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  1. 1. A I SC S R C C O V J D C S AR S J P MR L V A AR Cr D MR SC Jd Cl I Pr Se L Vo R Su Om St V Ci Ju
  2. 2. What A means representing someone in court? ADVOCACY
  3. 3. What A R means the external elements of an offence? ACTUS REUS
  4. 4. What C covers areas of law like theft, assault and murder? CRIMINAL LAW
  5. 5. What D is the person accused of an offence or civil wrong? DEFENDANT
  6. 6. What M R means the blameworthy state of mind? MENS REA
  7. 7. What S C is the highest court in England and Wales? SUPREME COURT
  8. 8. What J is the term describing a court’s area of responsibility /type of case they can hear? JURISDICTION
  9. 9. What C is the name of the person bringing a civil case? CLAIMANT
  10. 10. What I is a category of mens rea? INTENTION
  11. 11. What P is the term meaning to bring a criminal case? PROSECUTE
  12. 12. What L is the legal responsibility for a crime or civil wrong? LIABILITY
  13. 13. What V means the AR must be a conscious exercise of will? VOLUNTARY
  14. 14. What R is a category of mens rea? RECKLESSNESS
  15. 15. What S is a term meaning to bring a civil case? SUE
  16. 16. What O is a failure to act which can be classed as a criminal offence? OMISSION
  17. 17. What S is another name for an Act of Parliament? STATUTE
  18. 18. What V is the decision ant the end of a trial deciding liability? VERDICT
  19. 19. What C covers areas of law like contract, negligence, wills and family law? CIVIL
  20. 20. What J is the group of people who decide guilt or innocence in serious criminal cases? JURY
  21. 21. What S is the punishment handed down after a guilty verdict in a criminal trial? SENTENCE