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Naomi Harlin Goodno: Assistant Professor of Law at Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, CA


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All About The Career Of Naomi Harlin Goodno The Assistant Professor Of Law For Criminal Justice. And Information About Law Students, Legal Profession, Human Rights Issues, Legal Research, Law Professor And More.

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Naomi Harlin Goodno: Assistant Professor of Law at Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, CA

  1. 1. LAWCROSSING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTH LAW STAR 1. 800.973.1177 Naomi Harlin Goodno: Assistant Professor of Law at Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, CA [By Kenneth Davis] Professor Naomi Harlin Goodno was in the eighth grade when she decided that she wanted a career in law, and the environment in which she grew up played a part in that decision.“I felt like it was a profession where it gave Goodno also helped with two trials while at thought in my life that I would want to teachyou the skills to really make a change or the firm. The first one was a wiretapping law students.”to make a difference,” she said. “I was one case, for which she assisted with trialof those idealistic first-year law students preparation. The second was a bench trial, in Goodno said two of the main factors in herthat really thought the skills I would learn which the firm’s client was being sued by his decision to continue teaching were thewould help make a change. And also, I grew former attorney for breach of contract. The students’ enthusiasm and the freedom sheup in a really bad neighborhood, and so I firm countersued for breach of fiduciary duty. had to research subjects that interested her.saw criminal justice issues firsthand, so tospeak.” “As the only associate on the case, I worked “[The students] were just so intelligent and it up for trial and also drafted the appellate energetic, and the first-years, in particular,Since she began practicing law seven years brief,” she said. “We won the bench trial, are so excited about being in law school,”ago, Goodno has gained a broad view of the which was appealed to the California she remarked. “And it was exciting to me, solegal profession, as she has seen it from two Appellate Court; we also won the appeal.” I loved that. And as far as the research sidevery different perspectives: a litigator’s and a goes, it’s just terrific. Whatever I’m interestedlaw professor’s. Before joining the faculty at Goodno explained why she joined Quinn in I can decide, on my own, to research. AndPepperdine University School of Law in 2003, Emanuel: I’ve just gotten interested in a bunch of humanshe worked as an associate for four years at rights issues, and my job allowed me to do it,litigation boutique Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart, “The reason why I went to that firm was and I went to Africa over the summer to workOliver & Hedges in its Los Angeles office. because it’s hard to get trial experience or with some attorneys in Kenya.”There, she worked on a number of civil and even in-court experience, depositions, orcriminal cases, including white-collar crime, anything like that with your larger firms,” Goodno teaches legal research and writing tobankruptcy, class action, breach of contract, she said. “I had a wonderful time at the firm, first-year law students. She also teaches anfraud, trademark, criminal embezzlement, and I learned so much. All of what I teach I academic support class in the spring calledand property and employment disputes. picked up from there.” “Supplemental Property.”Goodno said that she got a significant Goodno said she got into teaching “It is a class designated not really to teachamount of courtroom experience at Quinn accidentally and originally had no plans to properties but more to help students learnEmanuel. make a career of it. She had planned to work how to outline and prepare for exams,” for the U.S. Attorney’s Office after leaving she explained. “So it’s usually targeted for“I think for an associate at my level, I spent Quinn Emanuel but got sidetracked. students who apply because they think theya lot of time in court,” she said. “The last need the extra help maybe in getting outlinesyear I was at the firm, they let me run some “Initially, it was kind of by accident,” she together…those types of things.”smaller cases. Obviously, I had a partner said. “I heard about a position open atover me. But they were all mine, so I could Pepperdine, and I was thinking of just doing Additionally, Goodno started the Academicpretty much manage them how I wanted it for a year. And that was the same year I Success Program at Pepperdine this manage them. That was such a great was getting married, and I thought it would She said the program is designed to helpexperience.” be a nice job to have while I was planning first-year law students make the “transition my wedding. And then I just loved it. I never between college and law school.”PAGE continued on back
  2. 2. LAWCROSSING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTH LAW STAR 1. 800.973.1177“[For] students who come right out of college Goodno said that one of the things that she “The students love him!” Goodno exclaimed.and go to law school, the first semester is emphasizes in her classes is concise writing. “He’s very charismatic, and, of course, he’ssort of a shock because it’s a lot more like a a partner at a huge law firm. They’re veryjob,” she said. “I mean, you really do have to “There seems to be a real movement to write excited to hear what he has to say, and hework eight hours a day and go to class. So we very simple, straightforward [...] writing, backs me up on everything, which is reallytry to get them to treat it like a job right off which is hard for first-year law students,” nice.”the bat.” she said. “One reason is they’re coming out of college usually, so they’ve actually never Goodno said that this will be her last yearShe added that she and her colleagues been critiqued sentence by sentence, so teaching at Pepperdine, as she plans topresent lectures on how to take tests, and they tend to write [in a] long, flowery type clerk next year for the Ninth Circuit Court ofthey give students practice exams. They also of language. And they also read these cases Appeals.provide students with tips on how to study in their first semester of law school thatfor finals. are usually really old, and they’re written “I tell my students how important it is to in long sentences, and they’re hard to get do your clerkship,” she said. “And I feelGoodno said that in the first semester of through. And then, what we’re teaching them somewhat of a hypocrite because I never didher legal research and writing class, she is to write in plain English. I really wish that it myself, and I thought it would be a goodteaches objective writing, and in the second when I was in law school, somebody had opportunity for me.”semester, she teaches persuasive writing. taught me some tricks on how to just writeDuring the objective writing portion of the simple, plain, concise writing because, again, Although Goodno plans to go back tocourse, Goodno gives her students three I think more than ever, and even more so teaching after she finishes her clerkship,memos to write. when they graduate, it’s going to all be about she said it probably won’t be at Pepperdine the arguments made on paper [...]. I really because she and her husband are thinking“They’re hypothetical, but they’re usually think to be a successful attorney, you have about moving. She’s also not sure if she’llfun,” she said. “Like this year, we did a false to be able to write really well, not to just the continue to teach legal writing and research,imprisonment claim, and it was hypothetical. judges but also to your clients. Nowadays, so since she’d like to have more time to do herI had a law professor tell students that they many judges decide things on paper without own research.couldn’t leave the classroom, and we were really entertaining oral arguments.”wondering if they felt [...] that was false “Legal research and writing takes a lotimprisonment or not, and so they [had to] Goodno also explained what she teaches of time in the semester to grade paperswrite out a memo.” her students with regard to research to help because you’re giving so much feedback,” them achieve better and faster results: she explained. “And the only way you canGoodno said that during the persuasive really have your students learn is by givingwriting portion of her course, she has “We try to teach them just to really have good feedback. I’d like to just spend moreeach student write a motion for summary a plan and methodically approach it,” she time doing some research, so I’m hopingjudgment and then an appellate brief that said. “And eventually they’ll get there, and to teach substantive courses, which wouldusually involves a constitutional issue on if they have a plan, we try to emphasize that allow me time to do research on my own.which the student actually presents an oral they’ll get there a lot faster than just doing a But certainly, as a law school, I can’t speakargument in front of mock judges. random search. But I think even more than highly enough about my colleagues at when I was in law school, you know, because Pepperdine—a really good group of peopleIn addition, Goodno co-coaches Pepperdine’s of the Internet, they feel that they can type in who really care about their students.”trial advocacy teams. The school sends out one term and get what they need. And theythree teams every semester to different trial can, but it just takes three times longer and Goodno recently completed an articlecompetitions against other schools. three reams of paper.” on cyberstalking, which is scheduled to be published next spring in the Missouri“I’ve done it for three years, and we managed Goodno said she often invites her former Law Review. And she has another articleto win regionals a couple of times and win a colleagues from Quinn Emanuel to come about California’s Three Strikes Law thatcouple of other awards,” she said. “So that’s down and speak to her students. She said that is scheduled to be published in the Goldena lot of fun.” name partner Eric Emanuel has visited her Gate University Law Review next spring, as class every year since she began teaching. well. Furthermore, she is currently workingPAGE continued
  3. 3. LAWCROSSING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTH LAW STAR 1. 800.973.1177on an article about how “international law Hall School of Law in August of 1996 and “She deserves a lot of credit for being a greatis intercepting with criminal law and human graduated in May of 1998. She spent her last mother,” Goodno said. “She was really a bigrights issues.” year of law school studying at Harvard Law part of encouraging me to pursue a career School through the Harvard Law Exchange in law.”Goodno completed her undergraduate work Program. Goodno was also involved in theat Princeton University, graduating with an Harvard Mediation Program and worked as Goodno and her husband, who is anA.B. in History in 1995. Following graduation, an advocate in the domestic violence unit aerospace physicist, just celebrated theirshe taught for a year at King’s Kids Inner- of the Cambridge Police Department. She third anniversary. They don’t have anyCity High School Academy in Phoenix, AZ. joined Quinn Emanuel in September of 1999. kids yet, but they have what she calls aGoodno said the school was for troubled “Rottweiler cross-mutt that’s 80 pounds ofkids who had been involved in gang-related Goodno had the following advice for recent love.”crimes and were expelled from public law school graduates:schools. She had about 32 students in her ON THE NETclass, and their ages ranged from 14 to 20. “I would just say that they should not feel asGoodno taught her students history, English, if the only track for them is to be in a firm,” Pepperdine University School of Lawmath, and Spanish. she said. “You know, certainly it’s a great experience to have, and I would encourage“It was such a great experience for me,” she every law student after law school to maybe Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart, Oliver Hedgessaid. “But it was tough—tougher than any do some kind of work in the private industry student could ever be.” or at a firm. But I think they have to keep in mind [that] that certainly does not have Cambridge Police DepartmentOne of Goodno’s high school students went to be the end of their career. It can just be www.cambridgepolice.orgon to college and is now a social worker. a stepping stone to many other things. So I would say, ‘Keep your options open,’ because“She was the first in her family to ever I never in my wildest dreams thought I wouldgraduate high school,” Goodno said. “I mean, want to be a law professor or that I would bewe lost a couple back to the streets. But if able to be a law professor, but I’m doing it,you can see one success story, it’s worth it.” and it’s gratifying.”After her teaching assignment was up, Goodno was born in Albuquerque, NM. She wasGoodno began attending UC Berkeley’s Boalt an only child and was raised by her mother.PAGE