additionally medium shots are from waist up.Medium Shot