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Midterm for Advanced Online Searching; hypothetical client situation.

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Libr245 f russell_midterm

  1. 1. What are the Connections Between Barbie, Bolivia, and Cocaine? Fawn Russell LIBR245 Case Study/Research Scenario Spring 2012
  2. 2. Background• Mr. Najowski is a political science major looking for more articles to include in his thesis.• A general-to-specific approach, finding general definitions for terms and background on the topic.• Several different points of access.• Finished search results to be presentedand delivered via e-mail containing the following in a .doc format: – Table of contents – Results summary – References of Raw Data – Relevant Results, including Raw Data
  3. 3. Search Strategy• Approach this research project from a general-to-specific perspective.• The term concept of Klaus Barbie: a former S.S. Gestapo of Lyons during World War 2; known as the Butcher of Lyon.Relocated to Bolivia and changed his name to Klaus Alltman.Search Engines• Dogpile: a metadata engine that brings much of the same information as Google search;, but also pulls from other engines; such as Yahoo and Bing.• GoogleScholar: a free search engine of academic or peer- reviewed articles and documents. Whilst the search is free, generally the articles are not.
  4. 4. Search StrategyOnline Databases• DialogClassic: Allowing for refined terms and publishing years in specificity. Drawing from many international sources, Dialog is for collecting full text articles. OneSearch function gives accessibility to multiple databases simultaneously.• JSTOR: Used for most academic research. Provided by most university libraries. 1 million primary sources and images with access to thousands of journals.• ESCOHOST: An additional service available called Academic Search Premier, specializing in only peer-reviewed journal articles, abstracts and full text published studies.
  5. 5. Steps in Conducting Research• An initial metadata search with Dogpile collected basic information regarding the topic; many blogs or online encyclopedia articles which could be gleaned for main terms or concepts related to the topic.• Google Scholar also revealed many resources, but almost all results shown had limited accessibility and required a paid subscription or purchase for a copy of the full text.• EBSCOHOSTs Academic Search Premier pulled up the exact same documents as Google Scholar; I was able to save and retrieve the full texts through EBSCOHOST through the subscription service available. The advanced search function, narrowed the search to only include results available in the English language, articles only selected to keep book reviews out of the retrieval list, and narrowed the years to 1972- 1999; since Klaus Babrie died in the 1990s.• JSTOR produced relevant results as well. Using the advanced search function with the same terms as the EBSCOHOST search, the articles were very similar with the exception of less documents and in a PDF format.
  6. 6. Steps in Conducting Research• In DialogClassic, Klaus Barbie as a term used in combination with Bolivia narrowed down the geographical area.• Linking Barbie to cocaine, and used in conjunction with Klaus Barbie and Bolivia, the information was heavily saturated about other persons involved in drug trafficking. Performing searches with and without the term cocaine provided many of the same documents as well.
  7. 7. Summary for the Client• All those who were involved in the paramilitary coup with Barbie had enterprises in several areas of corruption including cocaine trafficking to help raise funds for the political maneuver.• Barbie was more involved in the trafficking of arms, training and advising in the overthrowing of the Bolivian government.• Some speculation about U.S. involvement with Klaus Barbie after his move to South America; there is mention of sympathetic relations with the CIA due to Barbies anti-communist sentiments.• Barbies involvement with many illegal activities and the level of power he had accumulated living in exile provided enough attention of the right authorities for apprehension and arrest of the “Butcher of Lyon”.• He died in a French cell, riddled with cancer, and alone.
  8. 8. Client Comments• None as of yet.
  9. 9. ReferencesAn upstanding citizen. (March 19, 1973). Time, 0040781X,, Vol. 101, Issue 12. Retrieved from EBSCOHOST, Academic Search Premier on 3/22/2012.Binder, Guyora. (May, 1989). Representing nazism: advocacy and identity at the trial of Klaus Barbie. The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 98, No. 7 pp. 1321-1383. Retrieved from on 3/20/2012.Callan, Paul. (September 02, 2008). The nazi cocaine connection. Express Newspapers, Ltd. Retrieved from DialogClassic, Dialog Global Reporter on 3/20/2012Cole, Richard. . (August 11, 1984). Nazi-linked cocaine minister found guilty. Associated Press. Retrieved from DialogClassic, APNEWS on 3/20/2012.Cocaine minister takes stand, denies abuses, trafficking . (January 08, 1991). Associated Press. Retrieved from DialogClassic, APNEWS on 3/20/2012.Lawyer confirms role in death plot on barbie. (1985, Jan 24). New York Times, pp. A.3-A.3. Retrieved from on 3/17/2012. McFarren, Peter. . (August 11, 1984). The government says two neo-Nazis it has arrestd received instructions from Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie to organize paramilitary groups and seize power. Associated Press. Retrieved from DialogClassic, APNEWS on 3/20/2012.Scott, Peter Dale. (Autumn, 1985). Why no one could find mengele: Allen Dulles and the German SS. Three Penny Review. No. 23, pp. 16-18. Retrieved from on 3/20/2012.Smith, David. (December 23, 2007). News: Barbie boasted of hunting down Che: The CIA made use of a Nazi war criminals anti-guerrilla skills. Guardian Newspapers Ltd. Retrieved from DialogClassic, Dialog Global Reporter on 3/20/2012.
  10. 10. Relevant ResultsGoogle Search, query: Klaus Barbie and Bolivia, about 253,000 results Bolivia Web – The Outsider – Klaus Barbie - Jun 20, Foreigners who made history, for better or for worse, while living in Bolivia. From Nazi Criminal to Postwar Spy: German Intelligence,1518,740393,00.htmlJan 20, 2011 – Klaus Barbie was a notorious Nazi war criminal known asthe "Butcher of Lyon" ... BND intelligence agency while in hiding in Bolivia afterthe war. Klaus Barbie Barbie was born in Bad Godesberg, near Bonn, October 25, 1913. ...Klaus Barbie was identified in Bolivia at least as early as 1971 by the Nazihunters ...
  11. 11. Relevant ResultsGoogleScholar Search, query: Klaus Barbie and Bolivia, about 157 results Representing Nazism: Advocacy and Identity at the Trial of Klaus Barbie Binder - Yale LJ, 1988 - HeinOnline... Entering the timber trade, Barbie became a Bolivian citizen in 1957 under the name of Klaus Alt- mann. In 1961 he was identified by German prosecutors, who informed the French security services in 1963. However, neither country had an extradition treaty with Bolivia. ... Denaturalization of Nazi war criminals in the United States:is justice being served Lippman - Hous. J. Intl. L., 1984 - HeinOnline... The Bolivian regimes willingness to extradite Barbie may have been influenced by a French offer to assist in the liquidation of Bolivias international debt and to donate wheat to Bolivia. Bower,supra note 9, at 219; E. Dabringhaus, Klaus Barbie. ... Klaus Barbie was born in Bad Godesberg, near Bonn, October 25, 1913. ... Klaus Barbie was identified in Bolivia at least as early as 1971 by the Nazi hunters ...
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