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Introduce It, Model It, Apply It


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Introduce It, Model It, Apply It

  1. 1. Internet Course Development Process (ICDW) LaWanda Burrell & Annette Gonzales Center for Teaching & Learning
  2. 2. Preparing for Online TeachingFaculty are required to complete three prerequisitesbefore being admitted into the Internet CourseDevelopment class.1. Complete the Blackboard Learning Series2. Read the CTL’s Internet Course Development Process packet3. Submit an Intent to Develop Internet Course form
  3. 3. Blackboard Learning Series• Bb Basics or Bb Procedures and Skills Review• Bb Communication Tools• Bb Assignment Tools• Bb Assessment ToolsThese workshops are offered online or inclassroom format.
  4. 4. Course Development PacketThe Course Development Packet includes:• a memo explaining the process to faculty• intent to develop internet course section proposal• Internet Course Development Agreement• Online teaching articles• Blackboard Learning Series Syllabi• Advanced Instructional Technology Series Syllabi• Instructional Design Learning Series Syllabi
  5. 5. Intent to Develop Internet Course Request FormAll faculty are required to submit an Intent toDevelop Internet Course Form with approvals from:• Department Chair• Dean• Center for Teaching & Learning• Faculty Association PresidentOnce approvals have been received, the faculty member isenrolled in the Internet Course Development Workshop.
  6. 6. Internet Course Development WorkshopIntroduce it! Model it! Apply it!
  7. 7. Internet Course Development WorkshopThe teaching format for the ICDW is based onfeedback from previous faculty participants andincludes the following four stages:• Introduction of the concept• Model how to apply the concept• This is how I do it in a face-to-face class• Revising for online delivery
  8. 8. Internet Course Development Workshop - demoLaWanda Burrell(Instructional Designer & facilitator of the ICDW)Bio: LaWanda has been in the Training andDevelopment field for over 12 years. She’sheld positions in both the education andcorporate sectors and is currently theInstructional Designer and adjunct facultymember at Moraine Valley CommunityCollege.
  9. 9. Workshop Guidelines• Six face to face meetings• Times are scheduled by faculty at first meeting• Four sessions are required (intro and synchronous )• Mastery Assessment Scale• Learning Activities (24 points to complete workshop)• Course Showcase• Design entire class (Recommended approach)• Stipend and certificate
  10. 10. Workshop LayoutModules of Instruction ⇒ Participant and Content Readiness ⇒ Course Communication ⇒ Instructional Design Methods and Principles ⇒ Course Organization ⇒ Course Content ⇒ Course Assessment ⇒ Course Evaluation
  11. 11. Introduce It!• Opening of Concept (Video, Cartoon, Quote, or Story)• Origin and importance of concept• Identify module learning outcomes• Identify module learning resources • Includes Supplemental Resources• Learning Activities (usually 3-4 per module)• Next module preview
  12. 12. Model It!• Show examples from other online instructors• Discuss best practices from the field• Provide internal and external resources• Instructors walk in the student shoes Ask about Face to Face (F2F) Course Outline Face to Face (F2F) process
  13. 13. Apply It!• F2F content is revised for online delivery• Learning objects are created• Self and Peer Evaluations• Course Climate Checks
  14. 14. Demonstration of Course
  15. 15. Thank You!LaWanda Burrell & Annette Gonzales Center for Teaching & Learning