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Presentation for David Mink

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Mink insurance

  1. 1. Mink Insurance Online marketing A proposal by WordJack Media
  2. 2. 1. The importance of online marketing 2. Your online marketing presence 3. What WordJack does 4. Our proposal WordJack Media appreciates the opportunity to present our online marketing credentials and proposal. AgendaAgenda
  3. 3. Internet has changed the way customers shopInternet has changed the way customers shop Fact: 80% of Canadians source information for purchase decisions using an Internet search engine
  4. 4. Online marketing creates more visibility, more leads and more customers Why being found online matters?Why being found online matters?
  5. 5. Social media creates more visibility, more leads and more customers Why social media matters?Why social media matters?
  6. 6. Local companies in early stages of online marketing: – All/most have websites • Websites visited are not well optimized for SEO – Many rely on corporate website page • State Farm • Co-operators – Most rely on aggregators & corporate sites to be found • A number of association aggregators serving industry • Traditional aggregators dominate online search results (SEO) – Yellow Pages – 411 – ShopMidland – No insurance company is active in social media (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc) • Opportunity to reach & attract new customers What we found for “insurance” Online Marketing activity in MidlandOnline Marketing activity in Midland
  7. 7. Google ranking for Midland searches Insurance in MidlandInsurance in Midland
  8. 8. Insurance in MidlandInsurance in Midland Commercial Insurance keywords
  9. 9. Google ranking Insurance Broker….. Adjacent marketsInsurance Broker….. Adjacent markets
  10. 10. www.minkinsurance.com • User friendly, easy to navigate, content rich • Dated design/structure does not engage user – Home page poorly designed for SEO – Content buried deep in tabs • Rankings for Google keyword searches are not good – Keyword content not optimized for SEO – Website coding not optimized for SEO – No inbound links found on site – No blog on site, – Not present/active on key social media – No video on site or YouTube – No testimonials on site What we found online Mink InsuranceMink Insurance
  11. 11. • Dedicated to helping a local firms “win on the web” • Limit number of clients in each market • A Simcoe county company with global resources > Collingwood, Boston, Miami, Melbourne • 150 customers and growing • 15 fulltime employees and growing • A network of digital specialists WordJack is a different marketing agency focused exclusively on local businesses WordJack can helpWordJack can help
  12. 12. What we doWhat we do WordJack provides full online marketing service to insure clients win on the web.
  13. 13. Some of the best family businesses in North America Chains & Franchises Online BusinessesLocal Businesses Our clientsOur clients
  14. 14. Dynamic website creation Why? • Most local businesses are under- served by their website Our Approach • 100% client owned • Three concepts within 14 days • Full service content creation • Build for SEO optimization • User friendly WordPress platform • Fully WordJack managed • Mobile friendly • AND, it’s optional WordJack offersWordJack offers
  15. 15. Local SEO expertise Why? • New business generator • Google continues to be the dominant source for search but not the only one • ROI from best practice SEO is high Our Approach • Both onsite & offsite optimization • Full service includes keyword analysis, content writing, linkbuilding, review solicitation & social bookmarking • Optimized for Google, Bing, Yahoo, & social search WordJack offersWordJack offers
  16. 16. Full service social media marketing Why? • Drives new & referral business • Social search is changing the game – SEO impact & feeder to website Our Approach • Full service includes setup, strategy, content generation & monitoring • Unique followership campaigns to expand reach • Targeted campaigns for promotions, specials & events • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube & LinkedIn….. WordJack offersWordJack offers
  17. 17. Direct marketing campaigns Why? • Reach new & loyal customers • Growing business online isn’t a passive activity, you have to go get it! Our Approach • Pay-per-click campaigns • Email newsletters • Promotion & offer distribution • PR releases WordJack offersWordJack offers
  18. 18. Advice, training, analysis & support Why? • Online marketing changes rapidly • It’s not only what you do, but how you do it • Not every option works for every business • You get smarter & stay in control Our Approach • Dedicated Web Marketing Manager • Regular & frequent communication • Honest & clear reporting with personalized analysis • Advice & recommendations • Responsive & flexible forward plans WordJack offersWordJack offers
  19. 19. A custom marketing program focused on the core pillars of web success What to expectWhat to expect
  20. 20. Mink Insurance RecommendationMink Insurance Recommendation WordJack will provide a fully integrated digital marketing program including full website design and ongoing marketing services Mink Insurance Website •15 – 20 pages – Home – Products & Service landing pages • Quotation forms – Resources – Blog •Full on page optimization •Full SEO copywriting •Email accounts & hosting TBD •Google analytics setup •Montage video for site & YouTube •All completed in ~8 weeks Marketing Program •Create & manage all social media activity • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, and industry profiles •Presence management & SEO •Ongoing creation of all content & keyword optimization •Social media integration & management] •Social media followership campaigns •Traffic generation campaigns •Email marketing campaigns •Full analysis & support
  21. 21. A large city agency at rates affordable for local business owners Website Development (one time fee) $1500 Online marketing service (monthly fee one location) 12 months 6 month Full service program $700 $750 WordJack pricingWordJack pricing
  22. 22. Dano is the best, the response to his work on my behalf is phenomenal & I'm impressed to say the least. The first three months has net $20,000 in revenue over last year's sales & another shop owner was wanting to know how I'm everywhere on the web. Try it, you'll like it. - Keith @ Taylor's Sport-N-Import I have been overwhelmed with trying to "get ahead" of the web advertising game for years in a world that is frankly "over my head". After hearing about WordJack through a trusted and established representative, I knew this was the answer to my worries. Since starting with WordJack I am amazed why anyone would do this on their own. It has relieved so much of my stress and I am thorough pleased with the results. The team that works for us, is in constant contact and always knowing in which direction we should go next. Our work has increased and we are presently looking to hire more technicians. - Amy @ Minyard Plumbing What others are sayingWhat others are saying
  23. 23. The best thing about WordJack so far is the customer service they give their clients. Our reps, Dano, Jack and Bonnie have been very prompt with anything I asked of them and they have went above and beyond on what they said they could do. They are helping us design new logos, menus and ads. I highly recommend them for any business interested in increasing sales. Last year we decided to significantly reduce our advertising program with the yellow pages and re-invest the money online. In fact, we reduced our overall yellow pages budget by 25%. We chose WordJack Media to help us with our online strategy and the results have been great. Not only, were we able to “cover” any lost yellow pages business but we’ve actually seen a significant increase in customers . Our website is ranking on the first page of Google for at least ten different keywords. We’ve averaged 650+ visits to our online landing pages and we currently have over 2,400 social media followers. - Grady @ Queens Landing - Charity @ Climate Control Systems What others are sayingWhat others are saying
  24. 24. Contact us with your questions Larry Jackson Carol Millar carol@wordjack.com (705) 888-6609 larry.jackson@rogers.com (705) 445-2700 Thank youThank you