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  1. 1. MissionThe mission of Skyline EducationGroup is to provide its studentswith the best professional careerprospects in the emerging global workplace and to equip themfor more effective and organised contribution to their chosen professional fields.
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  3. 3. From the Director’s DeskOur journey of over a decade and a half has seen one of the most dramatic and far reachingchanges in both business and society. From lack of information and access to quality Institutesin 1996 when we first started on our mission, students now face an information overload andface inability to discern quality Institutes from the others.At Skyline Business School we take pains to provide students a learning environment whichnecessarily takes them to the next level and makes them lifelong learners. Through these pageswe provide a glimpse of this learning path where students get best pedagogical inputs from afaculty pool that has premier educational backgrounds and experiences in some of the bestnames in the Industry.The education at Skyline does not end with the course curriculum, it extends to practicalapplication of the skills learnt via internships, seminars & live projects. Exposure to corporateevents are high and details are provided in the pages ahead. In addition we expect our studentsto pass out and go beyond the scope of their defined job roles and work for the purpose ofdevelopment of society and prove themselves as more responsible and ethical human resourcesfor the organization and society.Students are provided inputs and made ready for the competitive world in a global, heterogenousand perhaps multi cultural world. Each student is mentored and ’ leadership traits are nurturedto enable students to shoulder increasing responsibilities, and prepare them to face difficultsituations objectively.We have great sense of satisfaction in what has been accomplished till now, when we seeindustry seeking our students for placements and projects throughout the year’ and when wesee various surveys consistently validating our improved standings year after year. Never theless, the journey to stay ahead has only begun. The opportunity for learning is limitless.At Skyline we help you to graduate to the new world.We welcome you to be part of our vision. 3
  4. 4. A Profile Skyline Education Group comprises of Skyline Business School, Skyline School of Communication and Skyline Institute of Travel and Tourism. The mission of Skyline is to provide its students with the best professional career prospects in the emerging global workplace and to equip them for more effective and organised contribution to their chosen professions and fields. Skyline Business School is one of the premier B-schools in India. It was set up in India in 1996 with a view to providing global & relevant curriculum for the emerging international business sectors. Presently Skyline Business School offers BBA & MBA Industry Integrated regular degree programmmes of Maharshi Dayanand University a UGC recognized state university of Haryana.As per the the most credible Best B School Rankings covering all management Institutes in India we are placed in the top 100 band of B schools as shown in the recent rankings table. Skyline Business School is now on the verge of expansion and has been allotted a campus of 4 acres in the Haryana Government’s prestigious RGEC (Rajiv Gandhi Educational City) just 15kms from North Delhi. Skyline offers its students very comprehensive curricula with a host of advantages such as: High level of student care. Specialisations in high growth areas with opportunities to do live projects with MNCs and top Indian corporates. Most updated and relevant curriculum, with weekly Seminars, Business Quiz sessions, innovative corporate successes presentations. Faculty mostly comprises IIM-A, B and C Alumni with rich corporate experience. Specialised courses are taught by Industry experts. State-of-the-art library with 3600 journals online. Highly active placement cell. Wi Fi Campus with all classrooms networked and fitted with LCD projectors and air conditioned.4
  5. 5. Courses OfferedPost Graduate Courses PGP MBA (Industry Integrated) from UGC (Full time / Weekend) (11 months duration recognized University each) )) Marketing Managementand/or PGP level I / II (11 months duration each) )) Financeand/ or PGDM (AICTE approved) of AIMA )) Human Resource Management )) TourismFollowing specializations are offered: )) Banking & Finance )) Marketing )) Internet & Digital Marketing )) Human Resource Management )) Real Estate Management )) International Business )) Supply Chain Management )) Finance )) Event Management )) Banking )) Advertising & Communication )) Retail Operations )) Financial Planning & Wealth )) Tourism )) Information Systems Management MBA Financial Markets (Industry Integrated) Graduate Courses from UGC recognized Universityand/or PGP Financial Markets level I / II BBA (Industry Integrated) from UGC recognized University(11 months duration each) + NSE Certification and/or Graduate Programme in Business Master of Tourism Mgt. (Industry Integrated) Management with specialisation from UGC recognized University - MTM )) Marketingand/or PGT level I / II (11 months duration each) )) Finance MBA Weekend )) International Business Executive MBA* )) Tourism 2 Year Post Graduate Programme in Travel & BBA Financial Markets (Industry Integrated) Tourism from UGC recognized University 1 Year Programme in Travel & Tourism and/or Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets + NSE Certification Bachelor of Tourism Mgt. (Industry Integrated) from UGC recognized University - BTM and/or Graduate Programme in Travel & Tourism.Degree programmes are of a UGC recognized university. The PGPs (11 Months each) / Diplomas are Institute’s ownand autonomous programmes. They are aimed at enhancing employment potential through full fledged academicsupport and comprehensive personality development programmes. 5
  6. 6. Courses and Programmes Business management subjects are taught with specialised and in depth knowledge in International Business, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Tourism, Human Resources Management and Insurance. Travel and Tourism specialisations with modules relating to Travel Marketing, Tourism Impacts, Fares & Ticketing, Computerised Reservation System, Travel Agency & Tour Operations, Basic Airport Services and ecotourism. Journalism and Mass Communication courses with specialisations in print and audio and visual media (including Internet). Allied subjects : Economics, Quantitative Methods, Accounting, HRM. Basic skills of independent learning, time management, communicative competence, Information Technology, Seminars, Presentations. Corporate Readiness Programme including oral communication skills, body language and dress codes, corporate etiquettes and interview skills. Social awareness projects have been incorporated in the curriculum to help build awareness and cultivate social consciousness. Academic Standard Assurance Courses are available for both undergraduates & postgraduates in the above mentioned areas. Internationally comparable syllabus. Modern learning methods & technology. Experienced and qualified Academic staff. Renowned Guest lectures. Manageable class size. Participative / activity based teaching. Emphasis on learning outcomes of each element of a unit / course. Social and Environment Projects A new initiative on inducting each student to social awareness, a 3-credit paper has been introduced across all batches and courses as a compulsory assessment. Students are encouraged to work on grassroot level projects and prepare to give back to society, so that an Individual’s growth is not counterproductive to society needs, and growth is all inclusive.6
  7. 7. Learning OutcomesThe range of learning outcomes achieved by students on the programme will vary according to theirAward. As students progress towards their final levels of study, they will be expected to demonstratean increasingly sophisticated level of understanding, analysis and evidence of the synthesis of theoryand practice and are expected to be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the functional areas of business; Use the practical vocabularies of a variety of business disciplines in an appropriate manner; Handle issues from a variety of viewpoints; Understand and evaluate theoretical frameworks; Undertake a piece of appropriate independent research; Analyse and suggest appropriate responses to organisational issues; Identify appropriate practical strategies; Develop capabilities in working with and managing others; Construct, analyse and evaluate different forms of arguments and present them in a logical and coherent manner.Personal Skills and QualitiesDuring the stipulated periods of study, several soft skills are also developed in the students leading totheir ability to: Learn, work and pursue specific objectives in a manner which is both self motivated and responsive to appropriate tasks; Manage their time effectively, thereby achieving their objectives within set deadlines; Take a critical stance with regard to opinion and evidence; Co-operate with and function effectively within a team; Anticipate problems and take on responsibility for devising solutions; Organise and work for social organisations and projects. 7
  8. 8. Assessment Throughout the individual programmes, assessment methods at Skyline Business School are designed to enable students to develop their own potential and permit a close working relationship between the learning experience and individual assessment. Aim of Assessment The aim of the assessment is to test whether the student has achieved the stated learning outcomes for the Programme as a whole and the specific unit in particular. Principles The assessment of the course is governed by a number of principles: With the exception of the independent study, all units are normally assessed by a combination of course work, assessment and formal examination weighted in each unit generally at 50:50 though it may be changed from time to time and from course to course; Each course work incorporates periodic tests, which will be part of the written unit and therefore, prescribed at its commencement; each unit will also include deadlines for the presentation of the course work; The Independent Study must be in an area that is relevant to the named Award. Grading Policy Marks Grade Grade Point Description 70 or above A 4 Very Good 60 - 69 B 3 Good 50 - 59 C 2 Average 40 - 49 D 1 Pass Below 40 F 0 Fail Those students attaining grade ‘D’ or ‘F’ are given an opportunity to improve their grade within a stipulated period of time. This grading policy may differ between courses.8
  9. 9. Assessment WeightageTypical assessment and attendance criteria may be as shown here under. Sr No. Break-up of Weightage Description Evaluation Criteria 1. Attendance 10% * Total classes attended shall add upto 10% marks 2. Presentation/Case 10% Subject specific at the discretion of the faculty Study 3. Internal Examination 1 15% Eg: If a student scores 80 in a 100 marks paper, it would add 80% of 15 marks i.e. 12 marks to the final score 4. Internal Examination 2 15% Eg: If a student scores 20 in a 50 marks paper, it would add 40% of 15 marks i.e. 6 marks to the final score Total of Internal 50% This is the sum-total of all the internal assessments Assessment Class Interaction 5% To the discretion of the faculty wherever necessary from 2 to 4 5. Final Examination 50% Eg: If a student scores 50 in a 100 marks paper, it (External) would add 50% of 50 marks i.e.25 marks to the final scores Total 100% This is the sum-total of all the internal plus external assessments* Activity a student can use this to add 5 participation marks to the total of his/her internal assessment results if he/she has 100% activity participation and has interacted in the classes satisfactorily. Not available to students failing in the internal evaluation i.e. scoring less than 25 out of 50 The weightage given to each component may vary from course to course. University examinations are conducted separately and degree is awarded by the University. 9
  10. 10. Relevance of Academic Information and Grading Policy A student’s final course grade will be determined by consideration of the following factors: 1. Attendance: 75% attendance is compulsory for all classes. This facilitates interaction with the instructor and fellow students as highest level of learning is achieved by this method. Students who do not have the requisite 75% attendance in each paper are barred from the final examination of that unit. 2. Reading: Every student is expected to have thoroughly read and reviewed all reading assignments from the required text or other reference material. 3. Discussion: Students must participate in regular classroom discussions as concepts are cleared and fresh perspectives are formed. 4. Testing and Writing Projects: Students will complete online tests for online courses and case studies for offline courses. 5. Assignments: Students complete group and individual assignments for the course. Group projects inculcate team spirit. 6. Seminars: Students are expected to attend maximum number of seminars by guest faculty, weekly quizzes, as well as seminars conducted outside where Skyline students are sent. Attendance in external seminars attracts bonus points. All of these methods help students in maximising their learning, particularly as they are able to see direct linkages between theory and practice.10
  11. 11. Skill EnhancementMany students generally display limitedskill sets. It has been Skyline’s endeavourto maximise each student’s professional& social skills and prepare them forresponsible positions at the place of work.Management games bring out those areaswhich need most attention, among thembeing communication (written, verbal andbody language), personal presentations,ability to work in teams, leadership &qualities of tolerance. HR experts also givetraining by identifying attitudes as well aspersonal goals and drivers. In each semesterspecial emphasis is also laid on corporaterequirements and ability to understandeach incumbency, face competition andsustain positions, as well as the ability tostay updated in the changing environmentand stay ahead in knowledge of the relevantwork area.Mock interviews and group discussionsare held / conducted to test whether thestudents have been able to develop theskills they initially lacked. Students are alsoencouraged to participate in inter collegeevents on areas of professional competencelike business quizzes, paper presentations,business plans and advertising events.Student are engaged with leading corporatesfor live projects. 11
  12. 12. Academic & Cultural Committees and Groups Students take part in organising several academic and non academic activities and can opt for or be nominated to any of the following committees: Placement Committee; Student PR Committee; Sports Committee; Literary Committee; Quiz Committee; Adventure Committee; Industry Relations Committee; Cultural Committee; Student Affairs Committee. Trips and Excursions To provide relief from the strenuous course requirements students are encouraged to go on trips and excursions organised jointly by the students and the Institute. These trips also help in creating closer bonds between students and faculty and between peer groups. Apart from cultivating organisational capabilities in students, these activities provide a practical educational experience and develop other soft skills such as sporting spirit, discipline, behavioural norms and group dynamics. In the past students have been to: Sharjah / Dubai for Inter College Cricket Matches Dam Dama Lake Dubai Shopping Experience Jungle Safari River Rafting Kullu Manali - Hill experience Desert Safari Nainital and Jim Corbett Park Neemrana and Austrian Ropeway Adventure sports in Rajasthan List of special student functions Freshers Get together Outstation Trips Orientation week Regular participation in TV Talk show Annual Festival Man Zeal Farewell Evening Cricket Match Weekly event hour for cultural activities & talent spotting Football Match12
  13. 13. Learning and Support ServicesTwo Campuses in India First campus set up in 1996, in the heart of South Delhi, well connected by public transport (close to proposed metro station). Second campus set up in 2006, in the heart of New Gurgaon in Sector 44, Institutional Area, well connected and close to NH8.One Campus in UAE First campus of the Skyline Education Group was set up in Sharjah, UAE in 1990 and is now the Skyline University College UAE.Upcoming Campus in RGEC Skyline Education Group has been allotted land in Rajiv Gandhi Educational City (RGEC) on National Highway 1, just 15 kms from Delhi. RGEC Haryana is proposed as the largest educational hub in India.Library & IT facilities Comprehensive library with more than 10000 volumes of latest Books, Internet, CD-ROMS, Video & Audio Tapes. Computer Labs with high speed 128 Kbps Internet connectivity on all machines. 1200 Journals online. Classrooms equipped with audio/video facilities and LCD projectors. Fully airconditioned campus. Wi Fi Campus.Sports FacilitiesTennis, Volleyball, Gymnasium, Cricket, Football and Basketball facilities available on campus (inDelhi) on shared basis.Hostel FacilitiesHostel for girls and boys with ultra modern facilities and all services in residential neighborhoodoutsourced to professionals with boarding and lodging and preferential facilities to suit individuals.Other FacilitiesCommon Room with indoor sports including Pool Table, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, and Snack Baron Campus. 13
  14. 14. Faculty Development Programmes & Off-Campus Seminars 2010-11 MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) Conference on “Renewable Energy for Educational Sector” at Mosaic Hotel, Noida AFCON Indian Financial Sector- “Agenda for Reforms” at Hotel Shangri La National HRD Network with TiE Delhi NCR at India Habitat Centre 7th Young Managers’ Conference 2011 “Young Leaders - Success Code” at India Habitat Centre Panel Discussion on “Future of Education” at Birla Vidya Niketan Directors’ Conclave by MBA Universe at India International Centre IACBE International Accreditation Workshop IATO Seminar at Hotel Hilton Apple “e-learning Conference for Higher Education” at Hotel Hyatt International Accreditation Conference SEAA- Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation Trust, India FICCI’s Health Insurance Conference Theme: “De-Bottling the Health Insurance Growth” “Landscape n Business” by FICCI at Federation House Indian Management Concave at India Habitat Centre EPSI-Education Promotion Society for India - Interactive session with Mr. Kapil Sibal at The Grand - Vasant Kunj Edge 2010 “Public Private Partnerships in Education” TIE-Retail Summit at Hotel Sheraton - Saket TIE- “Leveraging Technology to build scalable models in Education” at IIT Delhi TIE- NHRDN -HR Summit at India Habitat Centre AIMS - Annual Management Education Convention at India Habitat Centre Times of India “Innovation In Education” at Hotel Lalit- Barakhamba Road AIMA - National HRM Summit at Hotel Lalit- Barakhamba Road FICCI- Global Skills Summit at Federation House PHD Chamber - “ Impact Investment in India” - “Training for Counsellors” at Lok Kala Manch14
  15. 15. Industrial VisitsS. No. Company Name Location Industry / Sector 1 Amtek Dharuhera Auto Parts 2 Pepsi Delhi FMCG 3 JBM Auto Faridabad Auto Parts 4 AMD Industries Ghaziabad Packaging Solutions 5 Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon Automobiles 6 Coke Dasna FMCG 7 Bata Faridabad Leather and Footwear 8 Parle Group Bahadurgarh Confectionaries 9 Hero Honda Gurgaon Motor Cycle 10 Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd. Ballabgarh Construction Equipment 11 JCB India Ballabgarh Automobile Parts & Earth Movers 12 ABB (Electric Motor) Faridabad Electric Motors 13 Yakult Danone India Delhi Energy drink 14 HIND Hydraulics Faridabad Manufacturing 15 Desein Endure Pvt. Ltd. Sahibabad Machine Manufacturing 15
  16. 16. Live Corporate Projects Students are given opportunities to work in live projects to give them on the ground exposure of market research, product promotion activities, new launches and strategic planning. S.No. Company Name Project Title Duration 1 GMR Capacity Study 1 Week 2 TCS Market Survey 1 Month 3 Future Education Group (Pantaloon) Retail Marketing 7 Days 4 ABN Amro Securities HNI Clients marketing of building 3 Days investment products 5 GMR Cargo Customer Satisfaction Survey 3 Days 6 Standard Chartered Bank Maintaining the Relationship with 2 Months HNI Clients 7 K & A Securities Client Acquisition 2 Months 8 LMD Machine Technologies Ltd. Product Presentation 3 Days (A Radiant Group Company) 9 Vision Beyond Recruitment & Hiring for the 1 Month insurance sector 10 Pantaloon Retail Stores operation & Customer survey 15 Days 11 Tanishq Retail Inventory management, order 7 Days management, team building & motivation, customer interface, Branding & Special sales etc. 12 Outlook Group Circulation Improvement 2 Weeks 13 Rockland Hospital Awareness spreading campaign 1 Week 14 Gurgoan Management Association Managing a special event for Gurgaon 2 Days Corporate16
  17. 17. Social ProjectsBusiness is a part of society and social responsibility is an area which needs to be a part of every student’sorientation in order to achieve inclusive growth.Students have worked in the following areas. S.No. NGO Project Work 1 Delhi Govt. Clean the Yamuna Campaign - students participation 2 Delhi Govt. Clean Delhi Campaign - students participation 3 Goonj Collection of old clothes. Promotion of their products made for old newspapers & clothes. 4 Latika Roy Foundation Working with NGO for helping special children 5 Katha School Uncommon solutions for a common goal 6 Respect Age International Provide medical aid, health, hygiene & computer education 7 Ritanjali Bringing hope where there is none 8 Salaam Balak Trust To bring positive changes in the lives of street children 9 Silver Zone Provide innovative & customized knowledge products & services for local markets. 10 Planet Help Society Education Programme for rural and underprivileged children 11 Good news Corps Society unit of Students worked with overseas volunteers from International Youth Fellowship Korea 12 Rotary Blood Bank Blood donation camp in Delhi- twice 13 Lions Club International Creating awareness and raising funds for the care of elderly 14 Ishwar Students helped in teaching and imparting training to primary level children under non-formal education programme (Project Swayam) 15 National Association for the Blind Home for blind women. Students helped them in (NAB) making handicraft for sale at a Diwali Mela, some students did word processing and reading for those applying in graduation examination- Skyline Business School has donated PCs for blind students. 16 Prayas Social Welfare Society Free Education for poor & street children 17 Streebal Helping underprivileged women and children 18 Guild of Service Going to slums and enrolling needy women for assistance in setting up small business and technical skills 19 Astha Voluntary work in teams with Uday Foundation on congenital defects and rare blood groups 17
  18. 18. 20 Helpage India Volunteer at their old age homes & mobile medicare vans 21 SRISHTI Orphaned children’s home; teaching, painting & story telling 22 Child Care Development Teaching street children & orphans Foundation 23 Goonj Helping organize relief material for flood & earthquake affected people List of Non-Academic Events for and by Students Visit to International Railway Equipment Exhibition PHD Chamber of Commerce- Conference on “Educational Travel & Eco-Tourism” Monthly Gurgaon Management Association Meeting at Skyline Campus NDTV Talk Show- Money Mantra AIMA 7th National Management Student Quiz NDTV Talk Show- Post Election Results NDTV Talk Show- Lets Talk Money Tourism Conclave by TAAI/IATO Debate at Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism Debate at JIMS, Rohini Inter B School Campus Programme (Organized by Skyline along with Army Institute of Management Technology) Dandiya nights and Rangoli Competition18
  19. 19. On Campus SeminarsOver a two year period an average student gets an opportunity to attend 40-50 seminars on campus.Speakers are senior practicing managers and subject experts.Month Name & Designation TopicJan 2010 Mr. Kamaljit Singh, Vice President, Sales & marketing, Marketing skills BESTECH Mr. Sanjay Paul, Business Head, Development, Synthes MarketingFeb 2010 Ms. Sanchita Day, Head of Busi. Pross, LeasePlan India What is business plan Ltd Mr. C. Mitra, P L Worldways Ltd Marketing Strategies in a travel companyMar 2010 Mr. Puneet Bhatia, Head Retail Agency (North), Knight Retail Marketing Frank (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Suman Dubey, Chief Ex. Officer, PriServe e- Skills of the enterpreneur solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Abhinav Saxna, Manager, Marketing, Large Business How to implement a marketing strategy IndusInd Bank – skills and attitude Mr. Sumit Bajaj, NIIT Ltd, Head Office Gurgaon Information Technology and ManagementApril 2010 Ms. Vidhisha Day, GM Client Service, Vaishnavi Corporate Comunication CommunicationSep 2010 Mr. Nishith Lal, Trainer, Infosys Inspiration & Motivation Mr. Rajesh Choudhari, Senior Manager HR, Pantaloon Organisational Learning & Development Ms. Alka Kohli, Head, A.K.Consultant Retail – How to buildOct 2010 Mr. Ajay Arora, DGM, Startegic Planning & Projects, Operational strategies, planning and Hero implementationJanuary, 2011 Paritosh Sharma, CEO- UntilROI Digital Marketing Shah Jamal, Corporate Training Consultant Attitude Development Rohit Ranjan, Faculty- WAYE Art of Living Its All About YouFebruary, 2011 Arun Sangwan, Consultant B2B Marketing Shah M Jamal, Corporate Training Consultant Attitude DevelopmentMarch, 2011 Sameer Srivastava, Marketing & Sales Professional Key Account Management Namrata Ohri, Training Manager, New York Life Insights of Insurance Industry Insurance Arun Gautam, Sebior Manager (CA)- Power Grid Overview of Finance Function in Corporation IndustryAugust, 2011 Kaustav Saha, Deputy General Manager (DGM) at Vipul Project Management in Construction Modern Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Sector Amit Sinha, Head-Solutions, Akshamala Solutions Entrepreneurship in the Indian Context Rajesh Chuthani, Regional Manager at Ciena (Telecom An Insight in to the Telecom Industry MNC) Jay Shankar, IT Consultant An Insight to the IT WorldSeptember, 2011 Sushma Gupta, Former General Manager- Human Careers in HR Resource, Maruti Suzuki 19
  20. 20. On Campus Seminars Month Name & Designation Topic Jaideep Manchanda, Branad Manager- Economic Times Role of Marketing in Media Anil Kumar Sinha, CA- Power Grid Corporation Financial working culture in Public sector vs Private sector A Shrivastava, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Digital Marketing Fiedelia Systems Anupam Bose, International Consultant, TAPI Gas International Business in Energy Sector Pipeline Projects Rajat Sabharwal, Former Managing Director- Alstom Corporate World- Good, Bad & Ugly India Prasant Malik, Deputy General Manager Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A)- Thapar Group V N Venugopal, Solutions Manager- Nokia Siemens Evolution of Mobile Communications Network Technologies October, 2011 Vishal Mittal, Managing Director, Altais Advisors Pvt Ltd Value Investing Varun Sharma, Assistant Manager- technical Marketing Industry Requirements from at LS Cables (part of LG Network) Management Graduates Shalini Chopra, Internal Account Manager at IBM- Skyline College: Alumni Connect Lenovo, UK Rakesh Mohan Diwan, General Manager, Punjab Bank Marketing National Bank Special Seminars on Campus Foreign and Senior Industry Persons visit and Interact with Students from time to time International Speaker Topic Prof. Barry J. Cooper Challenges & Opportunities in Associate Dean (Development) & Prof. of Accounting Accounting Profession at Deakin University, Australia Dr. William Hicky Competitiveness & Cluster Professor, Professional Studies, California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA at California State University Mr. Indresh Singh Saluja Fundamentals of Sales and Distribution Asst. Vice-President Customer Service - Etisalat DB Telecom. Mr. Alain Ouvrieu An overview of Higher education in (Director-International Development) Business School of France and avenues for study abroad.. Normandie - (School of Passerelle world, France) Mr. Ajay Chowdhary Leadership and growth Associate Vice President - People Development - CHR - SRF Ltd. (Part of Shriram Group, one of the nations largest e Enterprise) Prof. Steve Bristow Challenges for Corporate Governance Senior Advisor, Quality Assurance & Governance, British Accreditation Council (BAC) UK.20
  21. 21. Research & e-UpdatesWeekly updates are produced by students and faculty and distributed electronically. Travel Update Managing Talent Update Management Ideas Update Global Business Update BPO Update Financial Innovation Update Mass Communication Update HR Update Next Practices New New 21
  22. 22. Consultancy, Training and MDPs Skyline Education Group, over the years, as a part of students and faculty interaction with industry, has taken up a number of consultancy projects and training in different areas. Some of the major assignments have been: A project in association with India Business Solutions for HONDA Japan–the study researched and gauged the success / failure factors of various MNCs and top business houses on best management practices in India. Research work was carried out in 3 major metros– Delhi, Mumbai and Bangaluru. A study in association with CII and AT Kearney on the perception of India by foreign tourists. The research covered all aspects of Indian Tourism as perceived by tourists from outside India, while at the exit point at IGI Airport, Delhi. The study spanned research conducted on 1000 tourists spread over a fortnight. BPO Training for 240 executives of Daksh for their US Airline clients was undertaken. More trainings have been conducted for middle management executives in HR related programmes spanning team building, motivation & leadership techniques. MDPs are conducted for leading corporates like Get It Yellow pages, C&C (Leading Conctruction Company) and Lease Plan India for infrastructure management.22
  23. 23. FeedbackSkyline students are groomed to be lifelong learners. Ethics, integrity andability to work in teams, responsibility and taking initiative are other aspectsof their personality which have been developed. Several corporates whereour students have worked have given us the following feedback. “Excellent ability to take initiative and grasp new ideas. Very high sense of responsibility. Energetic and pleasing personality equipped with good knowledge and skills.” “Sincere and hard working. Excellent communications skills and excellent team player.” “Excellent ability to grasp new ideas and knowledge, ability to interface theory and practice, dedicated and zeal to learn more and more.” “Team player and very adaptable person. Sincere, hardworking and having excellent documentation skills. Ability to develop a healthy long-term relationship with clients.” “Soft spoken, well behaved, has the dynamism to produce optimum results.” “Sincere and willing to put in hard work, ability and creativity to innovate with respect to work methods & procedures. Good documentation skills.” “Hardworking, punctual and studious. Performs duties with dedication and ready to take challenges.” “Good ability to work in a team and take initiative, excellent ability to grasp new ideas and knowledge, willingness to learn and grow.” “Responsible and hard working. Excellent communication skills and a good team player, ability to innovate with respect to work methods. Has recommended her for the placement.” “Extremely hardworking and sincere.” “Good communication skills and a good team player. Is sincere and has positive attitude.” “Hard working and has the ability to innovate upon new ideas. Team player and has an ability to grasp new ideas.” “Has talent but needs an exposure. Sincere and willing to put in hard work. Ability to develop a healthy long-term relationship with clients.” 23
  24. 24. Summer Training : An Opportunity Window For most students a live project or Summer Training is their first window to the corporate world. It is mandatory for all undergraduate and postgraduate students to do at least one 8-10 week summer training project as part of their course work. A good corporate environment ensures an appropriate motivation for students and acts as a springboard for successful careers. Some organisations where Skyline students have done Summer Training/Live Projects in recent years: Amadeus Bajaj Auto Birla Sunlife Citi Bank Citi Financial Cox & Kings CNBC TV18 Fortis Hertz Hindustan ICICI Kotak Mahindra LG Electronics Marico Ltd. Marriott Welcom Mudra Pepsi Co. Red FM Reliance Infocomm Sodexho Standard Chartered Thomas Cook Wipro24
  25. 25. Summer Training : Performance AppraisalEvery organisation, which takes in our students, is required to give a feedback in a specified format.The 14-count appraisal assesses across both soft skills and actual ability to perform on the job. Givenbelow is corporate feedback for one of our students who trained with Future Value Retail in the areaof Finance. 25
  26. 26. Past Placements Banking & Insurance Media & Advertising Retail and Others )) American Express )) Asian Age )) Club Mahindra )) Axis Bank )) Bates Asia )) Country Club )) Bank of America )) Business Today (Knowiz) )) Energetic India )) Barclays )) CNBC TV18 )) Future Group (Future Citi Bank Education) )) )) Equus Advertising DBS (Development Bank of )) Jindal Pe-X Tubes Ltd. )) )) Gray Worldwide Singapore )) Oxford University Press )) HDTV Profit )) HDFC )) Pantaloon )) Hindustan Times )) HSBC )) Reliance Retail )) Lowe Lintas )) ICICI )) 3M )) Mudra Communications )) Securities and Financial Consultancies and KPOs )) Times of India Services ))Capital IQ )) Anand Rathi and Associates ))Copal Partners MNCs )) Aviva Life Insurance ))Evalueserve )) American Express )) Bajaj Alliance/Capital ))EXL )) Carrier Aircon )) Citi Financial ))Hero Mindmine )) Citibank )) Fortis Securities ))McKinsey & Co. )) DBS (Development Bank )) ICICI Securities ))Price Waterhouse Coopers of Singapore )) IL & FS ))vAngelz )) Discovery )) Indiabulls ))WNS )) Maersk )) India Infoline )) Sharp Kotak Securities E-Services )) )) YKK )) Mefcom Capital Markets.Ltd )) Co-Cubes )) Religare Commodities )) IBM Daksh )) SMC Global )) India Mart )) Unicon Securities )) )) )) Stracon Solutions )) The above A grade organisations have inducted our students in the past. The list is only indicative. Some students may have moved to other organisations.26
  27. 27. Past PlacementsTechnology and Telecom)) ADA Cellworlds )) Microsoft)) Amtier )) Reliance Infocomm)) Bharti Telecom )) SPSS)) Bharti Teletech )) US Tech)) Greenfield online )) VRITI Infocom)) HCL )) Wipro)) Magnon SolutionsTravel & Tourism andHospitality)) Amadeus )) Lufthansa)) American Express TRS )) British Airways )) Oberoi Hotels)) Cox and Kings )) Singapore Airlines)) Discover the World Marketing )) Spicejet)) eBookers )) Thomas Cook)) Gallileo )) TUI Travels)) Interglobe )) United Airlines)) International Travel House )) Versys Travel)) Jet Airways )) Viva Voyages)) Kuoni )) Yatra.comThe above A grade organisations have inducted our students in the past.The list is only indicative. Some students may have moved to other organisations. 27
  28. 28. Alumni as entrepreneurs28
  29. 29. Alumni in Corporates 29
  30. 30. Alumni in Corporates30
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. Faculty S. No. Faculty Name Area Qualifications 1 Mr. Praveen Puri Director MSc. St. Stephens, MBA FMS 2 Mr. Amrish Sehgal Director - Academics & MBA, (IIM Ahmedabad) Tourism 3 Mr. Hitesh Manocha Dean - Academic & B.E. MBA,( IIM Ahmedabad) Strategic Management Faculty 4 Mr. Vishwanath E-Commerce, MIS, Info BE,(IIT), (XLRI), PGDM Subramaniam Systems 5 Mr. Alok Srivastava Travel & Tourism IATA Qualified Instructor, PGT (DU) 6 Ms. Anita Singhal Finance MBA – (NMIMS), 5 Years Corporate Experience 7 Mr. Arunabh Baneerjee Economics MA Economics 8 Mr. Ashutosh Goel Corporate Readiness MBA, (IIM Lucknow) 9 Mr. Bhupinder Jain Finance Management Chartered Accountant 10 Dr. Bindu Khosla Organization Behaviour Fellow (IIM –Calcutta) Faculty 11 Mr. Vineet Jawa E-Marketing & Marketing MBA (ISB Hyderabad) 12 Mr. Daman Soni HR & OB MBA (ISB Hyderabad) 13 Mr. Christopher Doyle Travel & Tourism Faculty MBA (IIM –Calcutta) 14 Mr. Debabrata Deb Strategy IIT, IIM Ahd 15 Ms. Gurpreet Singh HR MBA (IIM Indore) Bajaj 16 Ms. Nishtha Satyam International Business MBA, UK 17 Mr. Manish Singh Production & Operations BE, MBA Management 18 Ms. Manisha Anand General Management MBA 19 Ms. Shipra Makhija Finance, Audit CA, McKinsey 20 Ms. Manisha Marketing MBA Welimgkar Mehndiratta 21 Mr. Mukul Jain Insurance B. Tech, AMFI Certified, (MBA) 22 Mr. Nitin Malik Entrepreneurship MBA, North Carolina, USA 23 Ms. Pallavi Bisht Information Technology MBA (IICA) & MIS 24 Dr. Parul Nagar Finance PhD. Finance 25 Ms. Pritima Kaushal Corporate Readiness, MBA, (IMT) OB 26 Mr. Pushkal Pandey Finance B.Tech, M.Tech,-IIT Delhi, MBA-IIM Bangalore32
  33. 33. FacultyS. No. Faculty Name Area Qualifications 27 Dr. Shikha Suman Market Research PhD. IIT Kanpur 28 Mr. Narayan Performance MBA (Industrial Relations), Bharatiya Arunachalam Management Vidya Bhawan 29 Ms. Sushma Gupta Human Resources MBA (IIM- Calcutta), General Manager (HR)- Maruti Suzuki 30 Ms. Smita Chaturvedi Retail Management & MBA-Fore Training 31 Mr. Gaurav Sinha Marketing IMT Ghaziabad 32 Mr. Rajiv Jaiswal MNCs & Roles B.Tech, (MBA - FMS) 33 Ms. Ripsy Bakshi Financial Management MBA - (IMI), Working with IDFC 34 Mr. Romesh Raina HRM B.Sc, MBA 35 Mr. Rupan Khosla Strategy MBA-IIM-Calcutta 36 Ms. Sapna Jain Finance & Accounts Chartered Accountant 37 Mr. Satish Bansal Project Management BE, MBA (FMS) 38 Ms. Shailja Manocha Marketing Faculty MBA - (IMT Ghaziabad) 39 Mr. Shashwat Anand HRM, International BE (DCE), MBA - (IIFT) Business 40 Ms. Sheelu Puri Director - Admission & BA Eco. H (LSR), MBE (DU) Placements 41 Mr. Udit Singhania International Finance, MBA - Manchester Business School Financial Management 42 Ms. Ragini French Faculty-Alliance 43 Ms. Bushra Khan HR MBA, PhD. (Pursuing) 44 Mr. Sourabh Soni Taxation MBA ICFAI 45 Mr. Aritro Dasgupta Environment MBA (Indian Institute of Forest Management Management) 46 Ms. Meenakshi Communications & Soft MBA(ICFAI, Hyderabad) Aggarwal Skills 33
  34. 34. Senior Faculty Profiles Mr. Praveen Puri Mr. Amrish Sahgal Director Dean - Academics & Tourism Faculty MSc, MBA, PGDM MBA - IIM Ahd. He has headed the Institute since inception in Mr. Amrish Sahgal pursued his Bachelor 1996 after having spent more than 15 years in the of Commerce (Honours) degree from the Industry, with his last assignment having been University of Pune in 1967 before going on to do with the Times of India group as Vice President his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 1969. - Marketing and Brand Manager, Economic Times. Mr. Puri has a rich experience in different Mr. Sahgal holds a higher level Diploma in Sales marketing, support, product & promotion and Management & Salesmanship from the London market research functions in various sectors. Chamber of Commerce. He also attended a Mr. Puri is a product of Faculty of Management Studies, where he course on Hotel Marketing at Cornell University, USA. He holds a completed his MBA (Finance) and PGDMM programme and an Master of Exchange certificate from Interval International – one of the M.Sc. & B.Sc. degree from St. Stephen’s College both under Delhi world’s leaders in Timeshare Management. University. He has had wide ranging experience with various organisations Mr. Puri brings to the Institute a rare passion for imbibing values of engaged in sales and marketing of consumer goods and services. excellence in students to prepare them for meaningful corporate These organisations have included multinationals and large Indian careers of international standards. His ability to remain state-of-the- transnational groups like Tatas, Birlas and Oberois and the ITC group. art in thought while retaining values and corporate ethics makes For many years now, he has concentrated on the Services sector, in him an ideal head of a private B school striving to make its mark on particular the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. the Indian B School horizon. His ability to spot the best talent has, in fact, ensured that a committed and well qualified team of faculty Mr. Sahgal currently runs his own management consultancy firm members has been chosen to attach itself to the cause of alternate (to engaged in Hospitality and Tourism Sectors. Prior to this, he was state sector) education in India. President, Alsa Resorts and before that, Dy Managing Director of Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd. He has also been the GM Marketing of Dalmia Resorts International. Mr. Rajiv Jaiswal Mr. Sahgal has represented Skyline on the prestigious CII National Mr Rajiv Jaiswal is an alumnus of BHU - IT Committee on Tourism & Heritage and those of IATO and TAAI. and Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi During his 5-year stint with Oberoi Hotels, Mr. Sahgal, in addition to University. Mr Jaiswal has over 32 years his other functional responsibilities, headed the Marketing Faculty experience in the industry having handled at the prestigious Oberoi School of Hotel Management for over two several businesses with P& L responsibility. He is years. He also conducts a number of in-house training programmes a Marketing professional and has been involved for corporate houses. in team building and successfully leading it to achieve high goals, handling challenging and At present he is representing Skyline on the Education, HRM and pioneering assignments from diverse fields, Tourism committees of FICCI & ASSOCHAM starting up new projects/ programs/ organisations and seeing them through to successful conclusion. He has an ability to build durable relationships based on ethical conduct. Ms. Anita Singhal At present he is an independent Business consultant providing Finance Faculty consulting in the areas of Business Strategy. He is also a certified Energy Auditor certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India. MBA - NMIMS Ms. Anita Singhal is a product of the University of Mumbai having graduated in Commerce from Podar College of Commerce and Economics and completed her Masters in Management Studies from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Ms. Singhal was also part of the first batch of Insurance Brokers certified by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in 2002. She has set up home & consumer loans marketing activity for a CA firm. As Manager, Investment Banking Division of Apple Finance Ltd. at Mumbai, she has grossed a corporate experience of more than five years before shifting to equity research at Quasar India Ltd.34
  35. 35. Senior Faculty ProfilesMr. Hitesh Manocha Prof. Debabrata Deb Dean - Academics & Strategic He has a B.Tech from IIT, Delhi and a PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad. He has three decades of industry Management Faculty experience and his area of strength is tracking the (BE, MBA – IIM Ahd.) Dean & Senior Faculty, evolution of customer needs and innovation. He Marketing and Tourism Studies, and a has hands on knowledge of Marketing, Product Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Development, Technology Development, Engineering and PGDBM, IIM Ahmedabad, Innovation and Evolution of Business Strategy. he has been associated with Skyline Business He is currently a Consultant to companies in the School since inception, prior to which he has Packaging Industry and a teacher of Management concepts.held several corporate functions in the areas of Projects, Marketing & Professor D. Deb has been associated with Skyline BusinessSales in organisations such as BHEL, Godrej, SIEL, ONIDA, Maxworth School ever since he came into Teaching and ConsultancyOrchards & the Modi group. Mr. Manocha has more than 15 years in 2007 and is proud of his association with Skyline.of a wide corporate experience and about 8 years of teaching and The approach of Skyline Business School of exposing the studentsfaculty experience. to industry leaders to better understand their curriculum in practical terms is a value added approach to education which has attracted Prof. Deb to Skyline.Mr. V. Subramaniam Mr. Vishwanath Subramaniam an Engineering graduate with PG Qualification in Management from prestigious Institutions of India (IIT,Madras/ Ms. Shailaja Vij Manocha XLRI, Jamshedpur) has spent about 25 years in Ms Shailaja Vij Manocha is a marketing faculty India and Gulf region in reputed organizations who specializes in Sales and Retail marketing (Tata Steel India, Banks in Gulf region) and having had above six years experience with presently holding the position of Dy. Director Dabur and NIS before switching to academics Skyline Business School, Gurgaon. Mr. V. full time. Ms Manocha is a product of Sri Subramaniam’s experience spans functions Venkateswara College, Delhi University andof Strategy, Change Management E-Commerce, Total Quality IMT Ghaziabad. She has been associated withManagement Banking Operations Management Control Systems Skyline Business School for over ten years andand MIS All aspects of System Development Life Cycle Information brings to the classroom the best in pedagogy andSystems Security & Audit. His in depth knowledge in these functions interactivity. Her orientation towards ensuring learning objectivesenable him to teach MIS, TQM, eCommerce etc. Besides his academic makes every student she teaches a lifelong learner.knowledge and Industry experience, Mr. Subramaniam is an excellentlistener and his positive and empathetic attitude towards students helpin their growth and Industry orientation. Ms. Sheelu Puri DirectorMr. Pushkal Pandey Skyline Business School, Hauz KhasFinance Faculty Ms. Sheelu Puri, an alumnus of MBE Delhi University, South Campus, graduation BA B. Tech, M. Tech, IIT Delhi, PGDM Eco(hons) from Lady Shri Ram College & IIM, Bangalore schooling from Convent of Jesus & Mary, Mr. Pushkal Kumar Pandey, faculty Finance New Delhi. at Skyline Business School is a product of IIM Sheelu Puri started her career as a lecturer in Bangalore (PGDM with major in Finance and Delhi University colleges , but soon switched to Systems) and IIT Delhi (M. Tech. and B. Tech.). the corporate sector and worked with the Apollo and Patriot groups in After working for 11 years in the Construction the field of marketing, exports and business development and climbed Industry, Mr. Pandey made a career move to decision making levels in a short span of time. Less than a decadeand shifted full time to Academics primarily to contribute to higher later Sheelu Puri started her own venture in the field of projects as itseducation, what he received from the premier Institutes of India. business head for over 8 years. In 1996 Sheelu Puri along with her husband Praveen Puri an alumni of St. Stephen’s college and FMSMr. Pandey is teaching specialised financial subjects like Financial jointly started Skyline Business School for providing quality educationDerivatives and Portfolio Management apart from the regular financial and having felt the need to contribute to society in the business andmanagement papers and Quantitative Methods at Skyline. management sector. Corporate and individual social responsibilityMr. Pandey is also an online resource of a Canada based organisation is an area which needs to be introduced to students at the stage ofwhich provides expert academic help to students around the world in higher education and Sheelu Puri has successfully been able to initiateareas of Business Finance, Operations Management and Operations Skyline Business School students to this need and thereby to makeResearch etc. them responsible citizens first and business managers later.Mr. Pushkal Pandey uses innovative and indepth teaching methods,with a view to give students fundamental and broad perspectives. 35
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. Placement SectionDear Recruiter,Thank you for providing this opportunity to reach out to you and your organizationand present before you our Class of 2012.The last year has been different in more ways than one: All who advocatesuperspecialisation as the only way to succeed also endorse a 360 degree skill set.There are other anomalies too particular to our times: While recession is a reality inIndia too, some sectors are in the pink of health like healthcare, retail, lifestyle, ITESparticularly digital marketing and e-enabled services. While global retail chains arewaiting to enter India the local kiranas are not dying. A global organization cannotsucceed at the local level unless it adapts to local flavours and sensitivities. Wheregiant corporations are failing, local revolutionary organizations and local talent aresucceeding to capture the imagination of the world.It is in this backdrop that our students are bracing for the placement season ahead.Students are aspiring for the Retail, Realty, Digital marketing, Hospitality, MNCs, ITESand Financial Services sectors; each student having dual specializations in the areasof Marketing, International Business, Human Resource Management and Financein their chosen combinations. Besides the academic rigour, students have gonethrough workshops, intensive sessions and stress interviews in the areas of personalityenhancement, team building and leadership, social and environmental awareness,ethics and integrity, general awareness sessions covering business environment andsocio economic understanding, intensive Industry interface through senior corporatefunctional heads as guest faculty and through premier Industry apex bodies’ nationaland international seminars and conferences.We welcome you to our campus and to interact with our pool of fresh youngtalent who you feel would fit in appropriately as per your organization needs andlocation.With best wishes,Placement Head 37
  38. 38. MBA 2010 -2012 Curriculum Semester - I )) CC & CCC Semester - IV )) Corporate Readiness Core )) Management & Organisational Behaviour Specializations (any two) )) Entrepreneurship - Case )) Financial & Management Marketing Study Accounting )) Crisis Management )) Consumer Behaviour )) Managerial Economics )) Project Management )) Advertising & Brand )) Quantitative Techniques Management Specializations (any two) for Managers )) Marketing Research Marketing )) Introduction to IT )) Workshop on Retail )) Business Environment Sale & Distribution Marketing )) )) Business Communication Management )) PDP - I Finance )) International Marketing )) Business English - I )) Brand Management )) Strategic Cost )) General Awareness Management Finance )) Seminar )) Taxation Semester - II )) SAPM )) Management of Banking )) Workshop on Finance & financial Institution )) Marketing Management International Finance Derivatives & Treasury )) )) Service Marketing Management )) Financial Management HR )) Project Planning & )) Entreprenuership Control )) Performance Management Development )) Strategic HRM HR )) Human Resource )) Talent Management Management Training & Development )) Workshop on Leadership )) )) Business Legislations )) Compensation Benefits )) Operations Management International Business )) Organisation )) Research Methods Development )) e-Business )) Import Export )) Management Literature Documentation Internation Business )) PDP - II )) Economics of Internation Business )) International Marketing )) Business English - II International HRM )) General Awareness )) Foreign Exchange )) Management )) Foreign Trade Policy & )) Seminar Promotion )) Workshop on e-commerce Semester - III & Global Business Tourism Core Tourism )) Managing Tourism )) Business Policy and Enterprise Strategic Analysis )) Introduction to Hospitality Industry )) Tourism Planning & )) Management Information Development System )) Tourism Marketing Impact of Tourism )) e-Tourism )) Strategic Marketing )) Management )) Workshop on Special Interest Tourism38
  39. 39. Students Seeking Final Placement MBA Feb 2010-12List of Winter Internships S. No Name Specialization Company Project Title MAIT( Manufacturers Association Market Research & handling 1 Abhishek Shukla International Business for Information Technology of operations 2 Alpana Singh HR EFLAG Technologies HR Development Activities Customer service & feedback 3 Avinash Goutam Marketing BWI Logistics Pvt Ltd collection Deepanker MAIT( Manufacturers Association Market Research & handling 4 International Business Sharma for Information Technology of operations 5 Ekta Gupta HR Globe Captial Market ltd Recruitment Process Marketing & Sales 6 Jai Singh Marketing Ozone Networks Pvt Ltd DepartmentClient Servicing & Market Research) Customer Satisfaction towards 7 Jitendra Panwar Marketing Maruti Suzuki Marutu suzuki &Ajmer Auto Agency 8 Maya Kumari HR Pyrotech Electronics Pvt Ltd HRD Mechanism In Pyrotech IMPORT PROCEDURE FOR 9 Om Prakash Joshi International Business BWI Logistics Pvt Ltd INDIA Market Research & Client 10 Prakash Singh International Business Impressico Business Soutions Servcing Demand Assessment of solar 11 Protim International Business IMS Digital (P) Ltd & LED products in hotels & Hospitals in Delhi/NCR Client Servicing & Market 12 Satish Kumar International Business Ozone Networks Pvt Ltd Research Customer relation in export & 13 Sushant Lahori Marketing Gateway Rail Frieght Litd import ( Handling the process) 39
  40. 40. Students Seeking Final Placement MBA Feb 2010-12 Student profiles Human Resource Management Alpana Singh Maya Baggar Academic Record : Academic Record : •• Pursuing MBA from Maharshi Dayanand •• P u r s u i n g M a n a g e m e n t i n B u s i n e s s University, Rohtak and PGDM from Skyline Administration from Skyline College with B-School, Gurgaon, 2010-12 Dual degree PGDBM(Marketing) from Skyline and MBA(HR) from MDU •• B.Sc. from Purvanchal University (UP), 2005-07 •• Bachelors of Engineering (B.E) in Electronics and Communication with 68.4%. Summer Training : eFlag technologies (2 months) Gurgaon Summer Training : Pyrotech Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Udaipur •• HR Development activities held as e-Flag •• Trained on performance appraisal process of •• To find out the activities of training and the company development activities held at e-Flag •• Actively participated in Recruitment for both Future Group fresher and lateral positions •• Recruitment Selection (1 month) •• Assisted in documentation related to issuing of experience and joining letters Projects and Assignments: Ekta Gupta Reliance Communications, Jaipur •• Trained on the transmission medium(OFC) and the process of transmission systems Academic Record : •• Pursuing MBA from Maharshi Dayanand HCL Career Development Centre, New Delhi University, Rohtak and PGDM from Skyline •• Trained in Linux OS (Red Hat 5.0) B-School, Gurgaon, 2010-12 •• Made Samba server for connecting Windows •• B.Com (Vocational) from Maharshi Dayanand with Linux operating system University, 2006-09 Ultrasonic Radar System (Hardware Project) Summer Training : Designed IC and made layout of circuit on the IC and mounted Globe Capital Market Limitation component on IC. Practical applications of this project in security and •• Assisted HR manager to identify recruits for alarm systems for homes, shops and cars. It consists of a set of ultrasonic multiple vacancies. receiver and transmitter which operate at the same frequency. •• Understood the profile for various agency and SOLAR BUG V1.0 sorted resume for these agencies. It is a capable little self-contained robot that is powered entirely by •• Briefed selected candidates about profile and solar energy, has light-sensing directional optics (eyes), and a pair of screened their documents for verification. obstacle-avoidance sensors. This robot doesn’t use microprocessor •• Effectively screened more than 100 resumes to or computer brain short list candidates for 4 vacancies. Projects and Assignments: Tanishq Live Project •• Worked as a retail sales officer trainee. •• Efficiently managed the customers while billing. •• Briefed customers about schemes40
  41. 41. Students Seeking Final Placement MBA Feb 2010-12Student profiles International Business Abhishek Shukla Om Prakash Academic Record : Academic Record : •• Pursuing MBA from Maharshi Dayanand •• Pursuing MBA from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak and PGP from Skyline University, Rohtak and PGP from Skyline Business School, Gurgaon, 2010-12 Business School, Gurgaon, 2010-12 •• BBA from HPU, 2004-07 •• B.Sc. from Lucknow University, 2006-09 Summer Training : Summer Training : Import Executive, BWI Logistics., Navi Mumbai Tata Motors, Lucknow •• Customs Clearance. Projects and Assignments: •• Documentation. Tanishq Live Project •• Effectively handled the communication •• 7 Days’ project at Tanishq (Gold Souk between Importers from India and Exporters Mall,Gurgaon) 1st May- 7th May 2011 from China, Malaysia, Sweden and Hong •• Attended the customers walking into Kong. Showroom •• Involved in Container Stuffing Container •• Handled the billing work Destuffing process at the Nabha Sheva port Mumbai. •• 15 Days’ live project at Tanishq (South Ex. Delhi) October 2010 – November 2010 Management Trainee SJVNL Jhakri •• Attended the customers walking into •• 8 Weeks Summer Training in Asia’s largest Showroom hydroelectric power project at Satluj Jal Vidyut •• Handled the billing work Nigam Limited, Jhakri. •• Worked in various H.R functions and prepared a report on “An Analysis of Recruitment and selection Policy” of S.J.V.N.L. Deepanker Sharma •• Involved in sales of Apples from own orchards in Rampur, Himachal Pradesh. Academic Record : Projects and Assignments: •• Pursuing MBA from Maharshi Dayanand •• 15 Days’ Direct Selling Experience in India’s University, Rohtak and PGP from Skyline Largest Jewellery Store of Tanishq at South Business School, Gurgaon, 2010-12 Ex. New Delhi. •• Graduate in Bachelor of Arts Summer Training : Prakash Singh Manufacture Association of Information Technology •• Make presentations for my boss Academic Record : •• Met with manufacturers of electronic items •• Pursuing MBA from Maharshi Dayanand like computer printer etc University,Rohtak and PGP from Skyline •• Gave presentations on Green I.T. Business School, Gurgaon, 2010-12 Project Assignment: •• Bachelor in Commerce from Calcutta University. •• 15 Days’ live project at Tanishq (Gold Souk Mall, Gurgaon) from 21 Oct. to 4 Nov. 2010 Summer Training : •• 7 Days’ live project at Tanishq (Gold Souk •• Impressico Business Solutions (Winter Mall, Gurgaon) from 1 Apr. to 7 Apr. 2011 Internship) (2 months) Work Experience: •• SBW Consultancy (Summer Internship) (1 month) •• 6 Years’ rich experience in restaurant as a manager, where he handled: - Project Assignment: •• Inventory Tanishq (TATA) •• Supply chain •• Research development for new openings. •• Accounts Billing •• Feedback of customers. •• Daily Operations •• Customer relation •• Especially working on gold harvest saving monthly plan, Convincing customers to enrol in gold harvest scheme. 41