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Zombies and the Law in a Socially Connected World


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This presentation is for entertainment purposes only and lays out some fundamental legal 101 on zombies and dealing with zombies, including a Quiz to find out if YOU are a zombie and what your rights are.

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Zombies and the Law in a Socially Connected World

  1. 1. Zombies,Social Media & Law: A Primer on Legal Issues Regarding the Dead, the Undead, &Those in Transition in a Socially-Connected World By: Zombie, Esq. @ZombieEsq
  2. 2. Disclaimer This presentation is offered for entertainmentpurposes only and does not constitute legal advice of any kind now known or ever to be invented inthe future for the living, the dead, the undead, and those in transition.Website screen shots are provided under the FairUse exception and no copyright infringement or trademark violations are intended.
  3. 3. Overview• Introduction• What is a Zombie?• Quiz: Are YOU a Zombie?• Legal Defenses for Dealing with Zombies• Legal Defenses IF You Are a Zombie• Zombie Rights & Advocacy• Zombies in a Socially-Connected World• Last Rites (Thoughts)• Q&A• Acknowledgments
  4. 4. Introduction My name is Zombie, Esq. and I am an attorney focusing on: • The rights of underprivileged human species in varying states of life and death; • Educating the public about the legal issues relating to zombie engagement, including criminal (i.e. murder, mutilation of corpses); • Intellectual property (costumes, makeup design, publicity rights); and • Civil rights (Zombie Freedom of Affiliation); etc.
  5. 5. What is a Zombie?A. A dead person that is brought back to life through a curse or a mutation.B. A person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton.C. A snake god worshiped in West Indian and Brazilian religious practices of African origin.D. A tall drink made typically with several kinds of rum, citrus juice, and often apricot liqueur.E. All of the above.
  6. 6. What is a Zombie?The answer is “E” – All of the above. But for ourdiscussion we will focus and elaborate on “A”.A zombie is a “person” that has transitioned (eitherdead or lost its humanness) and is brought back tolife through a curse (voodoo, necromancy) or amutation and has recovered some vital functionslike movement. 
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  7. 7. What is a Zombie?Zombies can be classified based on how theybecame a zombie – curse, genetic mutation,virus or supernatural reason.The Zombie Nation Website includes suchcategories as biological, metaphysical, chemical,technological, energy (or alien).
  8. 8. Are YOU a Zombie? QuizCan you move?Do you have dark circles under your eyes?Do you have blotchy grey spots all over your body?Do you have stains on your clothes – blood,ketchup, or other?Are your clothes in need of repair?Can you make any sounds other than moaning?Do you have a craving for walnuts, human fleshand/or organs?
  9. 9. Are YOU a Zombie? QuizIf you answered YES to two or more of thosequestions YOU may be a zombie.However, if you read and answered any of thequestions most likely YOU are NOT a zombie –most zombies have lost the ability to read, sincethey have lost the use of their brains.
  10. 10. Legal Defenses for Dealing with ZombiesLegally speaking, what is legal or not in regardsto dealing with Zombies depends on thejurisdiction you are in and how they definezombies.So do they consider zombies pests, domesticterrorists, enemies combatants, dead corpses,dangerous animal species, sick people?Depending on the definition different laws andstandards apply.
  11. 11. Legal Defenses for Dealing with ZombiesThe first question is always can you legally kill azombie?• Most state laws indicate you cannot kill something (or someone) that is already dead – so if they became a zombie after they died, go ahead, you are safe.• If they became a zombie due to an illness or virus and a cure is being worked on you may have to wait a while before you go out hunting.
  12. 12. Legal Defenses for Dealing with Zombies• Self-defense however is looked at as valid but you cannot protect yourself, your property or your loved ones with excessive force, so make sure it really was either you or the zombie.• Some states have laws against the mutilation of corpses, or discharging a fire arm within city limits, or disturbing the peace. Be aware of the regulations in your neighborhood, as well as any other territories you may be planning to escape to.
  13. 13. Legal Defenses for Dealing with ZombiesCan you train a zombie to do work for you?• It has been suggested that lobotomizing a zombie to remove their incessant hunger for human flesh would allow them to become peaceful and efficient workers• They would not require health benefits and their costs of living are nominal; so pay levels would be low.• Concerns over discrimination and harassment against or for zombies may become an issue.
  14. 14. Legal Defenses IF You Are a ZombieAmerican with Disabilities Act – if you wereinfected with a virus and your zombie-conditionis in fact related to the illness you may not beheld liable for your conduct, as you would nothave the mens rea (mental reasoning) to controlyour actions if you are ever cured.
  15. 15. Legal Defenses IF You Are a ZombieInsanity Defense – No one in their right mindwould do what you do as a zombie – eatingbrains, dismembering live people, chasingbuzzards away from recently deceased corpses –so no jury in their right mind would withhold averdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. That’sjust crazy!
  16. 16. Legal Defenses IF You Are a ZombieSelf Defense for a Hate Crime – you did notmean to injure that person, you were only tryingto make friends, but they saw you andstereotyped you and proceeded to hit you witha steel pipe on your head so you had to defendyourself.It also did not help that zombie-speak is nottaught in mainstream schools, so the person didnot understand your moans to them to stop.
  17. 17. Zombie Rights and AdvocacyCitizenship and Voting Rights – most of us aretaught that the only way to change the system isto be part of it - but there is currently noZombie Suffrage bills being presented inCongress.Not to despair there are plenty of Zombie RightsAdvocacy groups taking up the fight.
  18. 18. Zombie Rights and Advocacy• Association of Americans Returned from the Grave (AARG)• Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (CURE)• Minnesota Zombie Rights Activists• People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies (PETZ)• Society for the Preservation of Zombie Rights• Zombie Rights Campaign
  19. 19. Zombie Rights and AdvocacyAssociation of Americans Returned from the Grave (AARG)
  20. 20. Zombie Rights and Advocacy Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (CURE)
  21. 21. Zombie Rights and Advocacy Minnesota Zombie Rights Activists zombie-rights-activists/
  22. 22. Zombie Rights and Advocacy People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies (PETZ)
  23. 23. Zombie Rights and Advocacy Society for the Preservation of Zombie Rights
  24. 24. Zombie Rights and Advocacy Zombie Rights Campaign
  25. 25. Zombies in a Socially-Connected WorldA few things to consider when it comes to zombies andsocial media.• You can be held liable for what you post on social media sites, like Facebook® and Twitter®. You do not want to be sued for defamation for calling someone a Zombie when he/she is not one. Make sure to have a medical examiner report indicating such status of your false comment can land you in hot water.• And don’t use the “I’m a zombie” excuse to not go to work and have a photo of you partying on Facebook.
  26. 26. Zombies in a Socially-Connected World• If you are a Zombie and using social media make sure that you are what you say you are. The Federal Trade Commission has issued a noticed that they will be cramping down on fraudulent credentials on social media profiles. So make sure your LinkedIn® photo is one taken after you became a Zombie, not the before “human” one of 5 years ago. And update your current position. Falsifying your information can lead to being fined for false advertising.
  27. 27. Last Rites (thoughts)Of course there are those that say if we were to beexperiencing a true Zombie Apocalypse rule of lawwould break down, as survival would become the onlypriority.I implore you that if you are preparing for such anevent to take place that you also prepare your mindand retain your sensibility and sense of humanness.For if not, the most dangerous things out there won’tbe the zombies!
  28. 28. Last Rites (thoughts)It is important to note that zombie law and lawsapplicable to zombies is a new and evolving practicearea of law.This presentation offers information that was verifiedand up to date at the time of its publication.We appreciate any updates that you may have ornotices on any new laws or developments in this legalarea that you may become aware of.
  29. 29. Q&A If you have questions relating to this presentation, or any zombie legalities send them to Questions will be reviewed andselected answers will be posted on the Zombie, Esq Facebook ® Fan Page at
  30. 30. Q&A I’ll post and answer this one before it comes up, since I know it is on all your minds- Why don’t Zombies eat lawyers?A. Don’t like the taste – too bitter.B. They think lawyers have no hearts so they’re just like them.C. Zombies understand Lawyers can help them and you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.D. All of the aboveE. You can think of many others – share them
  31. 31. More ResourcesZombiepocalypse and the Law (A FAQ) by Daniel Peters and the Constitution by Mike Dorf of Zombie Killing by The High Road Nutrition: 5 Brainy Foods to Add to Your Diet
  32. 32. More ResourcesFor an awesome Big Zombie Tour highlighting different location sites used forthe filming of Zombieland, The Walking Dead, and other fabulous moviesaround the Atlanta, Georgia area, visit Atlanta Movie Tours. Tell Patti andCarrie that Zombie, Esq. sent you.
  33. 33. Acknowledgements Zombie, Esq. is a fictional character created by Deborah Gonzalez, Esq., a real attorney, who focuses her practice on intellectual property in the arts, music, and entertainment industries. You can find out more about her practice at