Guard tour management


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Solus Guard Tour Management

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Guard tour management

  1. 1. Solus Guard TourManagement System Company LOGO
  2. 2. CompanyLOGO Overview Solus Guard Tour management system is designed for managing and monitoring Text Security Guards of an organization. This system records the activities of the Text security Guards to determine if they are making their tours, when they should, and to verify that they are covering all portions of their tour. Text
  3. 3. CompanyLOGO Features 1. Web Based Application. 2. Security Guard Tracking. 3. Easy Location wise Tour creation. 4. Effective Tour Scheduling. 5. Report generation. 6. Alarm generation for late, early and missed events.
  4. 4. CompanyLOGO Functionality1. In this system, existing Readers are sequenced as Guard check points.2. The Tour is associated with a Location, Readers, and travelling time between the Readers is assigned.3. The Security Guard associated with the Tour has to check at the mapped Doors for the specified number of cycles.4. The Security Guard must also consider the timings and check the access points within the configured time.5. If the times defined in the tour are not met within the time allotted, an alarm shall be sent to the monitor.6. All actions of the Security Guards will be recorded for analysis.
  5. 5. CompanyLOGO Tour Creation  A Tour is defined as a route of a Security Guard.  A tour consists of series of checkpoints/Readers that a guard shall check during a Tour.  The Access points are arranged in sequence within which they must be visited.  The Access points are timed sequentially allowing maximum and minimum time between Readers with +/- tolerance.  The Tour is configured to raised alarms for Early,late and missed transactions.
  6. 6. CompanyLOGO Tour Creation Module TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT
  7. 7. CompanyLOGO Tour Scheduling Tour Scheduling is associating the Tour to Security Guards and defining the number of times the Access points should be visited. When scheduling a tour, a list of Tours can be scheduled at a specific time. Tour is said to be completed successfully if the Security Guard has visited the Access points for the specified number of cycles.
  8. 8. CompanyLOGO Tour Scheduling Module TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TET
  9. 9. CompanyLOGO Report Generation The system provides comprehensive reporting facility to assist the management to analyze Security guard performance. The system provides the facility to view, 1. Tour Summary. 2. Tour Exception Report: Early arrivals, late arrivals and missed events. TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT
  10. 10. Solus Guard TourMonitoring System Company LOGO
  11. 11. CompanyLOGO Overview Solus Guard Tour monitoring application is a Windows based application which constantly monitors Guard tours and generates alarms for Tour events like late, early and missed checks.
  12. 12. CompanyLOGO Features 1. Windows Based Application. 2. Security Guard Tracking. 3. Live Progress display. 4. Alarm generation for late ,early and missed checks.5.Real time monitoring of late ,early and missed checks.
  13. 13. CompanyLOGO View Tour wise Details TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TET
  14. 14. CompanyLOGO View Event Wise Details TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TET
  15. 15. CompanyLOGO Guard Tour Status DetailsGuard Tour Details screen –Displays ongoing Tour details andalso displays which guard has reached which access point andwhen. TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TET
  16. 16. CompanyLOGO Benefits Real-Time Operation. Easier planning of Tours. Live Progress Display. Uses existing Readers as access points. Quicker response in times of emergencies.
  17. 17. CompanyLOGO Thank You!