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Remembering an American President Gerald R. Ford: 38th President of the United States


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Article With News About Gerald R. Ford The 38th American President And Information About Equal Rights Amendment, Federal Election Reform, Republican National Convention And More.

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Remembering an American President Gerald R. Ford: 38th President of the United States

  1. 1. LAWCROSSING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTH LAW STAR 1. 800.973.1177 Remembering an American President Gerald R. Ford: 38 th President of the United States [By Charisse Dengler] On December 26, 2006, flags all across the country began flying at half-staff, waving their sad salutes to President Gerald R. Ford, who died in his California home this past Tuesday. Ford, who was the only president ever to hold office without being elected, is often referred to as an “accidental” president. However, while his journey to the White House may have been accidental, his actions during the 895 days he spent there were anything but.A man of integrity, honesty, and fairness, divorced, worked as a fashion consultant. again in 2004 with pneumonia, after whichFord took office in the wake of the Nixon She would later become famous for voicing he and Betty became somewhat private andscandal, and his presence in the Oval Office her opinion with boldness on touchy issues were not seen as often.brought sighs of relief from the American such as premarital sex and the Equal Rightspeople. Although he did cause quite a stir Amendment. During their marriage, the A man of truth and values, Ford may havewhen he started off his term by pardoning couple had four children together. been an unexpected leader, but he wasNixon’s many crimes, he is remembered definitely not an unappreciated one. In atoday as the man who forgave and forgot and Ford went on to become a member of written statement made by President Bushencouraged the nation to do the same. In the House of Representatives, where he on the day after Ford’s death, Bush praisedfact, his decision to pardon Nixon later won remained for 24 years. In 1973, when Spiro Ford’s character and the many things he didhim the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Agnew, who was Vice President at the for the country—both big and small—duringAward in 2001. time, resigned, Nixon nominated Ford for his short time in the White House. consideration. Both the Senate and theBorn Leslie Lynch King, Jr., in 1913, Ford House voted, and in December of the same “With his quiet integrity, common sense, andgrew up in Omaha, NE. His parents, who year, Ford became Vice President. However, kind instincts, President Ford helped healdivorced five months after his birth, were he didn’t stay Vice President for long. In our land and restore public confidence inLeslie Lynch King, Sr., and Dorothy Ayer August of 1974, Nixon resigned, and Ford the presidency,” Bush said. “The AmericanGardner. Gardner later married Gerald took his place as President of the United people will always admire Gerald Ford’sRudolff Ford and decided to change her States. devotion to duty, his personal character, andson’s name. She went on to have three sons the honorable conduct of his administration.”with her second husband, and Ford grew After two years in the Oval Office, Fordup in Grand Rapids, MI, with his mother, rallied his enthusiasm and ran against It was Ford’s request to have a statestepfather, and three half-brothers. Jimmy Carter in the 1976 presidential funeral and to be buried on the site of his election, something he was somewhat presidential museum in Grand Rapids, MI.When Ford was of age to attend college, he hesitant to do. He gave it his best shot, andchose the University of Michigan, where he he even won the first presidential debate of ON THE NETplayed center for the university’s football the election, which was the first presidentialteam. Upon graduation, he declined several debate since 1960. When the votes were Gerald Ford Tributesoffers from professional football teams, counted, he only received 240 electoral the Detroit Lions and Green Bay votes, and Carter won with 297. Carter’s win, story/0,21985,20983465-663,00.htmlPackers. Then he packed his bags and however, did not prevent the two men fromheaded off to Yale Law School. forging a friendship later in life; as recently Former U.S. President Gerald Ford as 2001, Ford and Carter served together on Remembered Around the WorldUpon graduation from law school in 1941, the National Commission on Federal Election joined the military and served until Reform. story.html?id=fba5cb5f-2670-4b0b-a1dc-1946. Two years later, Ford married 95779ffb2c81&k=58666Elizabeth Bloomer Warren, or Betty, as most Ford, who began to experience healthknow her. The ceremony was held at Grace problems in 2000, suffered a series of small Funeral Plans Set for President FordEpiscopal Church in Grand Rapids. Warren, strokes during the Republican National had previously been married and Convention of that year. He was hospitalized politics/main2304278.shtmlPAGE